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The Full Truth

It had all started with a little hornless Ixi by the name of Nixi. She felt odd and out of place with laughter ringing around in her ears about the fact that she had no horns. That, and all the comments going along the lines of things like she was a Poogle with misshapen ears. So she, not wanting to feel so alone, decided to find someone as oddball as her. A Boy Faerie. She thus set out on her quest.

This quest led her to a boy that helped the Library Faerie in the storage area of all Neopia's books. It had started out with just asking if there was a book buried in there and his answer of no. She then came up with the idea that he should come along on the quest and she asked him his name, to which he had no response as he had none. So, she gave him a name.

They traveled all around Neopia and made acquaintances with a Fire Faerie by the name of Rasila, who preferred going by Rose, the Light Faerie by the name of Ameril, who disliked humans and hated the male ones, and Benny, the Baby Gelert with a biting problem. Not to mention countless others. And they finally, Nixi, Chase, Ameril and Benny came to their journey's end with something they had never expected, any of them. (Well, one couldn't tell if Benny had as he couldn't speak yet.)


Chase continued to sit on the clouded surface of the Faerie land streets. His mind was filled with thoughts and disappointments. He had at first gone with Nixi to see the Ixi on her silly little quest because he knew no one except the Library Faerie, who had taken care of him since ... well ... as long as he could remembered. He had wanted to get out and actually act like he belonged with the boys he saw playing outside the window with their Neopets. And ... he had also wanted companionship, which he had found with Nixi, whom he had adopted along with Benny as his family, something had never known.

After that, the quest became something that gave him some meaning in life. Something that had gotten him away from that place he had lived for so long. And, it had seemed that the truth, if there was a truth, would be something worth finding. Even Ameril seemed to have eventually have thought so. That was, until the truth came out, partial as it was.

And Chase found he didn't want to know the truth and wish he had never known. The truth he felt was something that was best left a secret, something that had never been stirred up. The truth that they had found, it would most likely change his relationships with everyone he had gotten to know. This is what he feared, and something he didn't want to happen as he could only see it turning from the good it was to the bad it would most likely be. Ameril's answer to his question of what kind. "You're a Dark Faerie."

The words rang in his ears. He had an idea what he should do. He didn't know though if it was the right one. Btu he had to get his idea out to those that were around. "How do I get rid of the wings."

The Battle Faerie, who had helped Ameril rescue him from his fall opened her mouth, not sure what to say. Ameril though spoke up, rather reluctantly. She had no clue where this was going to go. Chase sounded extremely melancholy. "You have to learn that. Every Faerie starts out with their wings out."

"How long will it take then?"

"Most Faeries learn by the time they are fifty years old." The Battle Faerie stated. She watched as the boy winced. He shut his eyes, not wanting to fathom what was going on. She then realized that he was worried about how long it would take him.. "That is like saying that they learn to hide their wings in comparison to when a human child learns to walk."

"How old do you think I am though?" Chase could only stare at blank space.

"I would say fourteen hundred to fifteen hundred. My age group." Ameril spoke up, then snapped her mouth shut. The way she talked to him now, she seemed very nervous.

"Until I can get my wings disappeared, I want somewhere to hide. Then, I want my memory erased."

Ameril's eyes became storm clouds of anger. The nervousness left her. "I didn't have to spend this whole time on a school punishment just to have it end that way."

Ameril watched as Chase looked her straight in the eyes, causing her to turn away and not look at him. What he felt was going to happen already was. "I am a Dark Faerie. Dark Faeries, they are all evil. It is best to keep this evil at bay."

Ameril mumbled under her breath, not looking him straight in the face. "I know you. Your better then that."

"And it wont happen, this memory erase your asking for, and I can give the reasons why." The Battle Faerie spoke up. "First, you were obviously hidden away for good reason. Second, the Queen won't permit anyone from erasing your memory. Third, you weren't raised by the Dark Faeries."

She watched as Chase startled at this. "See, Dark Faeries, unlike all other Faeries, remain only among Dark Faeries. The rest, you never expect what their families will be like, this generation or yours. They are raised thus by their kind and thus retain certain values are retained by all. You ,,, you were raised by the Library Faerie, who was and still is a very kind Faerie."

"What exactly do I look like." There was a little bit more cheer in Chase's voice, but only a tiny amount. "The wings ?"

"They very beautiful wings," Ameril piped up, only to find that this made Chase wince.

The Battle Faerie clicked her tongue against her teeth and shook her head. "You have no tact with boys do you child. Saying that something is beautiful to a boy is like saying something's adorable. It just doesn't work. Boy ... those wings of yours, they're handsome bird wings, black with red tips. Farely cool and not a bit sissy. Perfect for a boy Faerie I would say."

"Ameril, why can't you look at me," When Chase said this, she winced. She finally turned to him. All traces that he was a Dark Faerie, let alone a Faerie were disappearing. This was probably because he was calming down.

"Your eyes Chase. I prefer them blue." She watched as he opened and closed his mouth. Her statement obviously confused him.

"My eyes have all ways been blue."

"When you are in your Faerie form, they turn violet. You also have these blue marks under your eyes. They're odd."

"I like them," Piped up Ixi. "Benny and I like your wings too. I think Benny wants wings of his own."

Chase gave the Ixi a half smile. "What's going to happen to them? Faeries aren't supposed to have Neopets, only humans. I don't want to lose them though. They're my family."

"There is no set rule in the books. It is just standard practice not to have Neopets. Faeries tend to have families of their own. There has been this worry that they'll be more like pets then family members." The Battle Faerie stated.

"But, don't some humans already do that," Ameril spoke up. The Battle Faerie let out a little laugh and shook her head.

"Since the quest is completed, you'd best go see your mother. Wether you believe it or not, she does worry about you." Ameril glanced at Chase. "Don't worry. I'll be taking him to someone who has been worrying about him very much. Him and the two Neopets."


From the shadows Mandrina watched. She had thought that the quest had been a joke. Which had made Ameril the laughing stoke while she was gone from the school for the summer break. Not to mention Rasila, but that Faerie had always been laughed at and never cared one way or another. To find out that the quest had actually been fruitful was annoying, but what was worse was that the object of the quest had been right in front of everyone's eyes, including her own when she caused him to fall off the edge.

As much as she had enjoyed tormenting this boy, the fact she had almost killed the now only known boy Faerie was bad. Especially since he was a dark Faerie. If he had been just a human, she could have done as she wished. But the fact that he was one of them ... that meant it had to be taken to the Dark Faerie council.

In her opinion, it was best to kill the boy off. He was an embarrassment to the entire group. First of all, he was weak, only proven after they had finished discussing things when he collapsed from exhaustion. Second, he was a male when it was female dominated. Third, he obviously knew nothing about how to be mean to someone. Fourth, he had no concept that someone could be mean back. And fifth, the boy was afraid of heights and would never learn to fly.

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