Chase had a lump in his throat and his nose burned. He was trying to figure out where he belonged. He was surprised to see that people kept bumping into him as he walked down the road and then them turn around and glare at him. This caused him to hurry forward more. He suddenly looked up and found himself at one of the doors to where he had lived all his life.

He opened the door and walked into the kitchen. The Library Faerie glanced up, then turned pale. "Ahril… Chase… where are you?"

"What do you mean, where am I!" Chase said, panicking. "I'm right by the door."

"Yes… well, it is a little hard to see that as you're invisible," she commented, looking back at the lunch she was making.

"Mom… not funny! Really not funny," Chase said, starting to panic.

"I'm not jo… hold on, did you call me mother?" the Faerie said, her head popping up.

"Yes… Ameril kept calling you my mother…" Chase said, not looking at her.

She came over and carefully felt for his shoulder. "Child… I wasn't joking about the fact that you are invisible… something happened, didn't it?"

"I don't exactly understand how you know that," Chase commented.

"Ahril… well… you don't even know how to use your abilities, so when they activate, they're emotionally controlled…" she said. "Sit down and talk."

Chase went and sat down at the table, pulling a chair. It was at this point that Nixi came down stairs carrying Benny. "Is Chase home yet?"

"I'm right here…" Chase muttered, causing the hornless Ixi to blink a couple of times.

"How come…" Nixi said, sitting Benny in a highchair.

Chase let out a sigh and told what had happened, finishing with the last thing he told Ameril. "Her mother… I don't think her mother wants me anywhere near Ameril or her other daughter."

"Well… considering what Arie did to you, until she gets a little bit less prejudice, I think you should stay away from her,"

"You're visible again Chase," Nixi commented. "Though you still look depressed.

"Well…" Chase was interrupted by Rose peeking through the door.

"I overheard the depressed part… you really need to cheer up," Rose said.

"Considering certain things, that is rather hard to do," Chase commented.

"You are wayto down on yourself," Rose said, opening the door. "I mean… you were able to make Ameril, of all people be your friend… and knowing her… that is something."

"Ameril's mom doesn't like Chase because he's a Dark Faerie," Nixi commented.

"She doesn't? You mean she found out?" Rose said, letting out a breath.

"Have you told your parents that you're a friend with a Dark Faerie?" Chase said.

"Uhh… my parent you mean… she thought I was joking… I can't figure what ever for," Rose said, looking at the ceiling. When Chase didn't comment, she shook her head. "You were supposed to say something like, 'That's because you're such a class clown' or something like that."

"Don't get it," Chase said, putting his elbows on the table and his chin cupped in his hands. They heard a knock on the door frame. They looked up to see Ameril, glancing at the ground.

Nixi put Benny down on the ground and hurried over. "Ameril! Is it true your mom doesn't want Chase around?"

"It's kind of like when I said I would never be friends with a Dark Faerie, saying something dumb before I knew it was the wrong thing to say. My mom… she said for you to leave before she heard you apologize for making the mess in the kitchen," Ameril commented.

"Hold on… Chase made a mess in Aunt Tamiri's kitchen?" Rose commented, a look of surprise on her face.

"You two are related?" Chase said, glancing at the two girls, his eyes wide with shock.

"Not something either one of us was willing to admit before," Ameril commented.

"Yeah… but your mom is a neat freak!" Rose commented. "How did he make a mess in her kitchen?"

"It was an accident!" Chase muttered, becoming suddenly gloomier.

"Blame my sister… she, well… I'll explain later," Ameril said.

"How come you have your traveling bag," Rose asked.

"I'm staying away from Arie for awhile," Ameril commented. "Until she cools down, Chase and I both have to stay away… maybe you too."

"Yeah… well, I had no plans on going over there… who are you staying with?" Rose commented. "You could stay with mom, me and…"

"No way! Your mom is… well, she and mom have never seen eye to eye," Ameril commented.

"You could stay here," the Library Faerie commented. "We have plenty of extra rooms."

Rose and Nixi were the only ones to notice Chase's face turn red, but everyone saw all the light bulbs burst. Rose shook her head. "You've really got to learn to control your powers."

"Not only would my mom kill me for staying in the same house as a boy my age… some of the things that Arie said to Chase would make it a bit uncomfortable," Ameril commented, glancing away. "I'm planning on asking Heri if I can stay with her."

"Why Heri?" Rose asked.

"Heri… well, she's an airhead… she's most likely to not have dumped our friendship… not to mention it will take her awhile for her to realize that Chase is a Dark Faerie, let alone that there are boy Faeries." Ameril said. She went and held out her hand palm down over the table. "Friends?"

Rose placed her hand on top of Ameril's. "Friends."

Chase blinked a couple of times, then a smile came to his face and he put a hand on top of theirs. "Friends… defiantly!"

Author's note – Well, this is where this part, Dark Misfit: Family Matters ends. I will be going onto the next one, Dark Misfit II: Broken Wings. I hope you enjoyed this and the first, Why Are There No Boy Faeries. Did I originally plan to have Ameril and Rose be cousin… nope… that's just one of the ways that this has grown and shaped in my mind.