Disclaimer - I do not own Sakon and Ukon. It just happens to be one of my all time favorite mangas/animes.

Cherry Blossoms

We travel together down the road

Not picking up any new burden or load

We sit there waiting for nothing

We stand there wanting for nothing

Watching the Cherry Blossoms Fall

Together we tell the stories of old

Which after time have been left to mold

By those of my generation

Who scorn them without hesitation

Watching the Cherry Blossoms Fall

The path we have chosen

It is becoming more forsaken

For who now wants the sight

Of myself left, and you right

Watching the Cherry Blossoms Fall

Nor of any of our kindred

Our kind they forbid

To be anything but abnormal

Trying to make us feel small

Watching the Cherry Blossoms Fall

But life, it makes things different

For any of the messages they sent

Were not written in our script

For none of them are truly writ

Watching the Cherry Blossoms Fall

They could never foreseen

The luck and fortune so keen

Nor the tragedy so following

Yet so for us to be fixing

Watching the Cherry Blossoms Fall

You and I, we are left and right

Our path, it has always been right

Through turmoils we've made

Through time somewhat fade

Author's Note - To fully understand the poem, the more you know about Sakon and Ukon, the more it helps. But hopefully not to enjoy it. Some background info for those who know nothing about the series, Sakon is a young man from the old Japanese puppeteer families. Thus he has Ukon which he carries on his right had at all times. He had Ukon since he was a child and other children always made fun of him. The idea of the cherry blossoms comes from the fact I've seen cherry blossoms in the Anime intro and they are mentioned in one of the stories Ukon tells as they travel. Sakon's name means left, while Ukon's means right.