A/N: I want to warn all who read this. It is all in first person POV from Natsuki. A reminder...this is an AU. The way I have it setup is a bit weird, but trust me it will all make since in the end. It's goes from present to past. Right now the past will be the main part of the story.

Run and Begin

I could not hear her heart beat when we had stopped. We had been running for days upon days when we thought we were safe. The place we arrived at was truly the middle of no where, but it was the kind of no where anyone wanted to be. The roof over our heads was a run down farm hut, of some kind, in the middle of a golden wheat field that was invaded by wild flowers. Behind the hut there was a simple stream that led into a forest that was about a half a mile away. It was a patch of paradise that made me wish this is where the running had to end. It just had to.


The year is around 2020, but I can't really remember. I believe I'm about 26 years old and at the impressive height of 5'1", give or take a half inch. My companion is about 27 or 28 years of age and is about three inches taller than me. You would never suspect that three inches would make a difference, but it takes a few actions to realize how three inches can change your life. I remember the first time I met my companion; it was before the Great Confusion, that's what they are calling it now. I was an officer in the military of Webstein Republic and she was a spy for our enemy, Karis, of course I didn't know that then or I didn't want to. I'd always been so focused on my work to never realize I was wasting my life. Not until I met her, she was my highest priority assignment. My superiors informed me that she was a dangerous spy who could easily manipulate her targets because of her startling beauty so they sent me in, the blue wolf, code name Ice Princess. I was not fond of my secret position in the military, I was sometimes called upon to do the "dirty work"; assassin but I'm actually the top sniper in the world. My companion also shared the same plight I did she too is assassin a very skilled assassin at that.

The assignment I had been assigned was rather odd. According to my superiors the infamous violet snake, code name Red Princess, had entered our capital, Vlas. They weren't certain of what her target was or current mission was; so I was sent in to stop her at no cost. However they did not want me to take care of her so fast. All I had to do was snip the bitch and the job would be done. No, they wanted me to get close before they gave any order to terminate my target. My target, Red Princess had taken the role of a political journalist at news paper run by a former classmate of mine from college; Mai Tokiha. Rumor had it the Red Princess had one weakness and superiors told me that the Red Princess fancied women more than she did men that explained how she always kept her cool when she had to terminate her male targets. Apparently she only had male targets. It made sense, the political world was dominated by men still, and women had given up on making a mark upon politics, and if they did, they banded behind a powerful figure like any political party member.

Anyhow the last time I saw my good friend Mai was about two months ago at her lover's funeral. Sad that such a promising girl had to die at such a young age too; just 24 years old. However Mikoto died defending Mai which was one thing she's always vowed to do. The story is quite simple, and very sad. Mai had just become the head of this news paper after over throwing the former news paper head, Wataru Ishigami. We had just had lunch that day too; if only I had stayed longer Mikoto would still be alive. But as the story goes, Mikoto lingered on in Mai's office just to spend some more time with her. Then Wataru comes barging threw the writer's floor beaming for Mai's office. Mai was pleasantly sitting at her desk talking to Mikoto about their vacation plans. The editor's room is sound proof, of course, so Mai can scream at the top her lungs when editing her journalist's articles. However that was some information Wataru knew too; the sound proof room. Wataru opened up the door and with one simple declarative gesture he pulled out a 9mm and started to fire. The first few bullets missed Mai and then Mikoto willingly caught the rest as she shielded Mai. Wataru being the coward he was, shot himself threw head as not to suffer the wrath of the law or Tokiha. Mikoto bled to death in Mai's arms using her last breath to declare her undying love for Mai. Since the funeral, Mai has been living and breathing her job. I haven't bothered her since as well; these things take time to get over.

It came time to call her for a favor. I must have stared at that phone forever in my office at Richter Base. I grabbed and dialed the direct phone line to Mai's office. The phone rang once and a stressed voice answered the phone.

"You better be an editor of another paper! Because if you are another magazine writer I swear I will stick my shoe up your ass. Now who is this? I don't have all day." Mai demanded.

"Yo, Mai, it's me Col. Kuga. Your friend…Mai, are you there?" I cautiously answered.

"Natsuki, is that you?" Mai said quietly.

"Yeah, it's me. So how are you? Wait, don't answer that. That was dumb of me to ask." I said as I stumbled across words to find.

"No, no, it's okay. Everyone avoids me like the plague or something. I'm not fine, but I'll get there, someday." Mai sighed.

"I guess you have to start somewhere." I responded.

"So what's up? I know you. That's secretive life of yours is asking for a favor again." Mai said attempting to change the mood.

"Be careful what you say Mai, I'm at work right now, but yeah I have a favor to ask of you. I want to meet one of your journalists. I don't know their name, but they write the political crap and this person happens to be a very breath taking." I said cautiously.

"Natsuki, I thought you didn't swing that way. Especially not after that thing you did in college with Reito. I mean, you seem so straight laced. I never would have thought…" Mai blabbered on until she was cut off.

"Just give me their name and number or tell them to meet me somewhere!" I yelled into the phone.

"Okay, okay, I get it. Don't ask, don't tell; how about I do a mock interview thing. Tomorrow is her day off but I can force her to take an optional assignment. Go to the Fumi's Café in the tenth district by the wharf and be there at 4:00pm, the sun should just start setting when you two get your drinks." Mai cackled.

"You scare me sometimes Mai. I'll be there. Thanks Mai and remember call me whenever you need to talk." I said sweetly.

"Whatever." Mai said as she hung up.

She must have started crying, she only hangs up her phone in times like that. God I feel like a heel, but I have to do my job. For all I know, Mai could be in danger being a collateral target for the Red Princess. So for Mai's sake, I have a date tomorrow with one of the world's best assassins; lucky for me that I'm the other best assassin in the world. I worried about this though. If she really is the Red Princess she'll know who I am right off the bat, although neither of us has ever been snagged. No pictures. No videos. No voice recordings. No names. No witnesses. We just had intelligence working for us. I wonder if she's a bold person. Perhaps she'll use her real name; I do. Maybe she's like me. I'm reading into this too much. I've got to get going. As I was preparing to leave I heard the sounds of foot steps nearing. I have a feeling I know who it is.

"Col. Kuga, I was just checking to see if you were still here." A voice said from around the corner.

"I was just on my way out to head home, Col. Takeda." I grumbled as he came into view.

"Call me Masashi, Natsuki." He said trying to make idle conversation.

"I beg your pardon sir. It's Col. Kuga and I shall continue calling you Col. Takeda. Now if you please. I've got a long day tomorrow." I said while knocking Col. Takeda out of the way.

I listened to him bitch in the distance as I approached my favorite choice of rides. As a Colonel of Richter Base, I could use any military issue land vehicle, within reason, for a personal vehicle, as long as all the weapons were removed. I loved driving the Z-class motorcycles. These babies were designed to for all terrain and used to drive threw heavy artillery. This was very thrilling and probably the only reason I had joined the military.

Flashback End

The Mini Feed

Natsuki: What the hell is this shit? -reads ch1-

Chuckabutt: Artistic longings????

Shizuru: Ara, Natsuki is so sexy in this.

Natsuki: Mou, Shizuru I'm trying to scare someone right now blush

Chuckabutt: -stares-

Shizuru: Nat-su-ki, come...-motions Natsuki over-

Natsuki: okay -still blushing but quickly looks over at me doing the Scary Monkey point from Family Guy- I'll get you eventually.

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