A/N: Okay this was the original ending that was within my mind since chapter four. I wanted something that would truly finalize the lives of these two. The characters from this universe had to die. They were destined to because they were meant to be together else where because they deserved a longer time with each other. Don't you agree? It isn't as long as the other ending because it is suppose to pick up after the house as they head towards the city. I can't really choose the endings in my mind. I hate endings but...LOL it must happen. I promise I will explain the other one in the beginning of the sequel. If you just have to know...e-mail me. But until then. I will be trying to work on my other stories because those are in need of a next chapter...a sentence even.

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Deadly Lovers

By Kara Papas

Deadend at the Docks

One goal was clearly in our minds as we raced to the Harbor of Angels together; survive. As we approach I noticed one sole military vehicle; Takeda must be here. Shizuru seemed to have noticed the vehicle as I heard curse in protest and then I lost her. Doing a defiant gesture on her bike she sped towards the docks of the harbor faster than I could anticipate. The bikes made more than enough noise to announce our presence to that lowly bastard. I finally caught up to where Shizuru went and found her bike abandoned. What was she planning? I wanted us to stay together, our chances our greater together than apart. Damn it Shizuru, where are you?

In front of me stood a jungle of cargo tankers and their shadowy alleys in them I could meet more than just Shizuru. I ran in, none the less, I do not care for my life. I can only care for hers, and I know she cares for mine. I have a feeling that she is hunting down Takeda, right now. This is a trap. There are countless directions I can run in and I can hear only silence. All Shizuru was armed with was the one gun I had left outside of the .50 caliber I had which ended up somewhere on the road between the abandoned house and the harbor. I heard a gun go off and the sound of a body fall proceeded by a voice.

"You're not the one I want to kill, but I might as well finish the job…"

No, this can't be happening, Shizuru cannot die. We are supposed to survive. This isn't that dark fairytale. I refuse to fall into the grasps of a tragedy.

"SHIZURU!!!!!" I screamed as I ran to the docks finally entering a clearing. I looked to the ground and found Shizuru laying flat on her stomach. She looked up at me with her crimson eyes that were slightly shrouded by her ash blonde hair. I started walking towards her when I saw the look in her eyes go from recognition to terror. The terror leapt into my heart as well when I heard the same gun from earlier fire.

"Kuga…" I heard Takeda say with a passionate hatred.

My body hurt as the bullet sliced and burned through me. He fired the rest of the clip into me as viciously as he could. Each bullet entered and passed through leaving a pattern of dots soon flushed with blood. Ever impact making my body dance as it moved like a rag doll unaccustomed to the beatings. I suppose I am lucky he only had half a clip, but with these wounds I won't survive. I fell hard against ground and looked at Shizuru. Her eyes are shut. No. It's over isn't it? I started to drag my body to where Shizuru's lay. I will die by her at least. I must try. I heard the sound of empty magazine hit the ground and another being loaded.

"I'll make you suffer before you die…you'll never make it to her body."

I stopped and rested my head against paved ground of the dock. I heard the sound of hammer pull back and I shut my eyes, but then I heard startling protest from Takeda.

"You're supposed to be dead."

Then the sound of two guns went off as I heard a heavy thud near by. I looked up to the best of my ability and saw Shizuru standing before me just as rattled with bullets as I. She smiled at me as she stumbled to me and eventually knelt down pulling me into arms. I rested my head against her chest feeling the warm dampness of her blood that soaked through her clothes. I leaned back coughing and placed a hand on her face staring lovingly into her eyes.

"This isn't how I wanted it to end for us Shizuru…" I said hoarsely.

"Shhh…we're together and that is enough." Shizuru said weakly. Our lips met in one last kiss as we broke the kiss I sighed.

"We're dying…" I said in a astonished tone.

"Yes, we are." Shizuru said assuring me it was the truth, but the way she said it made me feel okay with the end.

My eyelids feel heavy and I feel so very cold. I rested my head against Shizuru chest again; she is just as cold as I. Perhaps we are already dead. No, that is wishful thinking on my part. I fought the urge to shut my eyes until I heard her speak to me again; my angel of death; my goddess of blood.

"Natsuki, don't fight it, its okay…" Shizuru soothed me.

"I don't want to…" I protested as politely as I could.

Shizuru laughed. "Then we'll both shut our eyes; together." She said in a powerful whisper.

"I can do that, with you…" I said feeling very dizzy as I felt my eyes shut.

"Natsuki…" Shizuru voice was very quiet now.

"Yes…" But my voice was just as hushed.

"I love you…" Shizuru said.

My heart felt complete with those words as I felt them rising from me as well. My last act before I die.

"I love you, Shizuru…"

So, upon the dock, together, our bodies lay in embrace. Our blood mingled and our souls set a drift. Together into that forever darkness that no one returns from and yet we were together in that darkness. Our thoughts mingled as our life essences did, and our souls finding a home in another time and place. Within this darkness I found it purged by the brilliance of a green sparklingly light. I am here. In a wrecked chapel. I feel as if I lived another life, but it can't be.

"What have I done?" I heard a familiar voice say to my side; Shizuru.

"Shizuru…" She looked at me and began to cry and place her hands on her face.

"Kanin, Kanin na, Natsuki. I'm…" She said as she cried.

"It's all right now, Shizuru. It's all right now."

I do not know what this longing is inside my heart, but I know you are there, Shizuru.