PAIRINGs:Implied Shinn x Luna, Shinn x Stellar, Athrun x Cagalli, Kira x Lacus, Dearka x Miriallia, Yzak x Shiho

SUMMARY: When he was given a chance to inflict suffering upon his enemies, Shinn took it without hesitation. He soon discovers how much it costs to mess with people's destiny. To undo his mistakes, he must make peace with his past self and to understan his enemies. And to do so, he must enlist the help of a bitter Princess, an emotionless Captain and a reluctant songstress.

DISCLAIMER: This is a story based on characters and situations from Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny.

WARNING: Text and all related materials are rated PG13/T There are/might be some grammatical errors and typos, spelling mistakes, even after rereading it many times.

NOTE: This story starts near the end of Battle of Messiah. After that, the story goes AU, and everything up to 'Operation Angel Down' is true. This fic is in Shinn's POV, remember.



Chapter 1 A Different Path



He screamed in pain as Destiny crashed hard onto the moon's surface. The once-powerful mobile suit rolled and rolled, making the pilot nauseous during all the spinning in the cockpit. It finally skidded to a stop as the power slowly shut down. He coughed weakly, uncertain whether it was bile or blood that floated out of his cracked helmet.

Staring at the rapidly dissipating screen, his half-open eyes saw the victor of their deadly duel boosted away towards the Requiem. A golden Mobile suit followed Infinite Justice as they worked together in destroying the Minerva and Requiem.

Impulse landed besides him carefully, but the screen had already faded and he found himself enshrouded in darkness.


"Shinn Asuka, are you unsatisfied?"

"What-? Where am I?"

"I ask again. Are you unhappy with the events that ultimately resulted in your defeat?"

"Defeat? How dare you!! They didn't win! I-"

"Yes they did. Rey za Burrel, along with Gilbert Dullindal and Talia Gladys, perished along with the Messiah. The Requiem was destroyed. ZAFT have lost. Orb is not annihilated."

A strangled growl.


"Will you do anything to make your enemies taste the defeat and the anguish you have suffered?

"...You're damn right I'd do anything!! That Freedom, that traitor, that Athha...every single one of them!!!"

"Very well. I shall change your fate. And in doing so, everyone's destiny shall change. Your defeats shall be undone."

"Wait! What do you-?"

A strange cackling. Swoosh. Bright painful white light. He closed his eyes, and everything was dark again.

Shinn Asuka opened his eyes hesitantly, and was immediately relieved to see a normal looking bedroom. His anger had not left him, but he was too confused to think too much about it.

Scanning the room quickly, he nodded to himself, satisfied that he didn't detect anything out of ordinary. Then he realized he was completely unscathed. Lifting his arm up, he examined his skin, surprised to see no scars. He was pretty certain that he got a horrible concussion inflicted by Athrun-

Shinn gripped the bedsheets in anger. The humiliation of his defeat had not left him.Wait, why the hell was he resting here anyways? Hn, no matter. He could find out the answers to his current situation later. Now, he had a score to settle!!

He jumped from the bed and searched through the apartment with familiarity, somehow. His sister's pink cellphone was sitting on his desk innocently, and his hand brushed the device nostalgically.

Shaking his head, he opened his wardrobe and his jaw dropped in astonishment.

There were different versions of Orb Representative Uniform! It was exactly the same as that Athha's, only it was red and black. What the-?

A sudden beeping caught his attention. "Come down to the conference room immediately, Shinn," a monotony voice said from the transmission device.

Shinn blinked. Wait, that voice...

Rey? It was his voice for sure! But, wasn't Rey-? What the hell-??

Shinn closed his eyes in pain as pieces of memories started rushing back into his head. He was fighting against Infinite Justice...and what happened after that? Wait, there was an unknown entity telling him about, er, changing his destiny? So, right now, he was living...a different life?

He glanced at the uniform warily. He became Orb's Representative? How about Athha? What happened to her? There's no friggin' way she'd give up her job, let alone to me, the Orb-hater. Why would I take this job in the first place? That strange voice told me I get to inflict suffering upon my enemies... what does that mean? 'Undo my defeats?!'

Shinn decided to ponder more when he had the time. He couldn't wait to see his best friend again. Perhaps, Rey could explain everything.


He almost gasped in awe just by looking out the elevator. Apparently, his apartment was pretty high up, so he had to take the elevator down to the conference. The scenery before him was simply breathtaking, somehow even more beautiful than PLANTs.

Orb is just as I remembered, he thought half-heartedly, unable to digest the fact that he was actually admiring Orb. But, like Athrun had said, he had always liked Orb; he just refused to admit it, due to his hatred and grief. Sighing irritably at an oncoming headache, Shinn quickly strode towards the conference room, mildly surprised that he actually knew where it was.

"Shinn," Rey za Burrel nodded his head curtly in a typical-Rey greeting. Shinn smiled happily (as happily as he could muster without looking idiotic anyways), glad that his friend was alive. Then he looked at his friend over. Was that PLANT-Chairman's uniform?

"Is something the matter?" Rey's expression didn't change. Not wanting to look stupid, Shinn just sat down and complained about his headache.

"I don't know. When I woke up this morning, I can't seem to remember much...and then I slipped and hit my head in the shower, making my memories even blurrier," he glanced at the blond man, whose eyebrow rose in bemusement.

"That's...quite a problematic incident, Shinn. Perhaps you should consider going to the infirmary room, just for a brief check-up? We do have an important conference in 20 minutes, and you have a meeting with Captain Hawke in the afternoon."

Eh? Captain Hawke? Is that Luna? His heart sped up, escatic to hear that his, friend was safe and sound, even promoted to a Captain!

Shinn chuckled, "No need, Rey. I think it's just temporary. Can you quickly fill me in? Like, what happened Athha? Chairman Dullindal? How about Archangel? And that fake Lacus Clyne?"

Rey frowned at that, and Shinn regretted at being too hasty at his choice of questions. "The concussion is a lot worse than I thought, Shinn. Are you telling me you don't remember anything at all? Anything since "Operation Angel Down?"

Shinn laughed nervously, "Of course not! Er, I kicked Freedom's ass, didn't I?" He cursed inwardly; he had defeated Freedom, sure, but the pilot had returned in a stronger version of Freedom and kicked his ass instead. So did Athrun. Dammit!!

Rey smiled lightly, "Indeed, Shinn. I know that no matter what, you would not forget such event. After all, it was the most glorious moment of your career, when you were still in ZAFT. Why, our new textbooks talked about your heroic deeds in annihilating that notorious Freedom!"

Shinn blanched. Did he just hear-

"With their strongest member gone, the rest of the rebels were nothing," Rey continued, "Orb put up quite a bit of resistance of course, but thanks to you, Shinn, the Destiny Plan is finally universal, as you can see!"

Shinn's face grew paler.

"Chairman Dullindal was killed when the Requiem fired upon Aprilius 4," Rey's hands clenched and unclenched, "But in the end, Djibril was no match for us. I shall carry on Chairman's will, just as you will, by changing Orb into a better place. Isn't that right?"

Shinn could only nod numbly. So, Freedom's pilot was dead? They won? ZAFT won?

After the intital shock faded, after his mind absorbed the new information, a twisted sense of triumph replaced cold, hollow horror. His body shook with unsuppressed glee, unable to describe his current feeling. He was right after all! He had really changed everyone's destiny!

Shinn's lips twisted up into a cruel smirk, "you got that right, Rey. We will make the world a better place."

Rey nodded, looking satisfied at Shinn's response. "Looks like you don't need that check-up after all. It's time for the conference, anyways."

Shinn drummed his fingers on the desks as several executive officers filed into the room. His chest puffed with arrogance and pride when they addressed him "Representative Asuka", "Asuka-sama", or "Supreme Commander".

Really, there was no need to find what the hell happened to all those other people. The pilot of Freedom was dead, and Athha's definitely somewhere else now. Zaft won, and that was all that mattered.

Shinn hummed to himself as he got off the limousine at Morgenroete. The M1 Astrays, Murasames and other Orb mobile suits were still here, of course, but the sight of those machines made his chest inflate with endless pride.

They're all under my command now. I rule Orb now!! Nothing tragic shall ever happen again while Orb is under my rule!! Shinn promised to himself, smiling smugly. Nothing would get in his way ever again!

He gasped soflty in surprise as he saw the massive, familiar-yet-not-quite-the-same battleship. Minerva didn't look the way he remembered, but the battleship was probably rebuilt after...the Battle to defeat Djibril? Shrugging off such irrelevant thoughts, Shinn saluted to the officers almost lazily when they greeted him.

"Where is L...I mean, Captain Hawke?" Shinn drawled in a mocking tone. The officer sweated and averted his gaze, obviously intimidated by his red-eyed glare.

"Sh-She's waiting for you in her office, A-Asuka-sama."

Smirking in satisfaction, Shinn dismissed the poor worker and marched towards the Captain's office without hesitation. The inside structure was almost the same as he recalled. He smiled lightly at the fond memories. Yes, fond memories indeed.

He strode past several officers confidently. It seems like the ZAFT military had taken over Orb, since all soldiers wore ZAFT uniforms. Well duh. From the conference earlier, Orb's government structure is definitely different now. He didn't even bother knocking; the automatic door slid open and he stepped in almost excitedly.

"Lu-" Shinn opened his mouth to call out her name, but words died in his throat when a pair of cold indigo eyes met his shocked ones.

"Good afternoon, Representative," Lunamaria Hawke said emotionlessly, gesturing at the empty chair for him to sit down.

He slowly complied, unable to tear his gaze off his comrade. His once-lively, cheerful friend. The girl who was always smiling, her eyes always filled with life...

No, this can't be it. The ZAFT Captain before him was definitely not the Lunamaria he knew.

She stared at him blankly, her eyes highly guarded and glassy. The captain's hat casted a shadow upon her face, making her expressionless mask rather intimidating. Her glossy magenta hair, now long, cascaded down her white uniform in an almost careless way. Other than her eyes and hair color, he almost mistook her for Meyrin.

"Well? You requested to see me yesterday, saying it was an emergency. What is it?" Her voice betrayed nothing, a cold kind of detachment that made his heart wince.

Shinn breathed hard, trying to think of something to say. It was always easy to converse with her...why did it feel so different now?

"I just wanted to see how you're doing," Shinn said earnestly. Luna blinked slowly, as if unable to process his words.

"I'm doing fine."

Silence once again filled up the air. Shinn decided to look around the room, unable to withhold her jaded gaze. Interesting...her room was usually filled with photos of herself, Meyrin, him, Rey and their friends. But now, her room was simply empty.

"If you don't have anything important, Representative, I have a rather busy schedule," Luna said curtly, standing up and headed for the door.

"Wait-" his hands shot out impulsively and turned her around. She froze completely upon contact.

"Um, are you free at all this week? I'm thinking you, me, Rey and Meyrin can have lunch-"

Her eyes widened at the mention of her sister. Anger burned in her eyes as she wrenched her hand away from his grip.

And slapped him hard.

Shinn stared at her in shock while she trembled, glaring at him hatefully. "How dare you..." she whispered bitterly and stormed out of the room.

Utterly confused, he could only gape, dumbstruck, when the door slammed in his face.

The meeting with Luna had unsettled him so much that he re-scheduled all his appointments, using the heacdache-excuse again.

He sat down in front of the computer, hoping to find some information, anything, that could help him understand Luna's change of character.

He blanched the third time fo the day when he read an old archive on the internet.

Athrun Zala, the former Chairman's son and hero of Jachin Due, was branded traitor along with an unnamed bridge officer. They were both stationed onboard the Minerva, which had recently brought down the monstrous Destroy in Berlin. It was clear, however, that those two were spies sent by LOGOs, and they had decided to flee along with several top-secret, and present them to Lord Djibril himself. They were masterfully shot down by none other than our ZAFT ace, Shinn Asuka. Their deaths were confirmed after 8 hours of salvaging through scraps of metal in the ocean. The unnamed CIC was buried in PLANTs at her family's request, while Athrun Zala's body was stolen after news had spread. It was still uncertain who the culprit was..

Shinn felt cold sweat as his hand started trembling in horror.

No, this isn't what's supposed to happen...Athrun can't be dead. Meyrin can't be dead... I-I...he's supposed to get injured...not-not die! And Meyrin...oh god, Luna...

It all made sense now. Unlike in the other 'time', Luna didn't forgive him, and they were dead...

Grabbing his coat, Shinn left the room hastily, feeling rather claustrophobic. This was too much.

Athha. Don't tell me she was also-? Shaking his head furiously, he needed to calm down before researcing anything more. Surely Athha was still around somewhere, right? He glared at his uniform in pure disgust, not so gleeful at his current position now.

He was supposed to hate them. Hate Freedom's pilot. Hate Athrun. Hate Athha. But why, why did it feel so...empty? Was it because of Luna? Or was it also because-

I do not pity them! They deserve it! He tried to recall his hatred for them, his pain and grief. But the internet archive still flashed in his mind tauntingly. Images of teasing Meyrin, being scolded by Athrun, and battling on the practice machines...

Shinn bit his lips hard, willing himself not to mourn for them.

As he came upon the memorial shore, he was relieved to see the small grave was still there. At least, it was something that resembled his family's grave.

He was shocked once again when he saw a familiar figure standing there, looking at him rather reproachfully. Her long pink hair did not flow with the wind as it should have, her crescent-shaped clips did not have any glints on them, and he could see the sky through her transparent body...?

He'd seen her before. She had stood beside Athha, claiming she was the real songstress. The commander of Eternal. The songstress of peace.

"Shinn...Asuka..." Her voice was like the wind somehow; it was carried a certain distance simply disappeared.

"L-Lacus Clyne?"



End of First Chapter



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