The brisk wind made the trees sway back and forth as if they were dancing. The steady beat of the rain could be heard on a wooden window sill. A golden-haired boy was staring out the window lost in thought. He wore a trademark fisherman's beige hat. His friendly blue eyes were replaced with serious deep eyes. His lips were a pale red and were thin. Guys usually didn't have fat lips as that would look kind of strange, wouldn't it? Seeming as if he had been snapped back by the real world the young teen spun his chair around almost causing him to fall; he smiled at his sleeping partner lying on the middle of his bed. 'Sleep tight Patamon.' He murmured.

'Hey TK… dinner's ready.' He heard a call from the kitchen. 'I'm coming…' His eyes widened in surprise. 'Wait, Matt… as in Yamato, my older brother; is that you?!' He questioned. 'The one and only.' The voice called back. 'But how? You… live… not… live… band… world tour… Gah!' The younger boy said.

The taller figure chuckled. He too had to same blue eyes and blonde locks. He had a… different hairstyle, though. 'Use sentences, TK.'

'How are you here? I thought you were on a world tour with the band!' The boy – TK spoke. 'I finished my new album already. I'm back home in Odaiba for a few months to spend time with family and friends.'

TK's face turned into a huge grin. 'That's great!' The teen said jumping up and hugging the older teen. 'Takeru, I missed you too!' He said patting his back.

After TK had released his older brother, he stated, 'Mom won't be home for the next week. She went off on some newspaper business trip thingy.' Matt nodded. 'Take a seat and let's eat!' Matt said as he brought a pot of duck stew and two bowls of rice to the table.

'How did you get the key the house anyway?' TK asked taking a seat. 'I'm your blood brother, what do you expect? I have a spare key.' Matt explained.

'Oh, I see. So, are you heading back to dad's house later?' The younger boy asked removing his hat and setting it on the ground next to him. 'Yes, I am. I'm calling Tai later, too. I haven't seen you guys in four months! Has a lot happened?'

'Nothing really; now that summer is here and it's the twenty-eighth of June, I'll have more time to spend with you, and the rest of the digi-destine.' TK said carefully picking up his chopsticks and inserting some rice into his mouth.

'I see. Have you finally asked Hikari out on a date?' Matt asked.

The other boy blushed and looked away. 'Kari-chan and I are best friends and that's it. I don't like her like that!' The boy retorted.

'I know you're lying. If you aren't, then why can't you say it to my face?' Yamato asked.

'Okay, I admit it. I am in love with Kari. She doesn't love my back. It's that simple. As long as I have her by me either as a best friend or a soul mate, I'm happy.' TK said turning back to his brother.

'What would you rather have though? Kari getting married to another guy while you sit around watching as a best friend or you being the lucky guy she marries; which would you rather?' The older brother asked.

TK was silent.

'I know you've loved her for forever. Just tell her someday or before you know it it'll be too late.'

TK nodded. 'That's a nice choice of words you have there.' He said grinning.

'I do my best.' Yamato said with a smirk. 'I see you are still using a hundred products of hair gel.' TK said slurping up the last of his rice.

'Hey! My hair still looks great.' The other boy said defensively patting his blonde hair.

'What's it like to have fan-girls chasing after you all day, 'good hair boy'?' TK said putting his bowl into the sink. He grabbed his hat and slipped it back on.

It was now long after dinner, Yamato had just gone home and TK closed the door after he left. He shut off the lights and he entered his small room to find his little partner in crime awake. 'TK, you sure seem happy!' This little digital monster said noticing the smile on his face. 'Matt is back!'

'YAY! I haven't seen the big guy for quite some time.' Patamon cried.

'Yeah, I know. These next few months are going to be great! It's summer. I get to spend it with Matt, Kari, and the rest of the digi-destined.' TK said. Patamon noticed that he had said Kari's name apart from the rest of the group. Why did he do that? Kari was part of the digi-destined also… Oh. I know why. Patamon thought. (A/n For the slow ones, when Patamon said in his mind that he knew why, it meant that TK loved Kari so he enjoyed spending time with her… and uh yeah. xD)

A slim figure sat on the couch. The figure was obviously a female. She had chocolate brown hair that went up to her shoulders. Her eyes were dark brown. From where she was sitting, it was hard to tell her height. If she were standing, she was around 5'4". Around her neck was a crest – it was the crest of light. She held on it, amused at her older sibling who was pacing back and forth on the phone. 'Tai, I thought only girls paced around when they talked on the phone.' The figure smirked.

'Shut up, Kari!' The older boy sibling said taking the phone away from his ear and placing a hand over the speaker to yell the comment at his sister.

'What, are you talking to Sora?' Kari said. This was far better entertainment than watching TV – annoying your older siblings. 'No, I am not. I'm talking to your Prince Charming's older brother.'

'I do not like TK that way!' She retorted back. 'I didn't say anything about TK…' The bushy haired boy said. Frustrated, the girl marched to her room leaving a content Tai smiling.

'Gatomon, aren't you usually asleep by now?' Kari – as her brother had called her, asked. 'Yes… but I'm not sleepy right now.' The feminine being replied. 'Oh, I see.' The girl said climbing on the bed and cuddling the cat-like digital monster. 'Gatomon, you know about how I… feel about Takeru, right?' The girl began awkwardly. 'Yes, Hikari.' The kitty replied thoughtfully. 'Well, I think it's more than a crush now. I'm in love with him. I know it; I can just feel it. What if he thinks I'm just another crazed girl like the rest of his other fan girls?' The girl said unhappily. 'Kari, loving some one isn't a sin. Plus, Takeru is your best friend. He would never think badly of you. If anything you two were made for each other.'

'Thanks Gatomon.' She said hugging the digimon. 'I'm going to get some beauty rest now.' The cat said jumping off her lap and landing on top of a pillow. Kari giggled and exited her room. 'Matt is home from his tour!' Tai said. 'Oh, that's great. I'm sure TK is happy.' Kari said. 'Yeah, and tomorrow the whole gang is planning on throwing him a welcome back party. It'll be at our house.'

'How did you decide on this so quickly?' Kari asked. 'I… just did.' Tai said dumbfounded. 'Well, either way that's a good idea. What time is it?' Kari asked taking a stray strand of her hair and pushing it to the side. 'It's at six o clock. Sora, Mimi, Yolei, Matt, and TK are coming over to help put up the decorations tomorrow. Sora and Mimi are going to buy the decorations before they stop by. I'm making you help, too.' Kari nodded.

'I'm off to sleep.' She stated.

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