Hikari chuckled at her two twins. They were both sixteen now, and they were dealing with all sorts of teenage issues. Amoria was yelling at Kenshin because he didn't listen to her and Kenshin was retorting back that just because he was a few minutes younger didn't mean she could boss him around.

'I'M JUST TELLING YOU TO GET IN THE STUPID CAR!' Amoria said pointing to the seat. Kenshin huffed and put his crossed his arms to his chest. 'YOU GET IN THERE FIRST THEN!' He shouted back.

Takeru and Hikari were growing tired of the fighting. 'Would you two cut it out? One of you get in the car first.' Takeru said at the driver's seat. Hikari was putting her arms on her hips outside the door of the car waiting for both the kids to get in.

Amoria sighed and got in first and then was followed by Kenshin. Satisfied, Hikari got into the passenger's seat.

'I don't see how I could be in the same family as that thing.' Amoria said pointing to her brother. Takeru chuckled fixing the mirror. 'You don't need to hear the Talk again, do you?'

Amoria widened her eyes and sat up straight not fighting with her brother for the rest of the ride. Hikari smiled.

'Is Adriana going to be there from college?' Amoria asked. 'Yes. Did you know that she got into all honors class?' Hikari said. Amoria nodded.

Adriana was like a role model for Amoria. She was two years older than her and she was smart, beautiful, and very fun to be around.

Kenshin looked outside the window. He was a very creative child. He enjoyed art and painting. He reminded Hikari a lot of Takeru. Maybe it was the blonde hair. Or maybe it was Kenshin's creativity. Hikari had to say that Kenshin was the chip off the old block. He too, was good at basketball. He is reliable and funny. Hikari knew for a fact that many girls had crushes on him. It amused her. Another thing that makes her think that Kenshin is like his father is that he has a best friend that's a girl. He denies the fact that he loves her, but everyone knows that those two love each other. Hikari and Takeru both approved of Elizabeth. She was sweet, smart, and funny. If Kenshin really didn't have feelings for her… then he must be really picky.

Amoria was outspoken and very energetic. She was the girl that made all moods cheery. She had pretty good grades. She had many boys chasing after her for her looks. It was pretty funny actually – the way dozens of boys would show up at the doorstep. As ironic as it may seem, Amoria's best friend was a boy.

Maybe the Takaishi/Yagami family all had the same fate – falling in love with your best friend. She smirked as she thought about Taichi and Sora.

They parked in the park parking lot. (That sounds strange.)

The kids rushed outside of the cars to make their way to the usual meeting spot.

Hikari and Takeru soon got out following their younger children. 'Why did I choose to marry you?' Hikari asked suddenly.

Takeru was surprised, but he shrugged. 'I could've picked the path of money and married some rich guy. I didn't. I took the path of love and married the one guy I will love all my life.' Hikari said.

Takeru smiled and put his arm around Hikari's shoulder. 'I think we both picked the path of love.' He said.

They arrived at the meeting area and found all of the digi-destined there – even Daisuke. Everyone exchanged smiles. 'We're back together again.' Taichi said.

The digi-destined all arranged to meet at least once every few months or so and go back to the digital world. Everyone looked toward Koushiro and he nodded. He opened the digital portal on his laptop and everyone entered. Just before Takeru entered the portal he was thinking, 'Maybe Patamon finally got the nerve to confess his feelings to Gatomon.' He was surprised to find cubs when he got there.

The End

That was short ending. I thought it was cute though. So yes, I'm finally done with this story. I really enjoyed writing this. I have finally realized that I have another favorite couple to add to my list – Koushiro and Mimi. Takeru and Hikari are still number one on my list, don't worry. ;) If you have any questions review, and I'll answer them. I liked the idea of having Amoria and Kenshin to have the same 'plot' as Takeru and Hikari. I hoped you like it. Also, if you want me to write a sequel, please do tell in your reviews. I have another story plot in my mind. Expect to see a new story soon. Until the next time,