i. orange
Roger's guitar picks are all orange. Benny wouldn't notice, except Roger keeps throwing them at his head, then acting innocent whenever Benny glares at him.
The next time he feels something hit his back and looks down to see yet another guitar pick hit the floor, he snaps, "Will you cut it out?"
Roger's perfected that angelic expression. "Cut what out?"
"Throw one more thing at me and I swear I'll hurt you."
Roger smirks. "You sure you want to fight me?" he asks. "Because I think it might be that you wanna fuck me."

ii. green
Benny walks out of his room and finds Roger wearing his green jacket. Roger notices his expression and explains, "I was cold. This is the warmest jacket I could find. It's yours, isn't it?"
"Yes," Benny mutters. He doesn't want to argue with Roger this early.
"Thought so." He shoves his hands into the pockets, looks abruptly surprised, and pulls out a couple of dollar bills. "See, proof it's yours. Now I have subway fare!"
"You can have it back if you want. For a price."
"Kiss me."
Roger probably hadn't expected him to actually do it.

iii. purple
"I don't like that shirt on you," Benny announces, and Roger frowns, looks down at the shirt.
"What's wrong with it?"
"Well, for one thing, it's purple and shiny." Benny tilts his head to one side, considering. "And somewhat girly."
"It is not," Roger growls, and kisses Benny hard, as if that proves something. Benny lets the kiss distract him momentarily, but only momentarily.
"Yes, it is."
"You don't like my shirt."
"Because you think it's girly."
Roger grins, that feral grin that's half a dare, and says simply, "So take it off."
Benny never resists Roger's dares.

iv. black
Benny likes tracing Roger's tattoos - the letters on his fingers, the cross on the web between thumb and forefinger, the band around his arm, following the lines of stark black against the much lighter skin.
"Stop that," Roger murmurs, though it's sleepy and half-hearted, his eyes half-closed. He doesn't seem to really mind.
"Why?" Benny pauses in running his finger over Roger's bicep.
"It tickles."
Benny just rolls his eyes. "You're a baby."
As it always does, the taunting prompts Roger to roll over, grab Benny's wrists, and pin him to the to the mattress, which was what Benny'd wanted all along.

v. colorless
Roger says smack makes him feel alive or some shit like that. From what Benny can see, it does the exact opposite.
When Roger's high, it's like he's someone else altogether, everything that makes him Roger just vanishes. It's like the colors all got leached out of him, golden smiles and vibrant streaks and shades, and he turns into this blurred grayscale image of a rockstar.
When Benny can't get Roger to stop, the only option he can see is to leave. He doesn't want to deal with the person the smack turns Roger into. Benny doesn't love that person.