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Summary: Sam and Dean have gotten a trail on the demon…the two brothers set out to find the demon, but then another hunter comes along. Are the three stronger as a team, or will they encounter other problems? Devil may cry crossover.

"Sam…Sam…" a voice kept saying over and over again. Sam looked around in the black abyss that surrounded him. He couldn't make out where he was or why he was there, all he knew was that he was there. Sam turned around and he saw two yellow eyes before his own.

"Hello Sam." It was the demon. He found Sam. Sam gasped loudly and looked the demon in the eye.

"It's you…what do you want with me?" The demon smirked devilishly and he began to walk in closer to Sam as Sam backed away.

"I want you and your brother to fight me like the men you really are." Sam looked at the demon confused.

"What?" The demon grabbed him by the neck and began to raise him into the air.

"I want your brother to find me. I want you both to fight me like men." Sam struggled to get free from his grip. The demon held on tight to his neck though.

"How are we going to find you? You aren't going to give us any directions!" The demon loosened his grip on the young Winchester's neck and he put him back on the ground. The demon backed away and he smirked evilly.

"Who's to say I won't?" Sam looked at him confused. Before he could say anything though, he suddenly saw things begin to spin around and out of control. Sam could suddenly see colors clash together as he spun around. He couldn't see the demon anymore. He couldn't see anyone.

Suddenly, images began to flash in his head. The first image he saw was of a dark highway in the middle of the night. After that image registered into his head, colors continued to clash again. The second image was of a bar that he had never once seen in his whole life. The bar was called 'Jo's beer'. After that image, the third and final image registered; it was of a cemetery that dated back to the early 1500's.

After he saw all the images, he suddenly stopped spinning and was frozen in one spot. His eyes wandered around when he saw the demon again, smirking at him mockingly. Sam looked at the demon, confused and afraid.

"All of those images you gave me…they're…"

"They're the only hints you'll have of finding me. I will and can not give you anymore; it spoils the fun of me taunting you. But I will give you a few hints…but not in any images this time; this time in my own words." Sam didn't say anything. He just looked at the demon angrily. The demon nodded, continuing what he was going to say.

"On this journey, you're brother and you will encounter someone, but they are not who they seem…you will also find something that was once lost, but have to make a sadistic choice…your brother will also find something that he wants and finally…there is a possible way that you can stop me…think about it physic wonder!" The demon pushed Sam back and Sam began to fall into a black hole, screaming for someone to save him…

Sam awoke screaming in his bed at five o'clock in the morning. Cold sweat was slowly rolling down his cheeks as he wiped them away quickly. He just had a vision; a vision that is going to come true. He and Dean had to go now; they had to find the nearest highway that he saw in his dream. Sam jumped out of bed and turned on the lamp.

"Dean…Dean wake up!" Sam said as he nudged his brother awake. He was amazed that he didn't wake up when he screamed. Dean groaned loudly and turned on his side.

"What time is it?" Sam walked away and he put on a clean shirt and a pair of jeans.

"Five…we have to go now." Dean groaned again and he forced himself out of bed. Dean looked at Sam and noticed that he was panicked and was breathing hard and heavy. Dean looked at his little brother confused.

"Hey man what's going on?" Sam turned to Dean, trying to keep himself from panicking.

"Man I had a vision. The demon came and showed me places of where to find him and we have to go now." Dean blinked hard. A vision? Was this just a trap? Or was this really going to help them?

"Sam, how do you know that this isn't a trap?" Sam shook his head, still very fidgety.

"I don't know man, but you're going to have to trust me on this one. We can finally kill this demon and we can live our lives normally." Dean looked into his little brother's eyes and sighed.

He was always afraid of doing hunts with his brother; he feared that the demon would get him and kill him. Since their father died, Dean felt he had to take responsibility of Sam. He began to wonder to himself if this would be the safest thing to do for him and Sam. He sighed again.

"Okay fine…c'mon lets get out of here before someone hears us." Sam nodded his head as he grabbed his bag that had his weapons and his very valued computer.

"Okay let's go." Dean nodded as he followed his brother out. Both brothers were thinking the same thing; is this all the real thing, or is it all just a trap?

To be continued…

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