I do not own any of James Pattersons characters. I just think they kick serious ass.

Here we go y'all, get ready for the Fax LURRRVE.

Fang's P.O.V.

i rolled restlessly as max shoved my shoulder.

"yo, fang. up up. its time to go to school." she whispered smartly in my ear. i felt her breath against my ear and my neck, and i got goosebumps. for a second, a split second, i acted on selfish impulse. i grabbed her hand and pulled her on top of me, quickly rolling over so i was straddling her. an inviting red painted over her cheeks, and i suddenly became very aware that i was wearing nothing but my boxers, and she was wearing a very small and tight shirt, and some boxers. and no bra.

"well, if you want that badly to be on top..." she joked. i blushed, and got off of her immediatly.

"a little jumpy are we?" max mocked me.

"ha ha, very funny." i growled at her. she looked somewhat taken aback.

"fang, what is the problem?" she asked me. there was honest concern in her voice, but i didn't want to deal with it. only max would notice the change in my tone. only her...with her perfect flowing blond hair...and her perfect, deep, beautiful eyes...i let my own eyes appraise her body. the curve of her hips was visible even while she wore her shirt, and her abundant chest rose and fell with each breath she took.

"uhmm what is the deal?!" she was freaking out now, wrapping her arms protectively across her chest.

"max, relax. breathe. haa hoo haa hoo." i made exaggerated breathing sounds. she stuck out her tongue at me. i put my hands on her hips, and shoved maximum ride out of my bedroom.

"Jesus Christ." i muttered. i heard a soft, quick knock on the door. iggy.

"come in, ig." i said, just loud enough for him to hear. he opened the door and stepped through quickly, closing the door behind him. he walked over to my bed and sat down.

"so what was that, man?" iggy asked me, the smirk on his face growing more pronounced.

"what was what?"

"you and max just now?" he smiled. laughter danced in his blank, blind eyes.

"i don't know what you're talking about." i blushed, and it embarrassed me even though iggy wouldn't see it. angel would get it from my thoughts. shit, she'd probably heard my thoughts during the whole thing.

"oh, i heard it fang. you ought to keep your mind out of the gutter." angels sweet little voice echoed in my head.

"shut up." i muttered out loud.

"oh, right. don't know what i'm talking about." iggy repeated skeptically. "you're in love with her." he smirked again.

"shut up!" i yelled, and i threw my shirt at him. he laughed.

"admit it!" he threw it back at me. it didn't surprise me that his aim was just as good, if not better, than mine.

"there isn't anything to ADMIT!" i yelled. a soft, hollow knock on the door this time.

"boys? is everything okay?" anne poked her head into my room. i was standing there, somewhat awkwardly, holding my shirt in my hands, wearing nothing but my pants. it didn't seem to phase anne.

"its fine." i said curtly. "ig...err, jeff was just leaving." i smiled a quick, pretend smile, and shoved iggy towards the door.

"alright, alright." he murmured, but he turned towards me and winked again before he walked out the door.

"bastard." i murmured before i slid my shirt on over my wings and torso. i shook my hair out of my eyes and grabbed my backpack. i walked out into the hallway, and ran straight into max. oops. all the books she was carrying catapulted onto the floor.

"dammit, fang." she muttered.

"maxie-poo, you were in my way." i mocked her. she looked at me incredulously, and laughed. i permitted myself a quick grin, and her eyes lit up.

NO, FANG. don't think like that. don't get your hopes up. max loves the entire flock, like family.

like family, but nothing more.


Max's P.O.V.

i shoved fangs shoulder in a weak attempt to get him up. his strong hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me on top of him, and my heartbeat tripled its pace. he then turned us over so he was straddling me, and my breath caught.

"well, if you want that badly to be on top..." i breathed. he blushed deep crimson, and got off me. i wanted to stop him, to pull his face to mine, to...no. fang was like a brother to me...right? i played it into another joke.

"a little jumpy are we?" i asked him.

"ha ha, very funny." he snapped at me. his tone hurt, and although i tried not to let it show, i saw the twinge of regret in his face before he turned away.

"fang, what is the problem?" i asked him quietly. he didn't say anything, he just looked at me for a minute. his eyes moved over my body, and i suddenly felt self conscious.

"uhmm what is the deal?!" i hoped he wouldn't notice the faint edge of hysteria in my voice.

"max, relax. breathe. haa hoo haa hoo." he was mocking me, now. great. he rested his hands on my hips, and pulled me a tiny bit closer before shoving me out of his room. i passed iggy on the way to my bedroom. from behind me, i heard iggy ask fang what had just happened. fang asked him what he meant, and i bit my lip and smiled. when i walked into my room, i almost immediatly heard a soft, quiet, smooth knock on the door.

"come on in, angel." i called to my door. her little blond head of curls bobbed into my room.

"fang and iggy are fighting again." she muttered as she sat on my bed. she was already in her uniform. i slid my boxers off, and put my skirt on.

"again? those boys, i swear..." i murmured.

"about you." angel smiled sweetly at me. i stopped moving.

why would fang and iggy be fighting about me? i was the last of their worries right now. not like fang doesn't have other things to think about, what with that stupid sticky redhead hanging all over him. its okay. tonight is my date with sam, and it wasn't going to be ruined by the immaturity of my...brothers? brother-type friend, and fang, who was my...person? ughh. being a teenager sucks. not to mention the whole human-avian hybrid who was built to save the world crap. i pulled my uniform shirt on over my little cami, after having put on a bra of course, and brushed out my hair, leaving it down. for once, it was impeccably straight. maybe i would have actual good hair for my date tonight. i heard yells coming from fangs room, but i didn't really want to know what they were saying. i walked past fangs room to get to the bathroom. anne had stuck her head in there, and was beginning to ask them something.

"boys? is everything okay?" i heard the maternal tone in her voice as she spoke to them.

"its fine." i heard fang say quickly, obviously trying to get her out of there. i didn't even have to be in the same room as him to know how his face looked when he used that tone. "ig...err, jeff was just leaving." i smiled at his momentary lapse of memory. iggy said something quietly, then he walked out of fangs room and into the hallway. on his way out, he winked at me. huhh? ehh. i moved backwards to try to get back to my room, and i ran straight into fang. my heart skipped a beat, like it always does, but all my books fell onto the floor.

"dammit, fang." i whispered, hoping no one would hear.

"maxie-poo, you were in my way." he said to me like i was a child. i looked at him like he was insane, then i began to laugh. he smiled.

oh my god. when fang smiles, i swear to you, its like the first sunrise in a world of darkness. every time he smiles, my heart has an audible reaction. i'm sure that there was some sort of visible reaction on my face, because fang looked at me like i was something perfect and lovely.

no, bad max. no being attracted to fang. fang is like my brother. not my lover.

oooh, being fangs lover...

NO, DAMMIT! BAD MAX! i sighed.

this was gonna be a long day.