A/N: Ha ha, I made a mistake in it, so I had to replace the chapter. Argh, well, I hope there aren't any in this one. Hope you all enjoy, my crazy Harry/Hermione fanfic. HARRY AND HERMIONE FOREVER!!!

"Hermione, are you sure you want to do this?" Harry asked, leading Hermione into his nearly empty dorm.

"Harry, i've waited too long for this. I believe tonight, is the night, that we will no longer be...innocent." Hermione licked Harry's lips seductively, sending cold shivers down his spine. Suddenly, he drew Hermione roughly towards his body, thrusting his lips onto hers, their tounges interlaced in a fervent battle for dominance, The battle raged on inside the mouths of the young students, as Hermione tore off the leather belt that held up Harry's jeans, letting them, along with his under-pants, fall to the ground, forgotten in this clash. Harry stepped over his trousers, letting Hermione's grass-stained capri's join them, in a heap of un-wanted fabric.

There, the two stood, neitgher of them had any clothing on their lower bodies. Still, Hermione thrust her shoulder's against Harry's, her upper body grinding hard against Harry. He moaned with pleasure, and groaned in delightful pain, as Hermione knocked her hips against Harry's tingling erection, his back pinned against the wooden wall of the dorm.

Without question, Hermione drew apart from Harry for a split question, to pull his shirt from his body, leaving Harry comepletely naked. Harry took the liberty of un-dressing the rest of Hermione, putting them closer to the most intimate, erotic night of their lives, so far.

The short-lived battle of the tounges drew to a close, when Harry pulled Hermione on top of his large, king-sized bed. Hermione slipped underneath Harry, pulling the green bed-sheet over their bodies.

"Hermione, I don't mean to hurt you, or anything. I don't want to hurt you, you know that, right?" Harry's shining green eyes stared into Hermione's hard, chocolate eyes.

"I know, love. Just...do it. Now!" Hermione clenched, as she prepared herself for the pain that was to be expected. However, when she looked into Harry's eyes, all she saw, was a seductive, alluring grin on his handsome face. Without question, Harry knelt his head, licking Hermione's thigh, watching her shiver with delight.

"Oh god! He has a game plan!" Hermione thought, which, surprisingly enough, turned her on even more.

"Don't move, Hermione, or else I could make things...dirty." Harry grinned, fondling Hermione's breasts, while slowly pressing his tounge against her inner thigh.

"Oh baby! Please, don't stop! Harry!" Hermione moaned, trying vainly not to buck her hips to Harry's act.

"Is this long enough? Or shall I keep going, to get her up even more? Nah, we've waited too long." Harry thought, in his mind of twisted ideas. He rubbed his erection just outside of Hermione's enterance.

"Hermione...?" Harry whispered in her ear. "I'll be gentle."

Suddenly, as Harry thrust himself into Hermione, her grip on his shoulder's tightened, and her breathing grew heavy.

"Harry...don't move. Please, just wait a minute." Hermione heaved, her heart-beat racing.

For a good five minutes, the two lay, listening to the sounds of the night, forbidden forest outside, and the beat of each other's heart. At long last, Hermione allowed Harry to slowly continue, groaning with the ammount of effort it took.

Hermione moaned pleasurably, her hips bucking with Harry's timed movements.

Suddenly, Hermione gasped deeply, trying hard not to skriek, with the sudden burst of ecstasy, having Harry collapse on top of her, his chest heaving.

"Oh god, Harry!" Hermione panted, her eye-lids fluttering.

"Good-night, my sweet Hermione. May you never forget this night, of innocence, youth, and, of course, love." Harry sighed, as they both drifted off to sleep, still in each other's grasp.