Pep talk

Later that night

After waiting until it looked like the woman beside him had finally fallen asleep, Jeff carefully removed his arm from its hiding spot under Trish's blonde mane and then just as carefully he stood up and made his way out of the bedroom that he shared with the older woman; softly closing the door behind him as he went.

"Jeff...? Honey, what are you doing up?"

Turning around at the sound of the familiar voice, Jeff had to let out the small sigh he hadn't even know he'd been holding in as he noticed Trish's mother standing in the middle of the hallway, looking to be about to enter their guestroom after grabbing herself a midnight snack.

I guess she couldn't sleep either...

With that thought in mind, Jeff waited until he had closed the distance between the woman and himself before nonchalantly replying, "I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd go downstairs and finish off the rest of the chocolate cake you made for dessert...but it looks like you beat me to it already."

Even though she knew the younger man was just teasing her, Alice couldn't help but blush while outwardly replying that she didn't mind sharing before turning back around in the direction that she had just came from; leading Jeff and herself towards the kitchen table.

"Thanks.." Jeff absentmindedly replied, while taking the extra fork that Trish's mother was handing him and then taking a bite out of the piece of cake that sit between the two of them, "This is unbelievable..."

Knowing that there was more on Jeff's mind at the moment than her baking skills caused Alice to reply "Thank you," before continuing with, "I'm guessing Trish told you what the doctor said."

Not wanting to meet the other woman's eyes right now caused Jeff to take another small bite out of the cake that was in front of them before replying, "Yeah, she told me when I came in this evening...I still can't believe it, though."

"I mean, Trish is so young...she just had a baby not even four months ago. Hell, we just got back together a few months ago..I don't know what I would do if I lost her again."

Having had some of those exact same thoughts come across her mind when her daughter had brought her the news earlier caused Alice to take Jeff's hand, that was closets to her, into her hands and reassuringly reply: "Hey, we can't think like that...if I know anything about my daughter and you, as well, it's that your both fighters and Trish is going to get through this just like you got through your rehabilitation. We just have to find ways to stay positive for both her and ourselves right now. Trish needs that now more than ever."

She's right...

Knowing that Trish's mom was right and that what Trish needed right now more than anything was a strong support system caused Jeff to nod his head in agreement before telling the older woman that she was absolutely right.

"I always am," Alice playfully joked, before taking a look at the clock on the wall in front of them and outwardly replying that it was getting late.

"Amy and Matt promised to take me out for a day on the town so you can have some alone time with Trish and Angie tomorrow, so I think if I don't want to be an angry grouch later, I better start heading to bed now."

Even though they both knew Alice didn't have one angry bone in her body, Jeff forced a small laugh to come out his mouth at her small joke before pulling his, hope to be, future mother-n-law into a small hug; afterwards thanking her for her small pep talk.

"Anytime son, anytime."

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