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The bell rings, calling us inside. Spike and his jerk friends are some of those guys who just stand around in the middle of the doorway, expecting you to walk around them. Seeing as I'm already mad at him, and I'm glaring daggers in his direction; Spike throws his cigarette on the ground and shoves his friends inside.

"Funny… he didn't taste like smoke." the traitorous, girly side of my brain thinks. I'm kicking myself for letting that thought slip in. Now on top of dealing with Debbie being mad at me, I have to let that stupid thought get my "mad at him" feeling all confused. Like I wasn't confused enough already. I didn't even think I liked him. And then he had to go and be a jerk and kiss me. Or the other way around. Cause he kissed me and then he was a jerk when he didn't want anyone to know. I don't even want to look at him anymore let alone think about him. Fine then I hate him again. At least that isn't confusing.

Unfortunately for me, his locker is six or seven down from mine across the hall. So we start heading the same way once we get into the building. And I kind of have to look at him since he's leaning on the one next to mine. I almost smack him with the door, grabbing my books, and trying to get away. But I can't find my note book for Mrs. Robin's class.


I'm ignoring him. I am. I'm not going to look. Just keep digging to find the physics notes. Not going to look. Not not not…so not going to look at him.

"Becky? What did I do?"

"Nothing." I snap. So maybe I'm not ignoring him. But I'm still not looking at him. I've learned one thing with having four year old siblings. You do not look at the sad face. And something tells me that Spike with a sad face on could kill me. I'm glad he's on the wrong side of the open door.

"But you're all pissed off at me." his voice is kind of pitiful really. If I wasn't mad at him I might be concerned. Wait! No I wouldn't! I hate Spike!

"Not pissed off. Just normal run of the mill I hate you kind of thing."

"That's all?"

"Well that and I can't find my damned notes for physics." I shrug, wondering when it got so easy to talk to him… and when I stopped hating him again. Because I can't even see the sad face and it's killing me. I can hear it in his voice. And I'm done for. Back to the confusing I like him and he's a jerk. And the being mad at myself for getting into this with Spike of all people.

He moves and opens the locker further, seeing as the hallway has cleared and I'm already late, I guess it doesn't matter if his jerk friends see us. Because they aren't there. He leans in towards me, reaches into my backpack, tucking in a note book.

"You stole my notes?" I glare at him.

"Borrowed. With every intention of giving them back. And I have. So borrowed then retuned." he says.

"The homework was in there."

"Borrowed that too."


The really pathetic thing is, with that look on his face I'm not sure if I wouldn't have just handed over the homework if he'd asked.

I'm more mad at myself than him at the moment, so I turn around and start walking to physics.

"Wannagotoamovieorsomething?" He says as he falls into step next to me.

I'm trying to ignore him again.

"Nope. Try one of Debbie's friends. They'll love the bad boy thing." I shrug and try to ignore the hurt look on his face when I say no.

"I don't wanna date one of your cousin's friends."

"Well what am I supposed to do about it?"

"Go to a movie with me." he grins. And there it is again. That stupid hopeful little sad puppy face. I hate that look. Just on principal I should not want to go out with him. Right? So, no I won't go to a movie with stupid Spike.

"Fine." I shrug. Wait a second! Stupid girly brain! I ment to say no… didn't I? He's grinning like a moron again. So am I. Shit when did this change from kind of liking the guy into the whole "I can't stop smiling thing?". Junior is already sending looks at my neck and making the whole moody pout face. Seeing as he knows who the only person that could have possibly given me a hickey over the weekend was.

"Cool. I snagged your number when I borrowed your phone. I'll call you after I get out of detention."

"Cool." and that's all I have time to say, when the bell rings again and Spike leans in a pecks me on the cheek. He's gone off to class and I'm walking on air into Robin's class. When I sit down next to Debbie her jaw is on the floor.