Summary: Sasuke's a cute little emo with a mentally disturbing past. When his guardian decides that it's time for a change, Sasuke finds himself attending a private art and sports school in Japan. Now he finds himself facing adversity unlike anything in the city of New York, not only that, but slowly he begins to fall for the captain and quarterback of the school's soccer and football team! What does fate have in store for our lovable antisocial emo? And what happens when Sasuke's past comes back to haunt him?

Okay warning you now, this is yoai people, don't like? Don't read. And yes this is a high school fic, cuz I like playing with the characters in a different setting. Also I'm aware that the characters aren't always going to be exactly in character, but that's what happens when you write fan fiction most of time.

And also, if you flame me, at least put a name on it so I know who it's from, I hope not to write so badly that it comes to that but this is my first fanfic, so constructive criticism is appreciated!

So enjoy and reply! I'm always looking to improve my writing so any tips are welcomed!

Prologue: Snow White Queen

He was a mystery.

Really that's all that could be said of him. No one knew anymore than that. He didn't talk to anyone, not even teachers. They had given up on calling on him during class because either he would ignore them or would simply look at them like they were stupid. He didn't have any friends, but really it wasn't for any of the normal reasons.

He wasn't retarded, he was actually the smartest kid at his school. But he wasn't a nerd either. No quite the opposite actually. Just because he didn't talk to people it didn't mean others didn't talk about him.

Most who see him are instantly awed. He was beautiful. Not hot, not sleazy, not pretty. But beautiful. He had a graceful elegant beauty that would have been expected of nobility in Europe that lived in tall castles with sprawling gardens during the late 1800's, not on a male teenager with an attitude problem in 2009. His features were refined, with perfectly sculpted eyebrows and long lush lashes that surrounded deep ebony eyes. A small cute nose, full plump pink lips, and defined cheek bones completed his face. His dark waist length ebony hair contrasted gorgeously with snow white skin that was completely blemish free. His body was far too curvy for a guy but too flat for a girl. He had thin girly wrists that he hated and his guardian used as proof that he was too skinny. His shoulders were narrow, as were his slim hips. His flat abdomen was made even more feminine by the girly waist that he had tried and failed to get rid.

No, really the only reason he didn't have friends was quite simply due to the fact that he didn't want any, not here in any case. He found people here too fake, trying to do anything to conform to society. His guardian had watched Sasuke chase everybody that could have potentially cared for him away with a silent death threat that radiated from his eyes if they even dared to come within another inch of him.

Yes, Kakashi Hatake had taken in the boy when he ten years old.

Back then Kakashi had been a partying bachelor, a free spirit if you will. The only reason he had entered that orphanage was because his sister had begged him to go take a look at the kid.

"Please Kakashi, I would take him in but I'm moving to teach in Japan, and I won't have time to take care of him properly. He's been there for four years now, and I think he would be good for you, please!"

Even then he hadn't gone. It was only after Tsunada resorted to violent threats did he actually go and visit.

Because like it or not, his big sister was frighteningly strong.

He knew right when he saw the kid that he would have to let him come home with him. He couldn't just leave him there; those sad ebony eyes would have haunted him for the rest of his life. So really resistance was futile.

And really he didn't regret it; the teenager just didn't like new people. He was a completely different person when it was just the two of them or they were around the rest of his admittedly crazy family. He was sort of childish, stubborn, dramatic, and had a smart sarcasm that made you smile and want to hit him over the head at the same time.

Of course, he wasn't naïve about his looks, and used them to his advantage in any given situation. His eyes would grow wide and tear up and he would pout that adorable pout that no parent could say no to, enabling him to obtain whatever he wanted.

But he knew that the kid would need more than just the few people he had now. Really when Kakashi had taken him in, it was as if he became his actual son. His sister and brother both thought of him as a nephew and he in turn thought of them as his true aunt and uncle. Kakashi's best friends Gai and Asuma looked after the kid like he was their own, hell Gai was his godfather after all.

But the point was that the kid would need more than that. He needed friends his own age, a girlfriend or a boyfriend, (he had already been told very clearly that he was bi.) which is why Kakashi decided to move them to his home town. A change would be good for him and besides, all their family lived in Konoha, Japan. Besides the ocean, the beach, the sun might be good for the both of them.

He'd be damned if he let his son continue destroying himself. And come hell or high water, Sasuke would begin to heal, whether he liked it or not.