Her delicate hand pulled the soft, long sleeve down; covering her deeply bruised and aching shoulder. Neji had often asked her why at least one part of her bruised body would be limp after she took what should be a harmless walk. Her crystal tears fell down her puffy red cheeks; she absentmindedly wiped them away, her face stinging with pain even from her gentle touch. She fearfully looked at her blinking clock out of the corner of her pale eye, 3:45, time for her 'walk.' She breathed deep through her nose, soaking in the lavender scent of her room. How had she gotten herself into this? Oh that's right…


She sat down on the soft dewy grass of the ruthless training grounds. She had lain down, her silky hair mixed with the tan dirt she had kicked up when she had been training. "If you do not intend to train, I suggest that you move so people that are serious can. I should have figured a weakling like you would be picking daises instead of working hard through blood, sweat, and tears." His spiky ink black hair swayed in the wind, she feared moving. He glared at her with bloodthirsty eyes, "Move, Hyuga."

Hinata quickly jumped behind a slim tree, she let out a squeaky gasp when she realized she had snagged her light purple jacket on a low tree limb. It was ripped from the bottom to just under her left breast. Hinata was thankful she had a fishnet top on under it. But even in sweltering heat she refused to take it off. She held the large rip together, planning to do so until she would arrive at the Hyuga clan house. He frowned at her; she was useless, "Just take the damned thing off. Geez, it gives me a freaking heatstroke just looking at you." Hinata shook her head. He scowled at her, "You're weak and stupid. You're going to end up dieing on a mission, so I'm going to train you. No buts."

Hinata opened her mouth to say something but quickly clamped it back together. Sasuke took off his shirt, "Now monkey see, monkey do." Hinata's mouth hung open, was he tell her to take her shirt off? He stared at her blankly, "The jacket, I just don't have a jacket on so I figured my shirt would work."

Hinata noticed he shaved under his arms, "W-why?" he looked at her in confusion. She shook her head, "Umm…Uchiha-san w-why do you sh-shave under you're a-arms?"

His eyebrow twitched, "Because if I injure myself, taking sticky bandages off hurts less. Now I begin our training today but first, take the jacket off."

Hinata closed her eyes as she peeled the sweaty jacket off. He motioned her forward; she stood and walked towards him. "S-Sasuke-san was it necessary for m-my j-jacket to be taken o-off?"

A smirked crawled onto his lips, "Let's begin." Sasuke slammed his fist into Hinata's jaw extremely hard. She spit out blood. Sasuke pressed a kunai to his hand, "Blood." She crawled away from him. He took hold of her chin and pulled her closer. He closed his dark eyes, she drew back. The Uchiha smirked and pointed to her neck, "Sweat." He stood up, as if to be bigger than her, "You're so useless. Everyone hates you. The only reason people pretend to like you, is so they don't have to listen to your dumbass cry." Sasuke watched as she curled into a ball and silvery tears fell, darkening the dusty dirt. Sasuke flicked her arm, "Tears…"

Hinata looked at him with questioning eyes, "What?"

Sasuke looked at her wondering why she didn't understand. He took hold of her chin and wiped the tears off her naturally blushing face, "Blood, Sweat, and Tears." She rubbed her throbbing jaw.

That night Neji had noticed the frequent grimaces with every bite she took of her dinner. Sasuke's training sessions had become more like him beating his constant aggression out through her. He would stop when she would pass out, but only if she was bleeding at a severe rate.

End Flashback

She silently locked the door behind her, Neji watched her leave. Little did she know, when she was asleep he had crept into her dark room and took pictures of all of the large bruises. He planned to do the same tonight and, if he found fresh bruises again he would take the issue to Hiashi.


She saw him sitting with one leg out in front of him, and the other was pulled up to his chest. She could already tell he was pissed off by the way he was sitting. She half mindedly wondered how many bones he would break, then haphazardly heal. He looked at her; his cold eyes filled with ever impatient anxiety, "You're late"

"Y-yes, I-I'm sorry." Sasuke got into a fighting stance, Hinata just stood there. She knew fighting him only made it harder on her. He flew towards her striking her in the stomach.

He landed a hard, ruff kick in her side. She felt three ribs break. He smirked, "Painful?" She tried to fight back sensing he did not intend to stop. She punched him as hard as she could in his jaw. He ran his tongue over his teeth counting each one in the process. He slammed his hand into her ankle. She screamed in pain, he licked his lips, "Heh, did it break?"


Eight hours later...

Hinata couldn't move, she swore he had broken every bone in her body. He slowly healed the bones, but left everything else. She spit blood out of her mouth; this was the worst beating yet. Sasuke lay down beside her, "Damn, Naruto made me so mad today. First he goes on about how he rescued me from Orochimaru. I tell the moron that he kidnapped me, but he didn't listen. I'm not even allowed to train with my teammates, they say I might kill them. Ha!"

She looked at him with half open eyes, "P-please take me home Sasuke. I'm in pain…I-I want to go to sleep." He nodded as he climbed back to his feet.


Sasuke jumped through her window gracefully, he wrinkled his nose at the lavender scent. He sat her on the soft bed, "I'll see you in two days; I have a mission so I can't train with you tomorrow," she nodded. She was thankful to the Hokage for his mission, "Oh and Hinata, read this after I've left." He handed her a plain white envelope with a seal of blood or wax, she couldn't tell. He flashed an awkward smile as he jumped to a rather shaky tree outside her window. She opened the carefully sealed envelope, a letter and a glass rose with blue petals fell out…

"Hinata, I'm not very good with this sort of thing. I'm not really sure how to say this. When we were younger did you ever feel like you were being watched? Heh, you probably thought it was Neji. But it was…me. I liked to watch you pick herbs from the gardens for Team 8. It was funny when you would accidentally grab onion grass, because you would always smell it and make funny faces. Or when you would go shopping for kimonos with Neji, you would always complain about it not being long enough. You would always blush when it didn't come down to at least your knees. Neji would always shake his head and leave. Now I wasn't peeping, I didn't watch you change or anything. But what I been avoiding is telling you that I love you. I love everything about you, even the lessening stutter. You're beautiful, why do think I always pushed Ino, Sakura, or any other girl away. Anyways you'll be coming for training soon, so I have to go. I'm sorry if I hurt you during training, so we won't train as much or as hard anymore…


Hinata's shaking hands dropped the letter to the floor; she tightly grasped the glass rose to her chest, "Oh…my…god…S-Sasuke…" Hinata slowly crawled onto the cold floor. She put the letter inside her, well what was left of her jacket pocket. She laid down on her bed and closed her eyes.

Neji noticed her lights were turned out; he crept up to her room. He lifted the blanket off her small body; he carefully examined her, "Shit, there is way more than last time. That's it! Wait, what's this?" Neji read the letter inside her pocket. He squished the poor, defenseless letter in his hand, "Dammit Sasuke. I'm taking this up with Haishi-sama." Hinata opened her heavy eyes to the loud voice of Neji.

" N-Neji-kun? W-why are you yelling." Neji frowned and threw the letter in her face. "N-Neji-kun I can-"

"I don't want to hear it. I am going with you on your 'walks' from now on. Also if Uchiha leaves one more bruise I will tell Haishi." Neji walked out of the room leaving Hinata alone.


Two Days Later…

Hinata winced as Neji tightened the chain on her wrist. He opened the door leading Hinata behind him. She held her light breath as they approached the training grounds. Sasuke was lying down on a mound of stiff dirt. She could smell blood, apparently he had hurt himself. Neji undid the chain and let her go. "S-Sasuke?"

"Did you read the note?"


"Why is he here?"

Hinata looked at the ground, enjoying the lack of glaring eyes, "H-He read it too…"

"Well, what are you going to say?"

Sasuke studied her features, admiring her long, dark hair, "U-um...Y-you used t-to be a m-missing-nin. You a-are mean t-to me most o-of the t-time. I-I think you c-can be kind, s-so I think w-we should…stay f-friends…for a-a little while, I-I'm sorry S-Sasuke-sa…kun."


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