Hinata grasped tightly to Naruto's shirt, hiding herself from the Uchiha's view. Naruto frowned, "Sasuke just shut up…you're scaring her. Hinata-chan this is Sasuke Uchiha, your old boyfriend."

Sasuke clenched his fist, "Why did you say 'old' boyfriend, Narutard!?"

Hinata moved farther behind Naruto; Naruto glared at the Uchiha, "Because she doesn't know you anymore, and maybe it is a good thing…"

Sasuke slammed his fist into the wall knocking it to rumble. Hinata gasped as tears ran steadily down her checks, "Pl-please stop U-Uchiha-san!"

Sasuke walked up to her despite Naruto's attempts to stop him. Hinata flinched as Sasuke rubbed her check lovingly wiping away the tears, "Hinata I'm tired of playing with you, we are bound by destiny…we each hold a part of the strongest demon. I've loved you since the first time I met you. But you don't seem to remember, so until you do any man you dare to love will die on the breath they last spoke. I suggest that you stay away from Naruto if you care about him." Hinata's tears rippled down her face as she ran from they hospital. Naruto punched Sasuke tackling him to the ground, but being knocked unconscious by a stiff punch in his stomach. Sasuke chased after her; he followed her through the city, the forest, and finally she collapsed outside the entrance of Suna. Sasuke smirked, "Going back to your lover? Well I guess I could kill him too."

Tears welled in Hinata's eyes, "Why will you not leave me alone!? I don't know you, as far as I know you're a zombie! Please just stop…wh-what's happening!?"

Sasuke growled at his former sensei, "Kakashi…why the hell are you here!?"

Kakashi picked up Hinata, "Because, a young Hyuga girl is running away from an Uchiha while bawling her eyes out. I'm taking her to her home, Sasuke. But before I leave I want to ask you something: do you love Hinata, or is this your sadistic way of beating Naruto's chance at happiness?"

Sasuke was, for once in his life at a loss for words, "I-"

Hinata stared at him with sad eyes, "Why…why would you ruin my life? Please…just stay away from me."

Sasuke's eyes faltered, he nodded, "Okay Hinata-san…I will never interfere with your life…ever again." Sasuke began walking back to the village, dragging his feet slowly behind him. Kakashi pitied his student; he let out a sad sigh and began running full speed towards the village.

Later that day…5:30 p.m.

Hinata sat in the hospital beside Naruto; he had fallen asleep after she told him what happened. Hinata sighed tucking her hair behind her ear and stood up. She poured the orange juice into the cup and stared at her reflection. She jumped as she felt a hand placed on her shoulder. She turned around to be face-to-face with Naruto; he smiled warmly. Hinata blushed, "G-good afternoon N-Naruto-kun."

Hinata's heart stopped as Naruto slowly climbed to the position so that he was on one knee. He bent over, "Hinata…you're shoe is untied." She almost laughed at what she had been thinking until Naruto pulled a small box out of his pocket, "Just kidding…Hinata will marry me?"

Hinata smiled brightly, "Y-yes! Yes Naruto-kun I will!" Hinata hugged him, while managing to tackle him to the ground at the same time.

Naruto kissed her lovingly, "Hinata let's get married right now! We can go get everyone, and get granny Tsunade to marry us!"

Hinata smiled, "Okay but I have to change, and you too, okay. Bye Naruto-kun, I see you there." Hinata kissed him as she ran out the door.

7:10…after the wedding…

Hinata hugged Naruto as they climbed into the carriage and drove off to Naruto's house. Hinata lies her head on his shoulder, "Hey Naruto-kun, I need to grab a few things from my house. Can we ride over there?" Naruto nodded.

Hinata walked up to her room, Naruto stayed outside. Hinata sat down on her floor and reach under the bed to find her necklace. Hinata felt something crinkly touch her hand, "What's this?" Hinata pulled out a piece of paper and smoothed it out on her desk. She read the letter:

"Hinata, I'm not very good with this sort of thing. I'm not really sure how to say this. When we were younger did you ever feel like you were being watched? Heh, you probably thought it was Neji. But it was…me. I liked to watch you pick herbs from the gardens for Team 8. It was funny when you would accidentally grab onion grass, because you would always smell it and make funny faces. Or when you would go shopping for kimonos with Neji, you would always complain about it not being long enough. You would always blush when it didn't come down to at least your knees. Neji would always shake his head and leave. Now I wasn't peeping, I didn't watch you change or anything. But what I been avoiding is telling you that I love you. I love everything about you, even the lessening stutter. You're beautiful, why do think I always pushed Ino, Sakura, or any other girl away. Anyways you'll be coming for training soon, so I have to go. I'm sorry if I hurt you during training, so we won't train as much or as hard anymore…


Hinata traced her fingers over the letter, "I…might remember you one day Sasuke-kun…"

73 years later…

The air was musty; you could barely made-out the silhouette of a man in a long coat walking away from the gravestone. The gravestone read simply 'Hinata Hyuga…died at the age of 95. She was a loving mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, and cousin. Her memory will live on forever'

If you looked down you would see a letter, it read:


I'm still not very good at this sort of thing, but I still love you. I continued watching you, even after you married Narutard. Heh, you still probably don't remember me. But I want you to know that we loved each other deeply; no matter what tore us apart, we always found are way back to each other. Since you're already there can you tell my Mom and Dad that I love them? And go ahead and tell Tsunade and Jiraiya I miss them. Also I'm sure Naruto already knows that I love him like the brother I never had. Well with everything I've will always love you, and it's a good thing we never got married because 'til death do us part wouldn't have been long enough. Goodnight my princess…sweet dreams…



And I suppose the last thing you would see on the grave would be a blue glass rose…


So this is finally the end. If you didn't like this ending review about it and I will put up an alternate version. I love everyone who kept me going even with writer's block. So please, please review. Goodbye and I hope you have enjoyed this…