SG-1 K-9

NOTE: I have placed Janet in this story even though she should be 'dead'. In my world Janet lives on.

Chapter One

General O'Neill watched from the Control room as the Gate sprung to life with an incoming wormhole. The iris automatically shut as they waited for the proper code. Everything so far was perfectly routine. SG1 was due back from what they had described as an uneventful mission.

"It's SG-1, Sir." The technician announced.

"Open the iris."

Sam and Teal'c stepped from the event horizon onto the ramp and were quickly joined by Daniel. Jack was just about to turn away when a fourth stepped through the shimmering blue vortex. The unexpected guest was not human, it was a large dog that looked to be a cross between a German Shepard and a wolf. The animal looked around and his toothy jaw dropped open.

"Carter!" Jack called across the intercom. "On your six!"

Sam whipped around and froze at the sight of the large wolf like dog that was standing on the ramp behind her. She automatically raised her weapon at the creature. Teal'c also brought his staff weapon into position to fire. In response the dog dropped down to the ramp submissively like a puppy that had just been scolded.

It was Daniel that kept them from instantly killing the animal. He walked up to cowering dog fearlessly and knelt down in front of it. Even though the wolf-mix had his ears folded back and his bushy tail tucked between his legs Daniel reached out and stroked the animal's strong neck.

"Damn it, Daniel!" Jack roared. "Get out of the way."

"Sir, do we really have to kill it?" Sam asked. "It must have just followed us through the Gate by mistake. We should sent it back. It looks terrified."

"Frightened animals are the most dangerous, Colonel Carter." Teal'c said gravely.

"It hasn't bitten Daniel." Sam pointed out.

"Fine," Jack grumbled "Airman, get a rope around this mutt's neck so we can secure it until we can send it back."

One of the Airmen jogged off to get a rope. Meanwhile Daniel continued to try and calm the animal. However it was getting more agitated by the second. It backed away from Daniel a few steps and let out a horrible yelp. Looking around frantically it barked again.

"Daniel, get back here." Jack ordered as he stepped into the Gateroom. "That mutt is making me nervous. Carter, be ready to shoot it if you have to."

"Yes, Sir."

The Airman returned with the rope. He had tied a loop into it with a slip knot. When he approached the canine on the ramp the dog began shaking. He backed away again, but quickly found himself at the back edge of the ramp. Barking in a high pitched anxious voice once again the Airman hesitated to approach further.

"Carter, is this mutt really worth getting someone hurt over?" Jack sighed.

"Maybe Daniel should try, it seems a little less affrai..."

Sam was cut off as the wolf leapt off the back of the ramp. He landed hard and took off running. Sam didn't dare fire at the animal as it ran passed the Gate technician and out the door.

"Damn it!" Jack swore.

Sam ran down the ramp and after the dog with Jack close behind. Teal'c left through the other door hoping to cut off the canine's escape route. The Base alarms went off sending everyone into organized chaos as they scrambled to deal with the unusual circumstances.

Being a faster runner Sam was soon on her own as she dashed down the corridors. She just caught sight of the animal's tail as he rounded a corner and she sprinted after him. She kept hoping that he would turn down a dead end, but so far luck was on his side. When they came to a long corridor Sam stopped just long enough to try and get a clean shot. Quickly making sure no one was in the area she fired.

Slipping on the slick concrete floor the wolf crashed to the floor, saving him from Sam's bullet that winged just over his head. With a great deal of momentum behind him he spun on the floor and slid backwards into the elevator that had just opened. The surprised medic in the elevator scrambled out just as the doors shut.

"Where is he?" Jack demanded as he came around the corner.

"Um...twenty-fifth, twenty-fourth...he appears to be going up, Sir."