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Chapter One

Star walked down the sidewalk to her new high school, Han' a. Sighing she wondered why her grandmother decided to move so suddenly. She wouldn't even wait until the school year was over. Star knew Gram had grown up in the house they had moved into but why now? She had heard the rumors and seen the T.V. reports about when the city had been covered by dark clouds, people missing, and parts of the city in ruins. So why would anybody in their right minds live here? Why did she have to live here? Bitterly Star wiped away the couple of tears that were in her eyes as she began to walk into the school grounds.

Sage waved at Rowen and Ryo as he walked into his classroom. Sitting down at his seat by the window, he looked out at the beautiful morning that taunted him from outside. Mr. Aku walked into the classroom, followed by a girl who had a very large purple aura surrounding her. She had dark green-eyes. "Class," Mr. Aku began, getting the class's attention, "We have a new student transferring from Kyoto. Her name is Starciya Agol." She made a small bow and gave a shy smile upon hearing her name. "Miss Agol, Why don't you sit in that empty seat by Sage Date?"

Sage hearing his name raised his hand to show where he was all the while not taking his eyes off the glowing girl. Star looked at him and almost tripped. His aura was bright green and was huge. She had never seen anybody with an aura that strong before, usually it was only just above the skin, not several inches! Shaking it off and looking down she continued to her designated spot. Trying to avoid looking at the green to the side of her, she focused on the teacher and the lesson. What Star didn't know is that Sage was thinking the same thing. He couldn't understand how she had such a powerful aura; he had only seen auras this powerful in people who possessed armor. Never in a normal person, maybe she was a new enemy. He was going to have to tell Ro and Ryo about this at lunch.

It seemed to both of them that the lunch bell would never ring. When it finally did Sage took off to the usual eating spot. Star was surprised at his behavior and wondered why he took off so fast. She calmly stood up, grabbed her lunch and her drawing tablet, and wandered outside to find a quiet place to eat. She soon camped out under a giant cherry tree, and started to sketch a kid reading a book across the yard. After a while she felt that she was being watched. Carefully looking around she soon found Sage and two other boys, with auras just as big as his but only dark blue and red, looking at her intently. Finding this very unnerving she quickly packed up the remains of her lunch and headed back to the classroom. She collapsed into her seat while trying to think of a way to avoid looking at Sage when he came in. Taking out a book, she pretended to be reading it intently.

"We will have to take your word about the aura thing, Sage, since we can't see them," Rowen quietly said, "But she does seem to be a little jumpy. I don't think she is an enemy because usually nothing scares them." He said after seeing the girl in question look up quickly at them, and then hurry and head back to the building.

"Try talking to her when you get back to the classroom and see if you find out anything." Ryo said while they were walking back to school.

Sage entered into the classroom, finding Starciya intently reading a book, or at least it seemed so. Approaching her desk he tried to get her attention but the teacher came in and started class before he could.

When the final bell rang, Sage stood up and turned to Starciya to have that chat but found she wasn't there. He looked at the door just soon enough to see her passing through it. Muttering to himself he tried to dart out the door after her but the halls were too crowded.

"She RAN AWAY!? She's more jumpy than I thought." Rowen proclaimed.

"You must have scared her pretty good for that to happen, must have been your face.' Ryo said jokingly.

"Ha Ha." Sage responded flatly as he lightly punched Ryo's shoulder.

Star was halfway home before she stopped running; slowing down she wondered why she was acting so scared of a couple of guys. I can handle them, she thought, although I am always to shy to make friends off the bat, that was always Meg's job. Star stopped and looked over the city, "But where are you, Meg?" Coming to the house she walked in and called, "Gram? I'm home from school. Where are you hiding?" while walking through to the kitchen.

"Right here," came a quiet voice from behind her, causing her to jump.

"Gram, why do you always have to scare me like that?"

"Because you need more training. You should have heard me coming." Came the annoyed reply, "Speaking of which grab your bag, I have some in store for you." Gram continued while turning around and heading towards the door.

Shaking her head in defeat, Star ran up to grab her bag and ran out to the waiting car. As she got in Star started to ask where they were going, only to be shushed and told she would find out. Annoyed at Gram's silence, she just stared angrily out the window. After about 15 minutes Star began becoming curious again to where they were going. When finally Gram stopped the car and pronounced that they were here. Star looked at the house with a large dojo on the side of it. Following Gram to the front door, Star wondered again what she was doing here. An older man opened the door, and exclaimed,

"Trina, right on time! Come in, Come in…" They were ushered into the living room when he said; "I'll get Satuski to help you, while I try to find my grandson.

"This is annoying," Sage complained as he walked up to his room, "Why does my grandfather insist that I spare someone today? I wanted to go see that movie." Turning to his four friends he apologized saying," Go to the movie without me, I'll see you tomorrow."

Kento grabbed his friends shoulder saying, "Wait, can I come to you match? I think it would fun to watch it." The other three were nodding the same desire. Sage with a grateful smile, nodded and entered his room so he could get ready.

A small black-haired girl entered the room and motioned for Star to follow her, saying to Gram, "My Grandfather will be here shortly to take you." Star then followed her down the hall. "My name is Satuski. So you will be fighting my brother?"

"I guess so, Gram hasn't told me much."

"You can change in here." Satuski motioned to a room "Come out when your done and I'll take you to the dojo."

"Do you know who you will be fighting?" Cye asked.

When Sage shrugged, Kento remarked, "You don't know?"

"No, I was just told to be there."

They then followed the blonde-haired boy from his room to the dojo. Just as they came into the dojo, Sage suddenly stopped, have the four behind him run into each other.

"Hey, Warn a guy…" trailed Ryo's voice when he saw why Sage had stopped. There with her back to them studding a rack of swords was his opponent, Starciya.

"Who is that?" Kento asked

"Remember that girl we told you about?" Ryo answered

"That's her!?!?" Kento exclaimed, "She's beautiful"

Rowen and Cye laughing at this walked into the dojo and sat down pulling a staring Kento with them. Sage and Ryo came in and walked towards where the two grandparents were standing.

At the sound of laughter Star turned around to see three boys beginning to sit down and two more walking towards Gram and her friend. She stood in amazement when she recognized Sage and the other two boys from school. There were two more with strong auras They just keep multiplying, Star thought, soon everybody will have strong auras. She looked over at her Grandmother and started walking towards her.

"Now, I'll explain dear grand-daughter." Gram started when she got close, "My friend and I have been rivals for a very long time, we always fought to see who would be the victor, but surprisingly enough we were always evenly matched and now the time has come to see who has been the better teacher."

Star resisted the urge to roll her eyes and groan.

"Mr. Date," Gram said in a slightly mocking manner, "Since this is your Dojo you should have the honor to pick the order that the matched will go in." Seeing Star's eyebrows shoot up at the plural word Matches, she explained, "Yes, matches we will test you in hand to hand, staff, No-dachi, and Katana." This time Star did groan forgetting who she was with. Sage smiled at this and Star mentally kicked her self for being an idiot.

"Well, Mrs. Agol, The order will be hand to hand, Katana, Staff, and No-dachi. Shall we begin?"