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As Jenna colsed the door to her bedroom, she layed face down into her pillow and cried. She reach for the phone. She never thought that she would have to do this to her only child.

"Hey Marie, sorry I called so late"

"That fine, what's worng?"

"I don't know what to do with Jeff, he's been kicked out of school and been in dention centers all over Los Angeles he's really been out of hand--"

"Did you try putting him into a private school?"

"Maire unlike you I don't have that type of money, his father is gone I don't know how to raise a boy into a man he's been out of control"

"Well...he can stay here for the summer"

"Oh Maire I can't do that"

"Jenna we've been bestfriends for I don't know how long, if Jeff is looking for a male gudiece or a father figure I'm sure Danlie would be a great one"

Jenna bit her lip."Okay, alright"


(Next Day)

"Okay what your kicking me out?" Jeff look to his mother."Am I that bad you want to kick me out?"

Jenna shook her head no. "Of course not Jeff I love you, your my only child-"

"Well then why are you sending me off to a woman I barely know--that I know of?" Jeff put his yellow and green dyed hair into a ponytail.

"Jeff I don't know how to raise a man...and if you stay here your gonna get in trouble"

Jeff knew his mother couldn't handle him. He fought, got kick out of school, and just was in trouble all the time."So you think going to Orange Coutny is gonna help?"

"It could I want the best for you Jeff" She hug her son. "At least for the summer, and if things dosen't progress then..."

"You sending me to the Army...I would rather work for Bush then go to "The O.C." Jeff put on his black jean jacket.

"Well there's a room for you ready there...but if you don't want to..."

"Mom...it's whatever I'll see you later" As Jeff headed out the door he kissed his mother goodbye. As the door closed behide she hoped she'll get to see him again.


"What the hell this?" Jeff's best friend Patrick asked.

"It's a ...house and were going to rob it" Jeff's other besfriend Greg said.

"Why this? There isn't shit in here bro?" Jeff took a look at his friends and again at the small house. "Let's go"

Greg pushed Jeff. "Hey I'm trying to help you out, you the one that owes Chase money not me I could be home banging my girl right now but I'm not!!"

Jeff sigh, Greg took another look at him. "Dude I just don't want you to end up on the ten o'clock news or in a homocide let's do this"

"We can get the money someother way don't you have anymore weed on you Jeff?" Patrick panitc. Even though he was the scary one he always was in when came to help one of his friends. Jeff put on the ski mask and nodded no to him.

"Let's do it"


The next moring the sunlight beamed through the blinds of Jeff's window. As he turned over to his eyes opened to the sound of a gun click. "Wakie wakie Jeffy"

Jeff sat up in shock two larger men held Jeff back on his bed. "Chase what are you doing here?"

Chase was 5'11 around 210lbs. No one to be scared of but he was a drug pusher and other things which made him a big man around the south part of East Los Angeles. Jeff and him met when Jeff was 15. Jeff's father had left and he wanted to make money fast, quick, and easy. Chase hook him up for a few jobs...nothing major but by the end of the day Jeff had at least made over five-hundred dallors. He's been hook ever snice, Jeff was never a rat or back stabber and looked up to Chase like a borther. But that all change when rent and bills were due. His mother couldn't affoard to pay, so he decied to take his money and some of Chase's. The plan was to sell the weed and more and give it back to Chase. But everything went wrong. Some how Chase found out that Jeff stole form him and not only wants his money back but double.

"For someone who steals money you live like shit" Chase said liting a joint. "Where's my money Jeff?"

"I'll have it for you by the end of the week I promise" Jeff's sentce was cut off the the punch of Chase's fist going tinot his face.

"How many times have I heard that? You know this wouldn't have happened if you haven't stole form me in the first place. I want my money and I want it quick. You got a fucking dead line three weeks. And I'll be watching you and if I don't see any improvement.." Chase clicks his gun and pointed it to the side of Jeff's head." Bang bang I shot you down,bang bang you hit the ground, bang bang that awful sound, bang bang...get my money Jeff"

All three men then left with a warning. Jeff looked outside his window to make sure they were gone. He inhaled deeply and placed his head into the plams of his hands. "What I'm I gonna do?"


Patrick, Greg, and Jeff were having lunch at a local diner. Two cops came in and strared at the young men for a mintue before sitiing down.

"I still until this day want to know how did Chase find out about you takin'n the money" Patrick bit off his hamburger. "It's carzy"

"Well the guy dose have eyes all over Los Angeles" Greg said. "But I think we should do this...rob a fucking bank!"

Bothe Jeff and Partrick looked at each other. "Your crazy"

"No...it's faster it's easy--"

Jeff inturpted. "A faster way to get caught"

"Those cops over there is making me unease let's go" Greg toss five dalloars on the table and the three men exit the diner...momnets later so did the two officers

"Excuse me...can we talk to you for a sec" The older officer said. "We'd like to ask you three a few questions"


"Last night two on lookers described three men stadning in fornt of a house across the street from them"--

Greg interupted. "And so what ...dose this have anything to do with us?" Greg always had a smart mouth.

"Yeah the three men looked like you to" The younger cop took a step closer to Jeff. "Tall green and yellow hair I'd say your the perfact match"

Jeff put on a cocky smlie. "You know how many poeple in Los Angeles have colored hair?"

"Let's see some ID" The older cop spoke.

"We don't have any sorry" Greg spoke.

"Drving in Los Agneles without and ID is against the rules son" The older cop took a step foward. The younger cop left and hop in the squad car. Jeff knew what he was doing, running the linsce plate on the car they were driving.

"Oh shit" Jeff mubled under his breath within mintues Jeff took off and so did Greg and slowly along was Patrick. About two blocks away the three met up.

"We have to slpit up now!" Jeff said cathing his breath."Beacuse of you"

"What did I do?" Greg yelled at Jeff

"Well if you wasn't such a dumbass riding around in a stolen car for two days..." Jeff punch him.

"Where do you wanna meet up at?" Patrick said holding his chest.

"I don't know but don't get caught" Jeff said. With in a a few seconds the three boys made a run for it. Jeff made it all they way to a pay phone



"Jeff what's worng? why are you out of breath?" She questioned her son.

"No reason" He lied. "Look can you call your friend up and ask her if it's still ok with her that I stay.I've been doing a lot of thinking and I think's it's a good idea"

Jenna smlied. "Okay I'll do that for you"

"Thanks I'll be home in a sec" Jeff slamed the phone down and crept back behinde the old abanded house.


Jenna looks through the shades of her windows. "Don't worry he should be here soon Jenna"

Maire said hugging her friend. "Danlie? Are you sure you're okay with Jeff staying for the summer?"

"Of course I am it would be great to have another guy around the house don't ya think?"

A lould bang from the back made the three adults jump. It was Jeff, his eyes locked eyes with the latin woman and a older white male. "You must be Jeff?" Danlie extented his hand. "I'm Danlie"

Jeff gave him a weak smlie. "Jeff...you sure you want to take me in I might be too much to handle" Jeff removed his jacket and placed a ciggeret in his mouth.

"We have a 17 year-old duaghter...your a siant compared to her" Danlie removed the cigerret form Jeff mouth. "You ready?"

Jeff gave Danlie a cocky smirk and headed towards the door. "Are you?"

As Jenna walked her son to the SUV parked outside she kissed him and hugged him. "Jeff be good please and maybe I can get us somthing better when you get back"

"Mom...you don't need to do that you've did enough it's not your fualt I'm a bad kid"

Jenna held her son's face in her hands. " Your not a bad kid Jeffery you're just...troubled I guess going through a teenage stage but I'm sure Danlie and Maire will handle that"

"I love ma"

"I love you"


An hour later Jeff arrived in Coto de Coza Orange County. It was just what he ad expcted. The Santos residents was huge. As jeff steped put of the SUV he couldn't believe what his eyes had seen.

"I'm going to be staying her for the summer?" He ask himslfe in a low key voice but was over heard by Danlie. "Yup you can stay in the pool house let me show you"

"Did you just say pool house?" Jeff smrik.

The floor was marble title and living room had a giantic flat screen television. It was somthing out of "Cribs", or the "Fabolous life" Robin Leach eat your heart out.

"Dad...Mom? I'm going out" Mia walked past Jeff in a short mini skrit, white fitted top and heels. "I'll be back...later"

"Mia...this is Jeff" Maire said.

Mia never took her eyes off her blackburry. "That's nice love you both"

"Well make yourslfe at home I'll put your things in the pool house when your ready for bed" Maire smlied

"Thank you" Jeff said. When the coupled dissaperaed into the stair way Jeff jump up and down like a school girl. "This is where I'm gonna live...Yes!!!!"