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"This is all my fault, this is all my fault,damn it..." On the drive there, Jeff could'nt't help but blame himself to what he's done. "It's my fault they got Mia and it's my fault my best friend is...dead!" Jeff conutie to pound on the stirring wheel in an upset manner. As Jeff pulled under the bridge downtown, he turned his head lights off. Jeff grab the duffel bag, and a gun. Jeff felt a nervous shiver up his spine as he saw the Turk pull up. Chase hold a grip on Mia walked her three feet away form Jeff's car. As Jeff placed the gun in his sock, he exited the car and gave a Chase a stare.

"So you got what I want?" Chase said shoving the gun in Mia's back.

"Yea..." Jeff tossed the duffel bag on the ground. "Let her go."

One of Chase's men check the toss duffel bag full of money. After seeing that the cash was there, Chase shoved Mia on the ground. When Mia was walking away, Chase gave a signal to his men to load fire on both Mia and Jeff.

"Get down!" Jeff yelled. He, himself feel to the ground loading shots and taking down Chase's men. He slid Mia a gun she began to shot as well. Even though she never shot nothing before in her life, She took one of Chase's men down with a bullet to the neck.


After taking Chase's men down, Jeff and Chase came face to face with another. Mia stood behind the car shaking in fear.

"It did't have to end like this." Chase raised his gun and pitted it at Jeff. At this point, Jeff did'nt't care if he lived or died. His best friend is already gone, so he figured why don't join him. Chase with no remorse, pulled the trigger of his gun. Jeff smirk when click of Chase's gun did't have any bullets in it.

"I shot you down" Jeff hit seven shots in the chest of Chase. He fell to the ground in a puddle of his own blood.


A.J. along with Mr. and Mrs. Santos sat in the living room waiting for both Mia and Jeff to return. Christy stood by the window, waiting black BWM sedan to pull into the garage. Moments it did. Christy hop out of her seat and ran toward the door. She grace both Jeff and Mia with a hug.

"Oh my God!! I was so scared!" Christy hugged her best friend, and new found friend Jeff.

Jeff quietly step away and made his way towards his room. As Jeff removed his bloody hoodie, there was a knock at the door, it was James.

"Could'nt't you have waited until I opened it?" Jeff removed his pants standing only in his boxers. He tossed the duffle bag full of money into James lap.

As Jeff walked into the bathroom, he spoke. "This is yours you can have it."

"Well I don't want it." Jeff spoke in a clam voice peeking his head out of the bathroom door.

"Jeff I really don't know what to say that I'm was wrong yes, that I'm too late to be in your life yes." James walked towards the bathroom door. "But I'm here now Jeffery...dosent't that matter?"

Jeff pulled the curtain back. As he stared into his fathers eyes, Jeff slightly let a tears drop. "I'm not blaming you for anything. It's nice to have met you but I'm going to move on with my life."

James leaned against the door. "Jeffery your seventeen years old? What do you mean by move on? With what? Back into the streets with those drug dealers-"

"They were much more of a father figure than you were." Jeff gave him a look that could How made James melt into liquid.

"I may not win father of the year but-"

Jeff interrupted James. "No your not. But the thing is that you knew I existed and you never made a fucking effort!" James threw his hands up in the air in defense. He walked out of Jeff's room and slammed the door behind him. Jeff did'nt't want to start life over by doing the same shit over again. He had to make a choice, live in Orange County and try to work things out with his father, or go back to the hustlers life of doing drugs and getting caught by the cops.


One year later...

Mia and Christy watched as their boyfriends took pictures together. "I still can't believe you and Eric are dating?" Mia spoke.

"Yeah...but he's adorable look at him. That's one person I will never be mean to." Christy notice Eric playing with his graduation hat tassel. "Babe stop !! You want the tassel to look stupid!"

A.J. and Shelton laugh. "Hell as frozen over I know. You need to get a backbone and quick dealing with Christy." A.J. said.

Eric just smiled. " It's just that time of the month for her that's all."

"No she's a bitch all year round." Shelton then felt a hand slap across his head.

"Don't call my little sister a bitch bro." Jeff deafened Christy.

"Hey man I though you were'nt't going to make it." Eric slap hands with Jeff.

"Now why would I miss graduation?" Jeff questioned Eric.

"No reason...I'm glad you here." Eric said.

"Me too" Jeff smiled.

"Okay you fags let's take pictures!!" Christy handed her father her digital camera.

"1...2...3 (SNAP)" James smiled. "Can someone take a picture with me and my son and daughter?"


Jeff felt and overwhelm of love in the room. One he never felt before only with his mom and significant others. The pictures he took with his new friends and family made Jeff feel good. He loved every minute of it. He just wished Greg was here to see it and share it with him. He then walked over to his father and sat down next to him.

"So are you ready for the big day?" James ask.

"Yeah...I'm glad your here and to see this." Jeff spoke.

"Me too. I just wish it was sooner-"

Jeff interrupted him. "Look your here now and that's all that"

As the father and son duo walked out he door and into the limo. Jeff felt right at home. This is were he belong. He was on his way to beganing a new life.

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