"When I die, you will belong to Ritsuka."


"You will love him. More than anything or anyone. His word is above everyone's but my own. Do you understand?"


"Good, because Ritsuka is your-"

"Ne, wake up sleeping beauty!" Youji shouted, shaking Soubi roughly.

"Yeah, yeah! Rit-chan already left for school." Natsuo chimed in. Soubi rubbed his eyes as his blurry vision cleared. Both boys stopped talking as Soubi got out of bed. He stared at them quizzically.

"What?" he asked, somewhat annoyed. Natsuo and Youji broke out in identical grins, chuckling.

"How'd that get there?" Youji asked with mock curiosity.

"I didn't think Rit-chan was into that kind of stuff." Natsuo said. Soubi turned to look in the mirror and saw a fresh hickey on his neck. He raised his hand to finger it, smiling softly.

"Waa! Sou-chan's a perv!" Youji cried, hiding behind Natsuo.

"Do you think…?" Natsuo started.

"That's probably it." Youji nodded.

"What are you two talking about?" Soubi asked as he put on a black turtleneck.

"Nothing, nothing." Youji replied, waving his hand as if dismissing the question. Natsuo grabbed Youji's arm and pulled out the door.

"We're going on a date, ok Soubi? Don't forget to pick up Rit-chan!" he called. Soubi stared at the door for a moment before continuing to get dressed. He'd just buttoned his pants when Kio burst through his front door, proclaiming that he'd brought food. Soubi checked the mirror again making sure the hickey was covered completely.

"You're loud this morning." Soubi stated as he looked through the bags Kio had brought. The other man brightened at the sight of the blond and flung himself at him.

"I missed you Sou-chan. I haven't seen you since you got Rit-chan back." Kio mumbled into Soubi's neck. Soubi sighed and wrapped an arm around Kio's waist. Kio lifted up his head and pressed his lips softly to Soubi's. When he got not resistance, Kio brought his arms around Soubi's neck and pushed him towards the couch. Both men fell messily onto it, Soubi's expression still calm. Kio pouted and curled a finger under the collar of the turtleneck.

"You shouldn't do that." Soubi warned.

"Don't worry Sou-chan, it'll be small." He brought the collar down, before reeling back almost violently. "S-s-s-s-s- sou-chan! What is that?"

"That is a hickey Kio." Soubi said, sitting up and rearranging his clothes. Kio pouted again and crossed his arms.

"So mean. Who did it?"


Kio was silent for a moment, before whispering, "You really like him, don't you?"

"I love him."

Kio clenched his hands into fists and threw a pillow at Soubi.

"Stop the bullshit! Is that ho you're always going to be? God, I thought he was dead!" Kio yelled. Soubi was stunned silent. "Everything always goes back to him, doesn't it?"

"Ritsuka is my-"

"Not Ritsuka. Seimei! Even when he's dead you still listen to him." Kio took a shaky breath. "When are you going to let him go?"

"I can't."

"Then you'll never really have Ritsuka, and if you won't have him," Kio stood up and walked to the front door, " I will."

The door slammed shut.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Ne, Ritsuka-kun, you've been blushing all day. What's wrong?" Yuiko asked during their lunch break. Yayoi sipped his milk with a smirk on his face.

"Nothing Yuiko, eat your lunch." Ritsuka said as his blush became deeper.

"Liar." Yayoi said. Ritsuka glared at him Yuiko looked nervously from Yayoi to Ritsuka before piping in nervously, "So, have you picked the god you're doing your report on?"

"Hera." Ritsuka said after a final glance to Yayoi.

"Why?" Yuiko asked, her head tilting slightly.

"Because she seems much more interesting than Zeus. Her own brother raped her, forced her to marry him, and then cheated on her. Her story is, "Ritsuka paused to think of the right word, "different from expected."

"Well, I'm doing Aphrodite, the goddess of love." Yayoi piped in, looking hopefully at Yuiko.

"I'm going to do the Furies. They're the three goddesses of vengeance." Yuiko explained before taking a sip of her milk. They continued eating their lunch in almost silence with Yuiko throwing out a sentence or two every once and a while.

After school ended Yayoi pulled Ritsuka aside.

"So, what were you blushing at?" he asked.

"Like I said, nothing. I was just thinking about-" Ritsuka flushed and put a hand over his mouth.

"About Soubi-san?" Yayoi guessed with a knowing look. Ritsuka's cat ears flattened against his head and nodded in defeat. "Then you should just say so. It worries Yuiko-san when you don't talk."

" Yeah..." Ritsuka trailed off.

"So what did you do that made you blush like that?" Yaoi asked as they walked back to where Yuiko was waiting.

"N-nothing really. I just-"

"KIO-SAN!" Yuiko yelled as she ran to the green-haired man.

"Kio? Where's Soubi?" Ritsuka asked. Kio shrugged.

"I'm sure he's coming. I came here on my own." Kio replied. He smiled at the boy and held out his hand. "Would you like to go look for him?"

Ritsuka reached out his hand tentatively.


Kio and Ritsuka turned their heads. Soubi was standing, breathing hard. Ritsuka's expression brightened for a moment before he blushed furiously. He'd realized Soubi was wearing a turtleneck.

"Ritsuka, come here. "Soubi commanded, his expression hard. Ritsuka rushed to Soubi's side, clinging to his arm. Yuiko and Yayoi watched as Soubi led Ritsuka away. They turned to Kio, who was smiling as a tear fell down his cheek.

"Kio-san?" Yuiko asked, worriedly. Kio wiped his eyes quickly and turned to the kids.

"Would you like to go out for ice cream?"

"Yeah!" Yuiko said excitedly. Yayoi nodded.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As soon as the door was closed Ritsuka was pushed onto the bed. He attempted to sit up before being brutally pushed back down. Soubi was on top of him, kissing any skin that was available.

"Do you want one too, Ritsuka?" Soubi asked breathily in Ritsuka's cat ear. Ritsuka didn't need to ask what he was talking about. He nodded.


Soubi felt relief rush over him. He picked a patch of skin on the boy's shoulder, licking and sucking and biting until a red mark started to appear. Ritsuka moaned and gripped Soubi's bicep as tightly as he could. When the blond came up to face the boy, he could feel Ritsuka's desire brushing against his thigh.

"Such a naughty boy." Soubi whispered in Ritsuka's ear. Ritsuka could give no answer as Soubi was now rubbing his knee between the boys legs. The man went lower down the boys body, kissing through the fabric of his shirt. When he reached the hen of the pants, Soubi looked up.

Ritsuka was far to gone to give any coherent answer, but by the way his body was responding Soubi assumed it was a yes. Pants and boxers were pulled down and Soubi took no time in taking Ritsuka into his mouth.

Ritsuka's back arched and he gave a mangled cry. Just before the boy came he stopped Soubi.

"W-wait." he said, his voice breathless. Soubi was surprised at how much willpower the boy had.

"Yes Ritsuka?"

"I want..."


Ritsuka flushed and looked away. "I want...to do you too."

Soubi just stared at him for a moment and smiled. "And what exactly does that entail?"

"Well...I want t-to, um" Ritsuka was stuttering uncontrollably as he tried to get the words out. Soubi took pity on the boys and reached up to kiss him on the lips.

"Why don't you show me what you want?" Soubi suggested. Ritsuka nodded eagerly. He sat up and pushed Soubi onto his back. The small lips puckered slightly, almost like a pout, as he saw the carefree expression on Soubi's face. Deciding to ignore it he worked his way to the hem of Soubi's pants and pulled them off without much difficulty.

Ritsuka was faced with Soubi's desire and took a hesitant lick. The man groaned slightly. Ritsuka looked up at him with curiosity before going back to licking Soubi could see the pain on Ritsuka's face from his own erection so he sat up, pulled the boys hips towards his mouth, and smiled. Ritsuka blushed at their position but didn't make any move to change it.

Both started to lick and kiss, trying to get the other to go over the edge first. Ritsuka, being younger and less experienced, came first with Soubi almost immediately behind him. Ritsuka moved enough so that he was resting on Soubi's chest before he fell into dreamless sleep. The blond watched him for a moment before dozing off as well.

Only his sleep was filled with dreams.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Miyako fell to the ground as Satoshi smacked her across the face. He pulled her up by her hair and glared at her. "Do it right next time." he spat, and threw her back to the floor.

"What does it matter? It isn't my fault he fought it." Miyako muttered as she rubbed her cheek. Satoshi bent to her level and smiled.

"No, but it is your fault that it wasn't strong enough to hold him." Satoshi explained. "Like I said, do it right next time."

He stood up and walked out the door. Miyako held her stomach as she coughed up blood.

"I'm sorry...Aniki."

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