Confessions of a Life

by: Yesterday's News (YN)

Chapter 3: Last Night

I had the most wonderful time yesterday; maybe that's why I'm glaring out this window right now! So I catch up with Hiromi…and much to my shock she isn't running away from me! NO. She was running because she has a flight to catch back to California. I cannot believe this! I am standing right there, horny as hell because she's been gone for so freakin' long and all she can tell me is and I quote: "-Laugh- Your little fangirl can be your appetizer. I have a flight to catch. Take care."

TAKE CARE? What the fuck! So that was how I ended in a flight to California…much to Hiromi's annoyance for which I pride myself in. Fuck the damn tournament. I'll call saying I had an emergency. Which is true you know. I had an emergency called Hiromi. Of course I won't tell them that. I'll say my grandma died or some other trivial shit. you are thinking…wasn't I in California? Well I was in Northern California and now I am currently in Southern California.

Right now I'm too pissed off.

Stupid little bitch is sleeping. Too tired. BULLSHITT!

She made me…Kai Hiwatari…sleep in the couch! The couch! Oh why thank you your highness! Bah!

I wonder if this is where she has been all this time. Oh Wait! I hear a voice…is she actually talking to moi? Am I currently important?

"Kai! Did you hear what I said!" there she goes again giving me this weird look. She gave me that weird look yesterday too when I accompanied her in her flight. Itkindly tells me to fuck off. Funny girl. When will she learn that I will not leave her alone? Ugh. She's in denial.

"Ah were you actually speaking to me? A humble servant?" Okay. That came out a bit more brusquely than required but then again maybe not. After all that is what I'm known for.

She's scowling at me. "There wasn't any other place for you to sleep. Besides who the hell invited you anyways?"

"Oh. It's not like you don't have a guest room." Hah!

"You went looking around?" her face looks like she ate something sour. Stupid silly girl.

"I couldn't sleep." Of course I couldn't. The love of my life was sleeping a room away! See, there is this great thing about Hiromi. She doesn't wear a bra to bed. How do I know this? Well I leave it to all the midnight escapades I had back in the good days. To put it simply I found out when I used to sneak into her hotel room.

"Whatever." Okay. That is the Second time she blows me off. Okaaay. That sounds weird. She's ignoring me, that's what I meant. I don't like to be ignored! I'm the one who does the ignoring. Not the other people. When will she learn that I am un-ignorable! "Hiromi"

"Yes Kai dear?" she's mocking me. Why is she mocking me? When will she learn?

"I missed you." Ugh…there I go sounding so damn vulnerable. But this might just work! I hope it does because all I want to do right now is kiss her senseless. Being with Hiromi is fun there is this side to her that no one knows about except me and I am proud of that little fact. But let me give her my puppy look. She could never resist it. I swear I should have been an actor. Then I would have been twice as rich and famous. But then again I am rich and famous so it doesn't matter. Besides I do own like half the corporate world.

"Oh…Kai please don't start. Our relationship was not healthy." I don't care! Yes I was bordering on obsession but who cares! "It was an obsession from both our parts! It was never love." Okay. She just crossed the line RIGHT there. Not LOVE? Is she CRAZY! We are like head over heels for each other! How can she say it wasn't love? Oh hell no. I am not accepting this I tell you. I am NOT accepting this.

"Don't Bullshit me Hiromi!" I am sooo angry right now. "You were just as restless as I was last night. Or are you going to deny that?" Ha! Take that!

"Fine! Yes! Knowing that you were a few feet away drove me crazy! But what we had was just a fling! Okay. Just a fling! Ne—" I'm kissing her and it feels really good.

Damn her and the way she makes me ache! "Kai—stop. Please stop…" There really is no conviction behind her words and I know she's just begging for more. I guess our relationship sometimes bordered along BDSM. But that made it thrilling. "I missed having you like this." She simply nods at me and I laugh. I could always make her drunk with my kisses. Gods I missed her so much.

"How were you able to stay away from me so long?" She breaks the kiss and looks at me with malice. "It wasn't love." Bitch. She smiles wickedly and she pulls me down into a rather dominating kiss. I love this side of her. "You know—oh shit!" Remember when I said Hiromi had a good mouth? Well she has really good hands too. "What's wrong dear Kai?"

"I—I …shit! Woman!" She's laughing. "Young Kai seems to have missed me a lot. Aww. Hasn't young Kai been getting any?" I'm gasping. Shit. I'm trying to glare at her but my eyes just want to roll back into my head from the damn pleasure. Put that mouth and those hands together and it's just paradise.

I'm gasping and she's merely toying with me. "Tease" I grit that out because really, my brain isn't functioning. Which reminds me how the hell did we end up in the floor!

"You were asking for it." She whispers in my ear. I can feel her pressing down on me and all I can do is press back. I hear the moan that escapes her mouth and I think I'm dreaming. It's so hot and I know we are both burning.

I hate the sun. It is too bright especially in the morning. Stupid sun! It bothers my precious eyes! Wait—Wait. I'm confused. Where am I? My brain feels like mush. My brain is not functioning! Wait. Wait. Wait. How the hell did we end up in the bedroom? Last I remember we were on the kitchen floor. Well it doesn't matter. The bed is so much more comfortable. Now if only the stupid sun could go away!

I love having Hiromi as my pillow. She's so soft and comfortable. Yesterday…well more like last night was amazing.


"Hmm?" Hiromi should be quiet right now. I'm enjoying this peaceful moment. Sometimes she doesn't know when to shut up. But I guess that this time it's okay. Besides she's half asleep.

"Did you gain weight?" Is she calling me FAT? I lift my head and stare at her. But she's smirking. What the—"Got you."

Suddenly I'm on my back and she's on top of me. Evil little girl. "Sorry but I think I want you as my pillow now. Can't complain now, can we Kai?" I smirk. I think we'll spend today in this room catching up on things. Things are so great right now. I have my Hiromi back. Now the tricky part will be trying to make her stay.

"But Kai, I think you did gain some weight."

Bitch. She's laughing.

"Don't mock me."

Author's Note: So? Yay! Kai got Hiromi back! But is she going to stay? Lol. Well to be honest I completely forgot about my account and the stories. So sorry. But not to worry. I'm back for the time being and hopefully chapter four will be out sometime soon in the future. Anyways to all those of you who read and review I give you a huge thanks! To those of you who don't review…well…thanks anyways. Lol

Also this is the un edited version. So the edited version will be out soon. But I know some of you are dying to read already so hope you enjoyed!

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