Title: Tenten's ABC's

Rating: T

Summary: Tenten's pregnant. Poor Neji… This is the sequel to Gaara's ABC's.

By: Shikamaru Nara's Fangirl

Authoress Note: Keep in note that Tenten's pregnant.

And thus is very violent.

Poor, poor Nej-Nej.

(PS: This is the sequel to Gaara's ABC's.)

Disclaimer: I own the idea.

A: "Asshole!" She screams at Neji.

B: "Bastard!" She screams at Neji.

C: Cat. She threw it at Neji. "When the hell did we get a cat?" Questions Neji.

D: Ducks; that's what Neji does as Tenten throws the toaster at him.

E: Everything in the house is a weapon when Tenten is a weapon when Tenten in the room. (Toilet include)

F: Fear wasn't something Neji was acquainted with. Then Tenten became pregnant.

G: "GAH!" Neji screams a spatula at his head.

H: Hide; there is no where for him to hide.

I: "I'm sorry, Tenten! Don't kill me; I'm too young to die!"

J: Jumping; Neji's learned to do it well since Tenten became pregnant.

K: Kiss; Neji wasn't going to be getting any of those anytime soon…

L: Laugh; Tenten laughs evilly when she throws a chair at his head.

M: Monkey; that's the last time Neji takes Tenten to the zoo when she's pregnant…

N: "No sex!" Tenten declared. "Dammit." Neji muttered.

O: Old Men; "Tenten! No! Don't kill the Hyuga Elders! They didn't mean it!"

P: PMS; Neji preferred it once she became pregnant.

Q: "Queen Tenten will kill you all!" Was what she screamed before she went on a Neji-hunt.

R: "Run! Tenten's on the rampage!"

S: "Stop, Tenten! Don't beat that old man with his own cane!"

T: Television; Tenten yanked it out of the wall and chucked it at Neji.

U: "Uh-oh. Tenten, Tenten, Tenten, NO! I'm sorry!"

V: Vicious; Tenten was vicious when pregnant.

W: "When's that due date again?"

X: Xylophone; Tenten said the notes sounded "pretty" as she knocked Neji out with it.

Y: "You're gonna hurt me again… aren't you."

Z: Zebras; Neji could've sworn he saw dancing zebras as he was drifting in and out of consciousness…

(And it was even worse with the second child)

Hehe, I enjoyed writing this.