Lost it All

Aoi: Konnichiwa again everyone. This will be my first ever Naruto story so be proud of me. I'm branching out. Well this is going to be with my two (younger generation) favourite characters: Gaara and Sasuke! Plus it means, so that means it's going to be SasuGaa which really means it's gonna be X-rated. ;; Haha.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of it's characters. I do in fact own Miyavi Ichiro who is the small-part original character. Note: He's only in the story to deepen the plot.

Warning: It's a yaoi, people, written by Amichan so it's going to have sexual content and language. Do not say I didn't warn you. (but also remember: the whole story isn't going to be like that so don't think I'm some perv -;;)

Chapter One: Sasuke's POV
Introducing: A blast from the past… Miyavi Ichiro!!

I looked around the room. What in the world happened last night? I rubbed the back of my neck and shook my hair. The skin on my neck felt sticky, like dried sweat. I looked at my fingers, thinking, Seriously, what happened? My hand dropped and I felt something hard. "What?!" I turned quickly and looked down at my hand, spotting a… a guy?!

I pushed back and off the bed, slamming onto the floor. "Whoa! What?! Fire!" The guy woke up immediately and thrust himself up, looking around. He spotted me. "God, Sasuke, you scared me…" He sighed and relaxed, giving me an easy smile.

"How… how do you know my name?!" My heart was speeding. He looked a little familiar but I had no idea who he was. He had messy bleached hair, giant green eyes, light-mocha coloured skin, and a nice smile. Even though I was terrified of him being in my bed –looks like- naked, his persona made me calmer.

"Sasuke, stop playing games, you have to remember last night. It's been the best time I've had forever…" His voice trailed off and he pulled himself to sit on the side of the bed. "It's me, Miyavi… Ichi-chan, I knew you and your brother before he… went insane, and…" He paused, smiling, "And you had the biggest crush on me." He looked up at me.

I froze. He's got to be kidding. The last time I saw Miyavi he was pale… and scrawny… and nothing like this! "Stop playing me." I put my hand on my hip. "Miyavi was a wimp." He laughed. "What?" He shook his head, leaning his elbows on his knees and resting his face in his hands. "No, what?"

"That's what you said last night…" He shook his head and looked back up at me. "So you honestly don't remember? I mean, I know we drank a little, but, wow you must have been really drunk." He sighed.

"I'm… sorry…" I watched him, stepping forward and held my hand out. I wanted to touch him. If he really was Miyavi, he couldn't possibly mind, but, I couldn't. I pulled back my "touch impulse" and kneeled down. "Help me remember." Wow, I'm acting like a wuss. Damn, I need to get out more.

He looked up at me and smiled warmly. "Do you want a reenactment?" I watched as his arms slipped down and I felt his fingers slipping underneath the elastic band on my loose sleeping pants.

"Will it hurt?" I questioned.

"I can't promise."

"How do I know you're really my Miyavi?"

"Because…" He grabbed my hand with his right hand and pulled it to the back of his neck. My fingers trailed his warm skin and I felt something like a… scar? "You're brother left that on me for telling you that when you were older, I'd let you have my heart." He grinned. I flushed madly.

"Miyavi…" I shook my head. I felt tears coming on. I choked them back and let myself wrap my arms around his neck. He was my other "protector" when I was a child. Itachi and he were best friends but Itachi was always keeping us from being alone. I always felt something for him. But once my family was murdered he disappeared with Itachi. The last I heard was that he and Itachi were more than "just friends". I wanted to re-meet him, get to know him again and figure out his most dark depths. "Don't leave again. Konoha isn't much but it's better than wandering."

He pulled me back from him grabbed my chin with his fingers. "Don't worry, you're old enough now." He smiled.

"For wh-" Before I could finish, his lips were on mine. My eyes were wide open and I couldn't move. I was so confused. He did that a lot, I remember. Confuse me. I jumped once I felt his fingers left my chin and intertwined with my own. The touch was so gentle and I felt so safe and right, but, I knew I couldn't be doing this. I was fifteen and how old could he possibly be- 19?!

Once the kiss was broken and pulled back a bit. "Miyavi…" I started. I could do this, I thought. "Miyavi, you have no idea how right I feel here with you, but, you're what… nineteen now? And I'm just fifteen and besides…" I paused. I didn't really want to tell him about Gaara but I guess I had no choice, he was the only excuse I had at the time. "I have someone who's in my life," I continued as he listened patiently, "And right now, he's been all I've ever known. He came in and took over. I gave him a promise I would be there, not here, in my room, with a blast from the past." Whoa, I really said that.

He nodded, shaking his head. "And I'm sorry if we had sex or something and you're…"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa… you think we had sex? No, Sasuke, baby, I didn't have sex with you. You were drunk, I couldn't do that to you. But, look, I see, I understand. This guy must mean a lot to you." He stood and walked right passed me, looking for his clothes. "I just, never forgot about you, all these years. I've always waited for you. Itachi finally didn't give a fuck anymore so we split." He started putting on his clothes.

I blinked. My brother? They split?! I froze. He was walking out, he said goodbye, he was leaving. "Wait, Miyavi!" He was out the door, out of the house. I rushed after him, not caring that I was half naked and not caring if anyone saw. He just admitted to breaking up with my brother for me. He just admitted to loving me. And I loved him.

Gaara… fuck Gaara. Right now. Miyavi. Fuck Miyavi.

"Wait!" I called, grabbing my affection's arm. "Just wait…" I whispered.

He turned slowly. "What?" He blinked down at me. He was pissed. But who wouldn't be after that?

"Don't go, you promised you wouldn't." I reminded. "Just… let's figure this out and work it out and…"

"Oi, bitch-!" I heard a very familiar voice behind me.

I turned to spot him. My boyfriend. Gaara. "Hi." I smiled. What was that? Once I saw Gaara I turned into some whipped little puppy? Yeah. That was it.

"Who's your friend?" He asked, rather, demanded an answer with his tone. His hand slid onto my bare back and down to my hip. His fingers went under the elastic. I gulped. Miyavi looked even more pissed.

-Chapter One, End

Aoi: Sorry that was rather short but I needed a place to end it cause I had to switch POVs. ;; Enjoy Chapter Two, coming soon. And please review, they are much loved. Thank you.