Flowers and Cards

A/N: An AU 100 word drabble. Speculates on the possibility of one of the Atlantis members being imprisoned and tortured for several years (it'd be like The Eye gone terrible wrong).

She's brought him flowers and a clumsily scribbled card, but he's only torn the card to pieces and thrown the flowers across the room. She scrambles out of harm's way and runs sobbing to her quarters, tears soaking into her mother's ebony jacket as she cries the pain away.

Two months later she's bringing him his laptop, and his eyes are different, softer. There's a silent question waiting there.

"Elizabeth's daughter?" he asks.

She nods.

"Oh," he whispers, and he realizes. A silence passes before he speaks again. "I'm sorry about the card."

His secret daughter can't help but smile.