Fast and the Furious

Chapter 7

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When she went home she grabbed her money and left for the car dealers.

She arrived an hour later and started looking at motorcycles. She took interest in a silver and blue street bike. This is the start of a new racing adventure.


That night Sakura went to the lot's on her street bike. She stopped at the starting line, and flipped off the helmet settling it on the handle's.

Then she looked over to the right and saw another rider on a red bike. The rider took off the helmet and revealed Karin.

Sakura rolled her eye's and walked to the registration. When she turned she saw Sasuke with Karin, her face got red. "He wants to be like that then I can to!"

Sakura walked passed them and bumped Sasuke's shoulder on purpose. She noticed a male a few years older than Sasuke that looked a lot like him. "Itachi?" Sakura asked.

Sasuke looked at her then his brother. How the hell does she know Itachi? Sasuke yelled in his head. Then he noticed Sakura wrapped her arms around his neck bringing them into a hug.

"Itachi I haven't seen you since the last race in Sunna." Sakura said happily. Itachi starred down on her and kissed her on the lip's.

Sakura pushed him away and said "I know we haven't seen each other in a while, but Itachi come on." She said laughing. "You know I don't…" Sakura stopped talking when she saw Sasuke's face, then she busted out laughing.

"How the hell do you guy's know each other?" Sasuke asked angrily. Sakura looked at him with a smile and then looked at Itachi.

"Sakura and I met a year or two back in Sunna, she tied the race with me. She was good but I see now she has a motorcycle?" Itachi said looking down at Sakura.

"So any way's can we get on to the race cuzz yeah I want to try it out." Sakura said, looking down at the ground. Karin smirked and thought to herself "So this bitch don't know how to race huh."

Then Sakura smiled at Itachi and said after this I want to race you in my car o.k." Sasuke stood silent. Sakura mounted her bike.

"Good luck." Said Itachi. Sakura turned and winked at him before putting on her helmet. Then Karin did the same as a girl walked to the middle of the road and said " On your mark get set go!!"

Sakura revved the engine and the bike peeled out taking off. Karin's did the same. They took off flying down the street.


"Itachi why did you kiss her?" Sasuke asked. Then Itachi turned to face his younger brother.

"Sakura is kind of like a little sister to me because after I left I went to go race in Sunna she was there and we got close to each other. There was a lot that girl went through. She became a close friend, and the reason why I kissed her…… I .. ahhh…um..i.. really don't know. Itachi said rubbing the back of his neck.

Sasuke let out a huge sigh of relief and then Itachi turned to him and said "You like her?" Sasuke looked the other way and then Itachi put a hand on his shoulder and said "I think she likes you to don't let anyone take that away from you."

Then Itachi walked away. Sasuke followed and stood at the finish line to wait for Sakura.


Sakura was behind Karin and then she popped a wheely turning the corner. She was smirking behind her helmet.

Sasuke and Itachi watched as they saw Sakura in the lead.

Karin saw Sakura and sped up. She was on the side of her and said "I know you like Sasuke but he don't like you, so stay the fuck away from him." Sakura was confused and then Karin swerved in front of Sakura causing her to skid the other way. Karin crossed the finish line. Itachi sent her a dirty look for what she did.

Sakura got passed the finish line and ripped her helmet off. She walked up behind Karin and yanked her helmet off. "What the fuck was your problem back there." Sakura screamed in her face.

"Shut the fuck up you sad excuse for a bitch." Karin shot back. Then Sakura's fist connected with Karin's jaw. Itachi and Sasuke turned and saw Sakura on top of Karin punching her in the face repeatedly.

Karin kicked Sakura off and got on top of her and then she started doing the same to Sakura. Sakura pushed her off and stood up in front of Karin. "You're the sad excuse for a bitch you stupid dike!"

Itachi ran over to Sakura and put his arms around her stomach to pull her away. Sakura turned around and said "Get your hands off of me I'm not done with her yet." She screamed as she got away from him.

She walked over to Karin and pushed her. Karin noticed that Sakura had angry tears pouring down her face. She pushed her and then Sakura caught her balance and kicked Karin in the stomach.

Then they started yelling at each other. Sakura got punched in the face near her eye and blood started to flow out of the wound.

Just then Sai and Gaara arrived and saw a crowd and pushed through they saw Sakura and Karin. They went in the circle when Sakura turned she said "Stay the fuck out of it!" Then they backed up into the crowd.

Then she punched Karin in the stomach causing her to fall to the ground. She went to walk away when Karin got up and jumped on Sakura's back. Sakura took Karin by her hair with one hand and she flipped Karin over her shoulder. She had a piece of Karin's greasy hair in her hand.

Then she threw it at her. She went to walk over to her but a pair of arm's once again wrapped around her waist. She turned and saw Sasuke. "Get your fucking hands off me now!" Sakura yelled.

She still had tears streaming down her face. Sasuke grabbed her hands so she couldn't escape. Then she said "Let me go I hate you, you never cared about me and I wish I never met you !" more tears came down her face.

Sasuke looked down at her let go of her right hand and cupped her cheek in one hand and looked into her eyes.

'I 'm sorry for what ever I did to you but Sakura who said I never cared about you?" He leaned down and caught her lips in a kiss. She kissed him back and they wrapped there arms around each other.

Karin got up and saw as the two parted and then walked over to them. Sasuke saw as Sakura's facial expression changed. He got in front of her as Karin came and said "Karin leave her alone." Glaring at her.

"But Sas.." she was cut off by Sakura punching her in the nose. She fell down and passed out. Itachi smirked as he watched the whole thing.

"Come on let's go." Sasuke said pulling Sakura away.