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Naruto was gone, training under Jaraiya, and Sasuke was with... Orchimaru... the FREIK!!!

Everyone was out on some sort of mission, except Ino and Sakura

You see Ino, on the last mission that they all preformed in, to help a kidnapping of a girl named Matsuri, from the sand village, they all fought four ninja's that had supposed 'Ultimate Weapons' and wanted to draw Gaara out to use his Bijuu, (Shukaku for those of you unfamilliar) and use its power as a weapon (Acually happens in the series, last few episodes before the Shippudden episodes start(yes a spoiler... how horrible of me)) Well Ino felt useless, and she saw how Sakura was a huge help with her Med-nin capabilities, and she asked Sakura to teach her how to be a med-nin, Sakura had agreed and despite how nuch Ino hated the sound of it, Sakura was her Senpai, but if she wouldn't feel useless in later missions, it was a sacrafice Ino was willing to make... what she didn't know was gonna happen, is that she would soon find Sakura as MUCH more then her 'senpai'...

It was a beautiful day in the village of Konoha, and in the central building, Ino and Sakura were inside in one of the training rooms, and Sakura sat next to Ino who was in the middle of trying to revive a dead fish, by pouring chakra into it, while it lay there on a scroll

"Come on Ino, just a little more..." Sakura said encouraging Ino to try harder

Then all of a sudden the fish sprang to life, and Ino smiled at her acomplishment, before the fish flopped its way into the small pool water in the room

"Got it!" Ino cheered

"Not bad, you're pretty good at this" Sakura said with an encouraging smile

"Thanks, now I'm getting somewhere, let me do it again!" the blonde asked

"I think thats enough for today. you've been at it since morning, and its the late afternoon now" Sakura explained

"Yeah, I do feel a bit exhausted..." Ino said as she took a deep breath, and relaxed herself

"Well lets get out of here. you want to come to my place and have a cup of tea?" Sakura asked

"Why not?" replied the blonde girl

They walked to the door, and exited the room, they worked their way out side of the central

When they reached the out side Ino turned to Sakura "How much progress do you think I've made in the last three weeks?"

"you've done really well acually" Sakura said

"Good, I just don't want to be useless..." Ino said

"Your not useless" Sakura said as she shook her head

"Then why wasn't I any help on that last mission all 11 of us went on?" Ino questioned

"That just wasn't your feild, it doesn't mean your useless in any way!" Sakura said, with irratation in her voice from her friend demeaning herself

"Yeah... I guess your right" Ino said

"I'm always right" Sakura said jokingly

"Now don't get like that" Ino said as she pointed at her

"Calm down, Ino" Sakura giggled


They reached Sakura's house and went inside, they found their way to the kitchen, and Sakura put some water into it and put on the stove to heat up

They walked into the living room, and kneeled down on some pillows in wait for the tea

"How long do you think it will take me to get as good as you are, Sakura-chan?" Ino asked

"I can't say" Sakura said, not wanting Ino to get her hopes up, in the case that they might be shot from the sky like a mindless duck

"Okay, I'll just try harder!" Ino said with a steeled voice

"Well thats what I like to hear. Just don't over do it" Sakura said with a smile

"I won't" Ino said

Then the Tea kettle whistled out, and Sakura rose to her feet and went to retrieve their drinks

"I'll get that" Sakura said as she entered the kitchen, pulled the kettle off, and grabbed some cups from the shelf. She poured her self and Ino a cup

Sakura came back, cups in hand, she handed one to Ino before she sat back down next to her

Ino took a sip of her piping hot tea, and then looked at Sakura "How do you do it?" Ino asked

"Wha? how do I do what?" Sakura asked genuinely confused at what she was being asked

"How did you manage to get on Sasukes team? Then how did you become so much stronger then before? And now, how do you do so good at being a med-nin? How did you get so good so fast?" Ino asked

Sakura was taken aback by these sudden questions "I... I... can't say really..." Sakura said, acually a bit flattered by what she was being asked. She had no idea Ino felt that way

"I just want to be as good as you are at this" Ino said before she drank the rest of her tea down, now that it was cool enough to do so, and then put her cup on the table, and stood up "guess i'll head, and take a bath or something. Thanks for the tea"

"Just keep trying" sakura said, as she stood as well to lead her friend to the door

When they reached the door, Sakura wrapped her arms around Ino "maybe this will give you encouragement; think about this, the apprentice always surpases the master" Sakura said before she released her grip on Ino

"Alright" Ino said with a sudden rush of red on her face. good thing she had her back to Sakura

"Bye" Ino said as she opened and stepped out the door

"Later" Sakura said as she closed the door behind her blonde friend


The rest of the day passed Ino by fast, she had taken a shower, gotten a bite to eat, and gott a little battle training in before she had turned in for the night at around 11-ish


The next morning, Ino awoke with excitement for todays training, she loved the idea of getting better and better as each day passed her by, at paces she could barely keep up with, but she did it anyways. But this brought on high levels of stress at points

Ino got dressed, and happily, worked her way towards the central building to meet Sakura and contiue her training

When she arrived, she walked to the training room that Tsunade set up just for them to train in, nd Sakura stood there ready to begin the session

"lets get started!" Ino said as she cracked her knuckles and rolled her head around her neck

"okay, but today I've got a test i thought up for you..." Sakura said with a deviuos smile

"what?" Ino said in a voice that yelled bring it ON!!

"okay" Sakura said as she motioned Ino to walk up to the table, and turned around

Ino approached her and saw that on the table lay, a bird with a broken wing, a dead fish, and a cat in a cage that had its front paw broken

"Okay, I borrowed some animals that needed some treatment, from the veterinarians, and I want you to heal the birds broken wing, then revive the fish, then mend the cats broken leg, all in under five minutes. If you do, then I'll move your training up a bit. sound good?" Sakura explained

"Yeah, I can do this" Ino said confidently

Sakura amiled at her ditermanation, and confidence "well, you'll start... Now!" Sakura said as she stepped out of the way and found a spot behing Ino to over see her work

Ino instanly was at work, she held the bird in her hand and held his broken wing out slightly saightened the bones out, and began pouring healing chakra into the broken bone, she was done and finished the bird in a little more then a minute

Sakura kept a close eye on the clock on the wall, keeping the time

Ino moved to the dead fish, and began the proccess on it as well

It took a little longer then the bird because the fish was dead, and eventually popped to life, and Ino instantly opened the cage the cat was laying in abd pulled it ou, she took off the splint on his leg and began to pour chakra into it

Sakura looked on really impressed with how well Ino was doing, she still had a minuta and thirty seconds to fixe the cats leg, totaly within her capabilities, Sakra began to feel great joy that Ino was being so successful

Ino finished healing the cats leg and she let it down to the ground, and it walked around the table meowing, and purring

"Yes! How was tha-" Ino said as she was about to turn around, but sakura put her hands on Ino's shoulders and began massaging them

"That was great, you pass. simple wasn't it?" Sakura asked

"Mmmm, yeah" Ino hummed as her body let go of all the stress that she had been working through, as Sakura squeezed the tenstion right out of her body, Ino didn't even care at the moment wheather or not she failed or passed, Because Sakura rubbed all vcare from her body

Sakura worked her way down Ino's back slowly "Now, you can relax for a while, thats it for today" Sakura said softly, as her hands reached Ino's lower back and work their way to her sides, and began to massage upwards

"Thats it?" Ino asked dreamingly as she felt Sakura's hands work their way up the side of her body, not catching the fact that Sakura's hand were working their way ever so slowly to her breasts

"Wow, I really shouldn't be doing this but I can't stop my self. Why am I pulling so close to her breasts?" Sakura thought, and she began to feel the urge to Suck on her neck, but she thought gropping was enough

And just then Ino felt Sakura's hands grip ono her breasts quickly, causing Ino to gasp in shock and blush "S-Sakura what are you d-doing?" Ino said tryig to sound as if she didn't want it and she grabbed Sakura's arms to push them away but quickly she began to enjoy the feeling Skaura was giving to her, and stopped herself from stopping Sakura

"Why am I letting a girl touch me like this? Why can't I bring myself to stop her?... this is wrong... but... it feels sooo good" Ino thought, as she closed her eyes

Sakura couldn't fight the urge to suck on her neck any longer, and she tilted her head down and pressed her lips to it on the right side passionately, and then began sucking on Ino's soft skin

"S-S-Sakura..." Ino gasped as she unconciuosly tilted her head to the left and gave Sakura more room

Sakura realized Ino was turning into putty in her hands, and she realized how bad she wanted Ino, and she wanted her now! So she slipped her right hand down from its motions on her breasts, and led it between Ino's legs, moving the skirt Ino wore, up, and pulling some of the bandages off of her pussy, before slidding her finger over Ino's clit and began rubbing it

A tingling feeling built up in Ino's chest, along with butterflies, and she felt the heat between her legs build, as Sakura rubbed the area softly and almost teasingly, and never stopping her other motions on Ino's neck and other breast

Sakura began to trail kisses up her neck, until she was next to Ino's ear "I think I love you..." Sakura whispered

Ino began blushing even more "S-Sakuraaaa" she Moaned, Sakura realized the wanting tone in Ino's voice

"Do you want more?" Sakura asked softly, yet very sexy

Ino nodded, Sakura smiled, spun her around, and pressed their lips together. They both wrapped their arms around each other, and Saura pushed Ino up against the table, then lifted her to where she was sitting on it

They both began to moan their kiss, that kept growing hotter by the second

Sakura parted their kiss and looked Ino in the eyes "If you want me, be mine and mine alone..." Sakura said, and received a nod from Ino

"Will you be mine, and mine alone?" Ino asked

Sakura smiled "yes"

Sakura pushed her legs apart and began pulling at the bandages that surrounded Ino's private area

Eventually Sakura had them out of the way, and she lightly licked Ino's clit, teasing Ino making her want more

Ino pumped her hips in an atempt to get Sakura to stop teasing and lick her already, but Sakura would have no such thing right now, she wanted to hear Ino scream for her to get totaly envelopted in her clit, and or pussy

Sakura tediously licked at Ino's clit, ever so slightly, coaxing a moan of desire from Ino's throat

Not yet. Sakura wanted Ino to anouce it before she would get any more... passionate, with the wet walls that lay infront of her

"Mmmm, Sakura... please..." Ino whimpered

Still not yet. Sakura began rubbing the area just out side of Ino's pussy, on both sides, and she slowed down her already tediuos licking

"Why are you teasing meeeee?!" Ino pleaded

Sakura looked up to Ino as she did her work, and Ino stared right into her emeral eyes, that seemed so cute/sexy/hot to her now

"how... bad... do you really want it?" Sakrua asked between licks

"Oooooohhhh, I want it BAD, please Sakura... please!" Ino cried out a bit loud

Thats what Sakura wanted to hear, and she intantly dug the tip of her tongue as deep as it would go into her clit

Ino let out another gasp of pleassure, and tilted her head back, as a feeling SO great it might as well have rocked the world itself. It may not have rocked the real world, but it SURE as HELL rocked Ino's world

Ino dug her nails into the table and started moaning and groaning, loudly as Sakura's tongue ventured its way down from her clit, and dug as deep as it could go into her pussy, while she rubbed Ino's clit with her thumb and rubbed her breast through her shirt

Ino quickly realized her shirt only got in the way, so she pulled it over her head, and threw it on the floor somewhere, before she removed her sports bra, and discarded it as well

"OH kami, Sakura don't stop, I'm alomost there!" Ino managed to say through a groan as she arched her back in anticipation of the great feeling welling up in her

Sakura senced the tightness as Ino pulsated, and she began to lick he clit again only all around it this time, coaxing more moans from her lover

then from deep within Ino she exploded, with euphoria, as an orgasm, took over her body completely, and she let out a light squeak, as her body went totaly numb on the table, and she relaxed on it panting

Sakura lapped up almost all of the cum, that for the most part sprayed out, and she love the taste "your delicious..." Sakura said as she pulled her tongue away leaving a trail of cum and saliva between her mouth and Ino's pussy

Ino looked up at her with loving eyes "thank you Sakura..." Ino panted

Sakura propped herself up on the table naet to Ino and laid down next to her with a smile "your welcome..." she said before she moved er head in and pressed their lips together, this time slipping their tongue in each others mouth, moaning as they enjoyed each other

To Be Continued...

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