The next morning, Ino rose out of bed, after a night of little sleep since she had that dream

She walked to bathroom, and took a shower, and did all the other necessary things to prepare for the day. She thought of the dream she had and a lot about Sakura


After finishing washing up, she went to her room and got dressed, in a skirt, and a sleeveless shirt that went to her mid-drift, and she tied her hair up in her classic poiny tail

"Wonder what I'll do now?" she thought as she sighed, then to her absolute dismay, she heard a knock on the door

She sighed again and went down stairs to the door, she reached for the nob and her heart sank "is it Sakura...?" she thought

Another knock came from the other side of the door, so Ino steeled herself and opened it, her face sank when she saw Shizune

"What now?" Ino asked, just a BIT irratated (understatement)

"Please Ino, can you go talk to Sakura?" Shizune said straight forward

"Shizune its obvious you want her so take her!!... I don't really care" Ino said getting a sad tone in her voice near the end

"I do want to be with her but, she has love for you not me. And I can sure as hell tell you care, don't give that to me!" Shizune said strongly to get her point across

"Do you realize what Sakura's gone through... Last night, she..."


Shizune walked through the halls of the central building, and stopped when she heard crying, she followed because she knew who it was

She came to the door that lead to the training room Ino and Sakura were assigned, and put her ear to it

on the other side Sakura had her head down on the table crying as she lightly ounded on the table with her fist

"Damn it Shizune why did you do that to me? Now Ino hates me, and I'm alone" Sakura sobbed

"Ino I'm so sorry..." Sakura said as she looked up at the ceiling

"rrrrrrrr" Sakura growled angrily, before she side swied a pile of books on the desk knocking them into the wall on other side of the room, lodging a few of them in the wall itself

She rested her elbow's on the table, and dropped her face into her hands

Shizune felt a few tears fall down her face "I hurt Sakura and Ino so much... this is all my fault"


Ino stared at her for a few seconds

"please Ino believe me, It was my fault not Sakura's. All I did was hurt you two. Please I know you two are meant for each other... go back to her" Shizune said

"Fine I will" Ino said with some excitement "...But if you EVER touch her like that again, I'll beat the shit out of you!!"

Shizune nodded her head "understood" she said before jumping off towards the central building

Ino closed and locked the door, before she jumped to her roof, and began roof hopping towards Sakura's house, seeing how early it is Ino thought she could catch her before she went to train with Tsunade

When she got to Sakura's house she landed silently on the roof, near Sakura's partly opened bedroom window, and as she was about peek in to see if she was there, but she was startled when she heard pottery or galss of some type break, so she looked all the way in and saw Sakura, who was crying pull a hand full of books of her book case and throw them against the wall

Sakura walked over to her bed, and punched it in the center, before she sat down on it

"Ino I miss you..." she said to her self, and Ino could hear it

Ino felt tears of happiness, and relief swell up in her eye's, and with out hesitation opened the window all the way, and jumped in

Sakura shot a look over to her window, to see who opened it she saw Ino hop onto the floor in front of the window

"I-Ino...?" Sakura asked

"Sakura I'm sorry. I should have listened to you, I should have let you explain. I just felt so used and abandoned" Ino said

"So your not angry with me?... because I never wanted to do that with Shizune..." sakura said

"I know, she told me, but I'm not worried about that I just want to be with you" Ino said

"Ino!" Sakura cried as she jumped from her bed and wrapped her arms around Ino and kissed her

Ino wrapped her arms around Sakura and returned the kiss passionately, with every bit of love as before

Ino then walked Sakura backwards towards her bed nad they both fell onto it never parting their kiss, as they slid their tongues in each other

They had their tongues play around, to catch up on the time they had not played with each other

after a minute long kiss like that, sakura turned Ino over to the bottom and pulled the kiss apart, sticking her tongue out slightly, and creating a long string ofsaliva between them

Sakura looked into her eye's passionately "Ino I would never use you for anything, especially not sex, its all your decision" Sakura said

"shh. I know " Ino said Before she pulled Sakura's head back down for another kiss

Sakura opened her eye's, and pulled the kiss apart again "Oh, I almost forgot! your on the med-nin reserve list, I wanted to tell you that the day the whole ordeal with Shizune started, but then we hit that bump" Sakura said

"Don't you see? our friendship has been challenged twice in deep situations, and yet we still love each other. We're meant to be together" Ino explained

Sakura smiled at Ino "Yes we are" she replied hotly, before putting her lips to Ino's once again, then pulling back

"Do you want this?" Sakura asked as she hovered her hand over Ino's crotch area, and Ino hummed a uh huh, and nodded eagerly "I need you" she said

Sakura kissed her again, and pulled Ino's skirt up, and began rubber her pussy through her soft panties

"ooohhh, uh,.. uhh.. uuhh" Ino moaned as she felt what she had to masturbate about last night after that dream, and god it felt SO much better

Ino's legs began shaking pleasure, and her body screamed to be against Sakura, bare skin

Sakura used her other hand and pulled Ino's shirt up, then broke the kiss only long enough to pull the shirt over Ino's head, un hook her bra, and thow it to another side of the room, then she went right back into her kiss. She had never wanted Ino more, then she did now

Sakura began rubbing Ino's left breast, while she pulled her panties with her index down her legs to just below her knees, then instantly stuck two fingers in her pussy, causing Ino arch her bady, and roll her hips, along with a loud moan

Sakura broke their kiss "damn Ino you wet" Sakura said

"I want y-you s-so bad Sakura!" Ino stuttered throught the surges of pleasure

"I'll make you wetter..." Sakura said, before she pecked ino on the cheek and lead a long lick down Ino's neck to her breast, and finaly to her erect right nipple, which Sakura sucked on lovingly, while slowly fingering her

Ino grabbed Sakura's left hand that she was being fingered with, and drove it deeper into herself

sakura stopped sucking on her nipple and looked at her sexily "uh uh, you have to wait, or tell me you want it loudly" sakura said

"I want it, I want it, I WANT IT!" Ino yelled, and Sakura began fingering her faster, and began trailing a lick down her body to her pussy, and when she got there she pulled Ino's legs over her shoulders, held her waist down with her hand, and dug her tongue deep into Ino

"YES, OH YES SAKURAAA!" Ino yelled

Sakura began twisting, swirling and pulling her tongue in and out, and made Ino whip her head around in pleasure, and tighten her gripp with her legs around Sakura's head

Ino grabbed her right breast, and with her left hand gripped Sakura's pink hair slightly, as she combed her combed her fingers through it

Sakura got faster with her tongue, and Ino moaned very loudly as she felt goose bumps cover her body, and she bit her lower lip

"uuugghhhh" Ino moaned in euphoric bliss

Sakura only needed a few more motions and... there it was, Ino's pussy exploded around her face, and tongue, and she began to drink the tastefull juices up

Ino fell limp on the bed, and she looked down to Sakura "your turn..." she said and she sat up and pushed Sakura over to her side, then she crawled between her legs, and pulled off her shorts and the skirt she wore over them, while Sakura removed her shirt, and revealed she wasn't wearing a bra

Ino then pulled her totaly soaked panties off, and started licking Sakura's pussy all over; dig it in her, pulling it out, licking her clit, all of it, she was going wild on Sakura's soaking wet pussy, tasting her and devour her, Sakura was writhing benieth her and she began going faster

Sakura moaned and groaned, as Ino then added the rubbing of her clit with her thumb, while she spread her wet walls with her other hand and licked all over their insides

Ino trailed long licks up and down Sakura's pussy, and rubbed her clit faster

Sakura exploded in an orgasm, of a proportion she never felt before

She laid there panting for a second while Ino licked up the cum from her pussy, before she crawled to Ino's side, with Ino's head stil near her pussy, and she started licking Ino again

Ino felt her warm tongue again, and she began licking Sakura's pussy

As they continued devulging in their euphoric venture , Shizune landed out side the window, to see if sakura and Ino were here because they were really late, and a smile crossed her at what she saw

"good they made up... I'm happy for you two" Shizune thought, before she quickly jumped away back toward the central building

As tongues slid hotly across the wet surface of each others pussies, they were so close to cuming again, and when they did, they dove deeper into each others' pussy, as they tightened up from pleasure

Sakura pushed Ino over and climbed on top of her the normal way, and pressed their lips together, and slid thier tongue out to play once again

Sakura spread Ino's legs, and press their soaked pussies together, and began rubbing them together

Ino wrapped her arms aroun Sakura's neck tightly to insure that she didn't pull away from this kiss, and Sakura wrapped her arms around Ino's neck as well

Ino then Wrapped her legs around Sakura's waist, and locked he ankels together

Sakura coniued the sexual pumping that was making Ino go crazy with pleasure

They moaned loudly through their kiss, as they felt them selves melt into one another, and they rised to cloud nine, and another orgasm rushed through their bodies

Sakura pulled they kiss apart "I love you so much Ino, I never want to be without you again" she said softly

"I love you too Sakura-senpai, I'll be with you forever" Ino Said with a smile

Sakura laid down next to her, and rested an arm on her stomach, while they nuzzled their heads together

"Sakura, I didn't get any sleep last night, can I take a nap here?" Ino asked

"You don't even need to ask, I'll even take one with you, forget training today" Sakura replied

They both stood up off the bed, and Sakura lifted the covers for Ino to climb under, then Sakura got under as well, and cuddle next to her

"Sakura thank you" Ino said tiredly

"Your welcome baby" Sakura said

Ino and Sakura quickly drifted to sleep, to have dreams of what their future together would be like. One of happiness, and one of great things...


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