Me: Hi Everybody, my first story about Tokyo mew mew, my first Kishu Ichigo story and it's my second story I wrote this is soooo exiting and plz call me Sakura!

Kish: Hi pplz guest what, this story is all about me, ME!

Sakura: Yeah, yeah what ever the thing is I kept my promise right Kishu? (If you see my other story about fruit basket you will know what we are talking about.)

Kishu: Yep!Dancing around the room.

Sakura: Shall we start the story Kishu?

Kishu: OK!

Sakura: it's a one-shot just to tell you, OK GET THE STORY STARTED!

I will make it forever

I was a normal high school girl with no special powers, until suddenly somebody told me that I have to protect earth and fight aliens. I couldn't object so I accepted. I also found my other companions who are going to help me. One day, I was walking to school and I sensed an alien near by. I looked everywhere but couldn't find it until all of a sudden it said "You're pretty cute." I searched for where the sound came from and found him sitting on top of the tower. He jumped towards me and stole my first kiss. His golden eyes melted me, his green hair made me feel nice. When he broke the kiss, he told me his name, Kishu. I figured he was an alien right after that, but before I got a chance to do anything he disappeared. I didn't want him to leave I wanted him to stay forever, but my heart knew that we can never be together. So I act like I don't care, but in my heart I cared about him more than anything.

Every time you tried to take over earth I was scared that I might kill you. Every time I hurt you, my heart will break into a million little pieces. Every time you called me a toy I felt that I meant nothing to you and that you will throw me away. I even tried to myself a boyfriend, Masaya, to get you jealous, I didn't think you would take it so seriously and tried to kill him whenever you got the chance. Even after what I've done to you, still sent me flowers, presents and stole my kisses just like the first day we met. During those times I felt so happy inside but I never showed you. I always said cold things to you, like go away or I hate you and the worst thing I said to you was that I never wanted to see you again even if the world ended. I could hear my heart brake as I said those words. I wanted to die but every time I tried you were there to save me

That time when I nearly died, it was you that came to my side and protected me, and it was you who ended being killed. Just before you died you smiled at me and said "I guess I'm lucky that I have this time with you…Ichigo… I have something to tell you…I love you". Tears fell from my eyes like rain from heaven. I regretted that I never told you the truth that I loved you too. It was too late. I wanted to die then and there with you, but first I sought revenge and I killed the person who killed you.

Then I stabbed your swords into my heart, as I lay beside you and I whispered "we can be together forever…Kish…"

Sakura: FINISH! Pretty sad wasn't it? Wipe of the tears


Sakura: who promised you that it was a happy one?

Kishu: ummm…

Sakura: see! Nobody!

Kishu: damn! I got tricked!

Sakura: too bad, I know the story isn't very long but I couldn't think of anything else to write so sorry I might write another chapter if I'm really bored or I have a lot of reviews so everybody please…REVIEW!