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Samantha Manson sat on her bed, thinking of a certain blue- eyed friend she liked, and had a huge crush on.

Dammit, why can't I just tell him?

She thought of her dear Daniel Fenton and her deep love for him, thinking of his baby blue eyes, his raven hair, his strong body from fighting ghosts, his kis-

No, don't go there, don't go there, those were just kisses to save his secret, fake out make outs, FAKE OUT MAKE OUTS! Nothing more. He doesn't like you the way you do…does he…?

Urgh, I need to get him out of my head. I will not tell him.

She was afraid it would not only ruin their friendship, but their lives as well.

"Argh! I'll just tell him I love him and tell him if he doesn't feel the same way I'll tell him to ignore what I said and then -"

And then what?

She suddenly stopped. I've handled my emotions this far, I might as well get over with it.

"And what am I supposed to do, yell -I LOVE YOU-in his face?" she absent mindedly yelled out loud.

Whew, good thing my parents are out of town.

Hmm, what about a poem?

Nah, I don't know how.

Then flirting?


Well whaddeyer want from me?

A good idea, perhaps?

A love note?

She stopped, thinking of the thousands of ways it could go wrong. But then again, every idea had thousands of ways they could end up in disaster. She chose a love note.

She begun- Dear Danny…..


"Sigh…"a young Daniel Fenton, or his preferred name Danny, sighed as he saw his amethyst eyed best friend walk over to her locker. She looked a little nervous and stiff about something, but that took nothing away from her loveliness and beauty. Damn you Danny, don't go there, she's your best friend and ONLY your best friend. Anyway, you can be sure she doesn't like you the way you want her to…

Ironically, she was thinking the same thing the night before.

"Hey Danny, what's up?" A young African American asked.

"Hmm? Oh! Um… n-n-not much Tucker." Danny replied.

Tucker grinned, he already knew what was up.

"Looking at something?"

"Yeahhhh… Huh? I mean NO!" He replied "No NO NO!"

"He he he… Go on, ask her out."

"ARE YOU NUTS? She's my best friend, you're crazy…Besides, how do I know she likes me back?"

"Man, you are so blind and totally clueless… she's liked you for quite a while now."

A while? Try her entire life since kindergarten…Tucker couldn't believe he hadn't noticed.

"Nah, you're just saying that to get me to ask her out." Danny said, not knowing what tucker was thinking.

Man, is he clueless… Tucker thought.

"Hey Jazz?" Tucker asked Danny's elder sister.

"Yeah Tuck?"

"I need a favour…Scratch that, a few favours from you."

"Sure, but you owe me…"She replied.

"Yeah, I know, I don't care, it's for Danny and Sam."

"Ohhhh… in that case forget the IOU."

Jazz smirked. She knew that Danny and Sam had a crush on each other, they just needed a little push…

Okay thanks.


"Danny? Come here please."

Sullenly, Danny walked over to his elder sister, thinking she was about to give him one of those boring speeches about his work. Today was different though.

"You want me to WHAT? " Danny yelled, not believing what Tucker was suggesting.

"Pretend to kidnap Sam to get her to tell you she likes you" replied Tucker

"Yeah Danny, I am sure she would not want to die without confessing to you.," added Jazz

"I repeat, WHAT? Sam likes me as a friend so you want me to deceive her just for her to tell me a fake confession? And I can't believe you are supporting him, Jazz!"

"Clueless." Tucker and Jazz said in unison.

"Okay, FINE! Just to prove you wrong." Danny said.

Sigh, I hope they're right.

As Danny walked away thinking many confused thoughts in his head, Tucker asked Jazz: "So, have you used the – god I hate to say this – the Boooooo-merang to locate Danielle yet?"

"Of course, what did you expect?" Jazz replied

But as they walked away, what neither of them expected was that Sam, who was behind the corner, had heard every detail, as she was about to slip the note into Danny's locker. She felt a mix of confusion as her usually orderly brain was now pounding…

He likes me? No, he just wants to prove them wrong, you heard him…

Damn you Tuck, someday I'm gonna kill you...

Hehe, he said Boooooo-merang, stupidly named tracking device…

What did they mean by locate Danielle?

Kidnap me?

Danny thinks I like him as a friend…

That final thought straightened out her thinking and she smiled wickedly as she re- kept her note and walked back to class…

Things were gonna get interesting…


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