To everyone who has reviewed Only Fools Rush In, thank you very much. We have come to the last chapter and I hope you guys would enjoy reading it just as much as I've enjoyed writing it. As we all know, the characters belong to JK Rowling and I am only imagining my little fantasy.

Only Fools Rush In
Of Lilies and Love Found.

Lily sighed as she flopped onto her bed. Looking around the room, she didn't realise just how much she actually missed home. After the encounter with Cassy in the bathroom, she thought the best thing to do was pretend she didn't know anything. Yes, it was probably the cowardly thing to do but anything would have been better than confronting James. Both of them had tried their best to ignore each other but that had proven difficult especially with friends like Sirius, Remus and Peter who all had a sudden ridiculous penchant for romantic group dates. Luckily for Lily, Christmas holidays came and she took the opportunity to return home.

"Lily! Dad and I are off to the movies! You sure you don't want to come along?" Mrs Evans shouted from the living room downstairs.

Lily got up and trudged down the stairs, "No worries Mum, was planning to take a walk later."

"Oh alright then," Mrs Evans said as she put on her gloves, "Petunia is over at the Durselys so remember to lock the door on your way out."

Lily nodded and hurried her mum out the door, "Go on Mum, Dad's waiting."

"Oh!" Mrs Evans turned around, "Would you mind bringing over some log cake for Deborah? She recently argued with her fiancé, the poor girl would need some comforting."

Lily blinked, "Oh, the Deborah next door?"

"Yes, everyone deserves some love on Christmas Day!" Mrs Evans chirped cheerfully as she got into the car. Lily waved to her parents as the car pulled out of the driveway. It was so sweet that her parents still went on dates. She smiled ruefully as she remembered her mother's words. Everyone deserves some love on Christmas Day.


"I can't believe he hasn't even called!" The blonde complained to the empty house, "Well, I'm not going to wait for him. I'll go out and have some fun on my own!" She nodded determinedly at her own reflection. Putting on her coat, she marched out the house and then suddenly, she realised something peeking out of her mailbox.

A rose?

She tentatively pulled it out and attached to it were the words, "I'm sorry, can you find it in your heart to forgive me?"

"Hi Deborah."

Deborah looked up and saw her fiancé standing very apprehensively by the gate. She gave him her biggest smile and ran into his embrace.

And that was how Lily found them, "Erm," she cleared her throat, a bit embarrassed to interrupt the happy couple, "My mum sent some log cake."

"Lily!" Deborah flushed as she pulled away from her fiancé, "Thank your mum for me! That's awfully kind of her!" and she gestured to the man next to her, "This is Bobby, isn't he just the sweetest thing? Fancy sending me flowers in the mail!" She held out the rose rather proudly.

Lily grinned, "Yes, very." Everyone deserves some love on Christmas Day.

As Deborah went into the house to put the log cake in the fridge, Lily was left alone with Bobby on the front lawn. He smiled at her and asked, "Can you keep a secret?"

Lily nodded, a little bewildered.

He laughed, sounding a little embarrassed, "I didn't put the rose in there, I originally came around to apologise but before I knew it, she came running into my arms! Must be my lucky day!"

Lily chuckled, "Christmas is a day for miracles!"

After she bid the happy couple farewell, she continued down the street, admiring the lights her neighbours had put out. She had to admit, even without magic, muggles worked wonders with their lights. She spotted Mrs. Bella out on the lawn, leaning on her gate. She walked over to say hello, she did like the old lady. Mrs. Bella was always very generous with her cookies.

"Merry Christmas Mrs. Bella!"

The old lady looked up in surprise, "Why Lily! Home for the holidays?"

Lily nodded and added, "You look especially happy today Mrs. Bella! Must be the Christmas spirit!"

Mrs. Bella laughed, "Well, some kind soul decided to brighten up this old lady's day," and saying so, she held up a rose.

"Oh," Lily took it and asked, "Did it come with the mail?" as she read the little note attached, Smile for me please?

"Yes it did!" Mrs. Bella chuckled, "I'm an old bag of bones but I still know how to appreciate this little romantic gesture. Probably sent it to the wrong place but a pleasant surprise nonetheless!"

Lily smiled in agreement. Which person was going around making the day of all the residents on Fir Avenue? As she carried on her walk, she spotted at least three more couples in embrace in their front yard, all holding on to a stem of rose.

Everyone deserves some love on Christmas Day.


Lily turned to the left and saw Grandpa Dan waving to her from his gate. Flattered that he still recognised her, Lily walked over and exchanged Christmas greetings. She remembered Grandpa Dan fondly, all the kids on Fir Avenue used to gather at his house and listen to his stories while Grandma Esther poured them a glass of warm milk and knitted by the fireplace. Then she suddenly recalled her mum telling her that Grandma Esther passed away a year ago and she felt so sorry that Grandpa Dan had to spend Christmas alone.

As Lily neared the gate, she spotted a rose on the ground, in front of Grandma Esther's favourite rose bush. Noticing her gaze, Grandpa Dan smiled, "A young lad put the rose in my mailbox, bless his soul, I've been neglecting that rose bush the past year, I'm so thankful for his reminder."

Lily bent down to read the note attached, Remember that I'll always be here waiting.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Grandpa Dan wipe his tears with his sleeve. She stood up wordlessly and they shared a hug in front of the rose bush.

Everyone deserves some love on Christmas Day.

As she walked home, feeling a lot happier than she's been in days, Lily resolved to confront James when she got back to Hogwarts. As she passed her mailbox, she saw red petals caught in the flap. A funny sense of anticipation crept up her spine as she carefully took out the rose from its hiding place and read the note.

If I said I love you, would you believe me?

Lily took a sharp intake of breath and smiled. What a romantic guy, the lucky girl.

"Hello Lily!"

Lily whirled around at that familiar voice. There James stood, holding a bouquet of lilies.

"Merry Christmas!" he said brightly.

Lily just stood there, not knowing if he was real or just a very, very good looking vision.

"Er," James started shifting uncomfortably, "I kinda only remembered you lived on Fir Avenue but forgot the number," James looked at the mailbox, "So I guess you're number 21 eh?"

Lily blinked a few times and swallowed, "You mean… the roses?" Lily silently chided herself, now she couldn't even formulate a proper sentence around him.

James ran his fingers through his hair, "Yea, I did. Do you like it?"

Lily stared at her feet, biting her lips to stop herself from smiling uncontrollably. James walked closer to Lily and handed her the bouquet, "Merry Christmas Lils, and I'm properly apologising for that day when I stupidly lost my temper."

Lily laughed and whacked him with the bouquet, "It was pretty stupid of you, but I accept."

James smiled, visibly more relieved and surprised Lily as he drew her into a hug, "I'm sorry," he mumbled into her hair.

Lily laughed again. She realised she did that a lot around him. Trying to wriggle free from his embrace, she questioned, "What for? I just forgave you idiot!"

"No," James stubbornly shook his head and tightened his hold on Lily. "I'm sorry it took me so long to realise I love you."

Time seemed to stood still and they both stood entwined in each other in front of Lily's mailbox. Then Lily felt the first snowflake on her eyelashes and whispered, "My mum was right then. Everyone deserves some love on Christmas Day."

James pulled away, his eyes twinkling with mischief, "So if it's true, and I love you, who will love me?"

Lily laughed and hit him on the arm, "You're such a prat! But I will. I love you." Saying so, she tiptoed and planted a kiss on James' cheek.

James grinned. It was a pretty merry little Christmas.


The end, for now!