Summary: After D-Stabilized Danielle left Amity Park to do her own brand of good.


After Danielle left Amity Park to explore and do her own good deeds she arrived in a city called Angel's Wings after hearing a strange rumor. Strange humans were spotted running through the city streets causing discord and chaos. It was mostly stealing from jewelry stores and robbing banks however what Danielle and the people of the city did not know was that it was a front for something worse. In the deep dark forests far outside Angel's Wings is a looming dark castle.

Inside that castle a plot that could affect thousands of lives is being hatched.


After Danielle left Amity Park to explore and do her own good deeds she arrived in a city called Angel's Wings after hearing a strange rumor. Strange humans were spotted running through the city streets causing discord and chaos. It was mostly stealing from jewelry stores and robbing banks however what Danielle and the people of the city did not know was that it was a front for something worse. In the deep dark forests far outside Angel's Wings is a looming dark castle.

Inside that castle a plot that could affect thousands of lives is being hatched.

The moon was full tonight and cast out an eerie supernatural glow across the dark forests. These forests were always covered in a deep mist that added to its supernatural aura. The deep dark valley surrounded a large dark castle that sprouted large cable like wires and the large towers would give the occupants of the complex a view of the forests as large as the eye can see. Inside the castle was a room that was dimly lit; the only source of light was the moon coming from a skylight in the arched ceiling.

The light the moon cast was enough to reveal several figures that appeared to gold and stone statues looking like guards making sure no one was disturbing the occupants of the room. A select few stood in front of the table and looked at the being shrouded in shadows that stood behind the table with their back to them. One stepped up to speak.

"Master Sovereign, the operations are going according to plan with no interference. The police have no chance of detecting our men and the money is coming in. We should soon have enough and your messengers are connecting all small time street gang into an organization that you can run the city with through them." said the man nervously.

Their leader slowly turned around and the light shined down on him to reveal a man dressed in all black covered by a long black robe. His face was obscured by a silver electronic helmet that gave light beeping sounds and his left hand was clutching a long staff with a blue glass orb.

His eyes were also covered by black visors.

"It is taking too long. The thefts are drawing to much attention. Abduct the money printers and force them into producing more then enough for our operations." said the mysterious being.

The man shrunk back in slight fear.

"Sir, abducting them might draw more attention. It will only be a matter of time before one street gangs is captured and questioned." said the man.

The mysterious being took a deep breath.

"Don't send children to do a geniuses job. Send out a team from one of the messengers and abduct them when their day job shifts have ended." said the man who was known as the Sovereign.

"Yes master." said the man.

With the mysterious being turned his back and left towards a door and opened it. Beyond it was a lap and held many large glass tubes with a strange purple liquid and many deformed and strange creatures that looked like something you wind on a Sci-Fi movie. At the end of the lab was a large built in view screen, a large dashboard with many levers, buttons, knobs, and many other controls. A chair with controls built in for special commands was in front of the view screen and Sovereign strode silently up to and sat down comfortably on it.

He took a small glance at the tubes containing the monsters.

Some would say they are aliens but they are not.

They are androids.

Cybernetic created from the DNA of many different animals and combined by a special liquid that can enhance the muscles of a normal human ten fold but use of it too much will result in death. Sovereign has worked long and hard to create and to build and soon the world will listen to what he says after they witness his power.

Angel's Wings

The sun shined brightly on the city as it rose above the mountains in the bright morning. A small breeze flew through that added to the calm and peaceful atmosphere. People went around doing their daily business. Several teens though wear black leather jackets pushed their way through the street smirking at the people they knocked over.

A small girl not too far away did not like what they were doing and let out an innocent smile that screamed mischief. She looked around before surprisingly vanishing into thin air. The leader bumped into an old lady with an apple cart. He grabbed her and looked down at her face.

"Watch it, you old hag!" he snarled.

The woman whimpered as he smirked before something hit the leader on the back of the head causing him to drop her. He looked around and glared as he rubbed his head the crowd looking at them.

"Who threw that?" he asked as he stepped forward.

Suddenly he tripped over and fell on his face. His two cronies snickered before he growled and glared at them. They quickly shut their mouths and looked around again. If anyone was listening they would have heard a female snickering before the three teens were zapped in the back with something green.

They jumped and screamed as they covered their back sides which caused everyone looking to laugh. They quickly ran saying that the place was haunted. Behind the crowd a twelve year old girl appeared out of nowhere snickering. She wore a blue hooded shirt with red shorts and blue shoes.

She wore a red cap over wavy black hair that was tied in a pony tail and baby blue eyes. The girl smirked at the running teens and then walked off.

"Hey, Dani!" called out a voice.

The girl looked to see a boy her age dressed in a black shirt and black shorts. He also had black spiky hair and he waved at here. Danielle smiled as he walked over.

"Hey, Matt. What's the trouble?" asked Dani,

"No trouble. Just walking through town. I saw what happened to those teens nice job." said Matt.

Danielle smiled at that. A month ago she was finally stabilized by Danny and she left to do her own brand of good. She later arrived in Angel's Wings to stop for food and water. She stole some money from her creator and because he was filthy rich a few dozen dollars won't be missed.

She made friends with a boy named Matt and a girl around her age named Allegra. She later was forced to reveal her secret when she saved from some strange looking thugs when they witnessed a jewelry shop being robbed. She only told them she was related to Danny Phantom and not that she was cloned from him. After that they became best friends and Matt and Allegra covered for Danielle when she was late or missing.

Danielle was now attending their school through a fake birth certificate given to her by Vlad. She then heard about rumors of crime picking up in the city. She only went to check these rumors by night and did not reveal herself to anyone just incase Vlad found out where she was. Though she is stable now she did not want Vlad finding her yet.

She did not want to worry Danny incase news of her whereabouts reached him and Vlad found out. He's the mayor of Amity Park now and Danielle did not want worry Danny until Vlad had been taken out of the picture.

"I hope that day actually comes" thought Danielle.

She walked with Matt to their school and Allegra waved at them from the front doors. Danielle is what the teachers describe to be very gifted since they had to bring high school books. Being the clone of a fourteen year old that is the son of parents who were handy with science and technology did wonders for the little girl. The day went by fast even though it was boring to Danielle and her friends.

They decided to hit the arcade when Danielle noticed something.

"Matt, does anyone own a busted red car with the roof thrown off?" asked Dani.

She pointed to a car that was damaged the way she described. Matt ran up to it and looked closely.

"It looks like the roof was torn of by hand." said Matt,

"That's impossible." said Allegra.

"You guys go on and I'll just check it out for a few minutes and then catch up." said Danielle.

Matt threw a small phone to her and she caught.

"Call us if there is anything weird going on." said Matt.

Danielle nodded and suddenly two white rings appeared around her body and separated. One went up and one went down to her feet. When the rings faded her body was glowing white and she a black and white jumpsuit. The suit was split from her right shoulder to her opposite waist with black on top and a white glove on her right hand while it was inverted on the opposite side. Her abdomen was revealed and she wore high heeled boots that went just above her knees over her black pants.

Her hair was now white and it almost half concealed one of her now glowing green eyes. In this form she was known as Dani Phantom. That was Dani with an 'I'. She flew into the air and looked around the block for anything unusual.

She soon found when she noticed a large muscular man with red and light purple colored skin.

"Hey, Halloween is a few months away and I doubt anyone would want to look purple!" she shouted.

The creature looked at her and ran to punch her. She went intangible and the punch flew through and left a hole in the road. The creature let out a confused grunt when Dani turned back in her ghost form and tried to punch her again. She went intangible again and watched as the creature tried to in vain to hit her.

"Why girl no fall down?" asked the creature,

"You ever heard of ghosts?" asked Dani.

She fired an ecto blast which sent the creature flying. It hit the lamppost and much to Dani's surprise is dissolved in a purple light only leaving its clothes which were just a simple shirt and pants. Dani flinched at the way it vanished being reminded that almost happened to her a month ago. She noticed purple fumes coming out the clothes and quickly covered her nose from the disgusting odder it gave off.

She quickly changed back in her human form and ran to meet her friends unaware of the second creature spying on them. It growled and gave chase.

Danielle met up with her friends at the arcade.

"What happened?" asked Matt,

"There was this weird purple thing that looked human but it wasn't and when I hit him he dissolved into some weird purple gas." said Danielle.

"What? No way." said Allegra,

"That's what happened. The thing was not so smart and looked like some kind of mutant. It was not ghost but looked like the way it dissolved it was like created." said Dani.

"I know weird things happen here but not so weird as this." said Matt,

"When you've seen what I've seen, Matt, it's not as surprising." said Dani.

Suddenly a giant resembling the creature Dani fought just a few moments ago appeared and grabbed Danielle. Everyone in the arcade screamed as it crashed Danielle into the wall and sent her flying.

"You killed brother!" shouted the monster.

Danielle looked up to see it charge and quickly behind a car. The creature smashed through the car and found northing. A pair of transparent invisible hands appeared and grabbed the creature pulling it down into the sewer. It fell into the water and looked up to see Dani Phantom.

"You guys come from an underground city, or some kind evil lab that rips of Frankenstein?" asked Dani.

The creature roared and lunched at her. She went intangible and the creature went right through here. She turned to see the creature try to punch her but like before it went right through here. She dropped the intangibility and grabbed the creature and threw into the wall.

"Where did you come from?" asked Dani.

The creature only roared and lunged at her. She easily blocked the punch and threw him into the wall again. The ghost girl gasped as the creature dissolved like the last one and this time Dani noticed a vial containing a purple glowing liquid. She picked it up and looked at the glowing liquid.

She quickly went intangible and flew out of the sewer and quickly hid to transform back. She looked at the liquid again and ran to meet her friends. A cloaked figure watched from the distance and ran for it.

Dani walked into Matt's house and his parents told her that he was waiting up in his room. She politely said thank you and then walked up. She opened the door to see Matt and Allegra sitting in there and they quickly bombarded her with questions. She quickly calmed them down and explained what happened and held up the vial for them to see.

Allegra quickly examined it by looking at a sample of it. She saw the strangest molecules in the piece of glass. Whatever it was it was something serious. Dani could only look at the vial of purple glowing liquid and felt something was soon going to happen.

The cloaked being walked into a dark room and up to a desk and pressed a button on it. The wall opened up to reveal a built in view screen that came to life and the image of the man known as Sovereign appeared on it.

"Yes?" came the voice of the mysterious leader,

"Two of our units were deactivated and disposed of while attempting another robbery sir and the vial the second one was carrying is gone." said the man.

"That's impossible. No human can defeat my creations. Has the attacker been identified?" asked Sovereign,

"No sir, but I just dispatched an intelligence division to investigate." said the cloaked servant.

"Good, find out what you can and then abduct the printer. When you have him take him to Warehouse 44 at the docks and start the operation. When you have the money load up the truck." said the Sovereign,

"Sir, rumor has it that it is possible a ghost is here. The Government has contemplated on sending members of the GIW to investigate those rumors." said the cloaked man.

"A ghost you say. This wouldn't be the first time a ghost was behind a strange occurrence. If it is a ghost then I will send for reinforcements. In the mean time carry on." said the Sovereign.

The image faded and Sovereign stood up from his chair and walked over to a machine in the lab.

"A ghost he says. It is a good thing I was prepared but I hoped to wait till our operations extended to Amity Park. If it is a ghost then I need to get ready." said Sovereign quietly to himself.

With that he typed on the machine at a fast incredible rate. Electricity sparked from the wires surrounding the machine in front the computer was a glass tube that was being filled with purple liquid and then he inserted a disk and the image of DNA appeared on the computer.

"I have come a long way and I will not be denied." said the Sovereign.

Next Day

Allegra, Matt, and Dani were in the science lab taking another look at the strange purple liquid.

"Why don't we show it to the teacher?" asked Matt,

"Then he'll ask us where he got it. It's a bad idea to show this to them." said Danielle.

Allegra opened the vial and gasped as it bubbled up and a small drop melted through the floor.

"Acid!" said Allegra,

"Okay, opening that is a bad idea." said Danielle,

"You think?" asked Matt is a sarcastic tone.

Meanwhile outside the school several of the same human like creatures Dani Phantom fought last night appeared behind a man with dark hair and glasses.

"This is where the tracker is detecting our little chemical. Find it and we will find the one responsible." said the man.

He gestured the creatures to follow and they entered the building. The bell soon rang and Dani and her friends were outside. Several teens followed them and they soon were surrounded in an ally.

"So kid you think you make us look bad." said the leader,

"I don't know what your talking about." said Danielle.

"You're the one pranked us with those water balloons." said the leader.

A bunch of kids insulted Danielle and her friends a while back so she got back at them by using her ghost powers and slipping water balloons into their lockers. Their reaction was priceless when their lockers where opened and a flood came out.

"Any problems here?" asked a voice.

They turned to see a muscular blond man walking up to them. The teens gasped and ran off. The kids turned to look at the man. This was their biology teacher Lucas Storm.

"How did you know . . ." asked Allegra,

"Followed the lambs from the school. Messed up teens those guys are, aren't they?" asked Lucas.

"You got that right." said Danielle,

"Well, if it isn't Danielle Fenton. The smart girl with a spunky attitude and slight temper problem. I wondered who caused that water balloon accident." said Lucas.

Danielle blushed as se rubbed the back of her smiling nervously.

"They asked for it. They keep walking through the school like they own it." said Danielle.

Lucas laughed.

"Relax. You're not in my school, Danielle, so you're not my problem to deal with." said Lucas.

Danielle chuckled and Lucas asked them if they wanted get some dinner. They smiled and nodded. They sat in a cafe at table in front of the window.

"So Danielle, how come I've never seen your parents around?" asked Lucas.

Danielle rubbed her head and moved her eyes back and forth.

"They are always busy and not enough time at home. I usually hang out with my friends." said Danielle,

"I see. Well good thing you . . . Yes!" shouted Lucas suddenly.

They jumped back as he shouted at the TV that was showing a football game. He stopped and looked at them.

"I'm a bit of a city boy myself." said Lucas.

They all chuckled nervously and watched as he cheered at the game on the TV. They walked out later and Lucas asked them if they needed a ride home. They politely declined and waved their good byes. Or at least it was planned as a good bye.

A humanoid creature jumped out and attacked them and lunged for Danielle.

"What the?" asked Lucas.

Danielle jumped and avoided the creature. Lucas quickly ran up and rammed himself into the creature attempting to knock it off balance. The creature didn't even budge and turned to the biology teacher. Danielle hit behind some bushes and quickly transformed.

"Hey, tall, purple, and ugly. Does baby want its vial?" asked Dani, holding up the vial.

Lucas gasped at the appearance of Dani Phantom. The creature turned to her and tried to grab but she went intangible and the attack went through her.

"They say three's the charm but not in this case." said Dani.

She blasted the creature. Suddenly several more creatures jumped at her. A cloaked man came and pointed at the girl.

"Grab the vial." said the man.

Lucas had no idea what was going on but that girl needed help. He closed his fists and tried to the punch the first mutant monster but the felt like he was hitting a brink wall. The creature simply smacked him into the wall. Dani gasped and sighed in relief that he was only knocked out.

"Hey, scales for brains, come and get me." said Dani.

She flew over the building and the mutants jumped up and to Matt and Allegra's surprise they landed on the roof. One mutant stayed behind with the man.

"The printer and the engraver have been caught. Go to the warehouse and ship the cargo." said the man.

Lucas heard the whole thing as he regained conscious.

"So much for marking homework tonight. Warehouse huh?" asked Lucas.

The Docks

Inside a warehouse they was a massive printer and two men were working on printing money and the several humanoid monters stuffed them into bags and loaded them onto a truck. The man lowered his hood and turned to a computer. The Sovereign appeared on the screen in his chair.

"We have the printer and the engraver sir. The money is coming in as planned the truck is being loaded." said the man,

"Excellent. Ship the cargo when it is ready." said the Sovereign.

"There is one other thing." said the man,

"Yes." said Sovereign.

"The person responsible for the disappearnce of two units was a small ghost girl with resemblance to the Ghost Boy of Amity Park. Some sort of younger relative." said the man,

"Impossible. Get the intellegence division moving and gather all the information you can on this ghost girl. I will send a spy division to Amity Park to gather information from there." said the Sovereign.

"Yes, Master." said the man.

The screen went blank. The creatures continued to load the money into the truck when the lights went out. The man looked around nervously.

"Peek-a-boo. I see you." said a voice.

He was soon knocked out by a green blast. The creature gaurding the two men used to make the money was also knocked out and Dani Phantom appeared behind it. The men gasped but Dani quickly sushed them and pointed to a neaby exit. She then vanished as the two men made a run for it.

The knocked out servant regained consciousnes and saw the men escaping.

"After them!" he shouted.

The creatures dropped the bags and pursued the men. Suddenly Dani Phantom in front of them and launched a side kick at the first knocking it over. She flew up into the air and looked down at them.

"How about you just stop what you're doing and nobody gets hurt?" asked Dani,

"Get her!" shouted the servant.

He grabbed another one of the mutant thugs and pulled it to the driver's seat.

"You drive the truck. We need to get the money out of here." said the man.

The mutant thugs jumped at Dani but she all did was go intangible and they hit the ceiling.

"They maybe ugly but they jump good." muttered Dani.

The truck started and Dani quickly landed on top of it to take out the driver. Or at least she would if not for the massive hand grabbing her and tossing her so hard she hit the wall on the other side of the warehouse. One pulled out a rocket launcher and fired it but Dani went intangible and the rocket blasted through the wall. The blast was seen by anyone who was awake and the biology teacher Lucas saw the explosion in his car as he followed the ghost girl's trail.

He turned to the warehouse's direction and went full speed. The cloaked man smirked and started the truck he quickly drove forward at full speed and smashed through the front doors. Dani blasted all the mutant humans with a well shot ecto blast and flew after the truck. The man smirked and gasped suddenly as he looked forward and saw car in front of them.

The man and the mutant screamed as their truck flew into the river they drove into to avoid the car and Lucas' hit the wall. The man and the mutant jumped out the truck as it sunk and swam to the surface. Dani flew out and saw the biology teacher knocked out. She quickly pulled him out of his car and her hand glowed blue.

This power allowed her to heal injuries which was something she discovered a while ago. She sighed and knew the teacher was okay and wondered what he was doing out here. She shook her head and flew off.

The Dark Castle

"What do you mean you lost the money? The ghost girl? She set the operation back!" shouted the Sovereign.

The screen went black and the man walked out of his chair.

"Whoever that ghost girl is she will pay dearly for this. Ghost or no ghost nothing will stand in my way." said Sovereign as he looked out the window and the massive wires that sprouted outside the castle sparked with electricity illuminating the Sovereign's hidden fury.

He turned to the computer again and pressed a button.

"Get a spy squad ready and head for Amity Park as soon as they are ready. Find the working bases of all ghost hunters and hack into their files for any information on a ghost girl with a great resemblance to the ghost boy known as Danny Phantom." said the Sovereign.

"Hes, Master." said a voice.

The Sovereign then turned to a glass tube that had something glowing inside.

"Whoever you are you have done a mistake of getting in my way. Fortuantly I anticipated this event and have come prepared." said the Sovereign.

The glass tube has something glowing green inside.

Dani walked into her large and empty apartment. This building was pretty much abandoned but it was easy for her since she did not have much of a home. She mostly hung out with her friends at their places. She looked out the window and sighed.

Looks like there was something going on in Angel's Wings which can only mean trouble for her.