Summary: She's a Phantom: Part 2 Danielle has finally defeated Sovereign but she is about to face something more evil that could destroy the world and all she cares for.

Danny instantly moved in front of Danielle to protect her from her dark future. Dante simply stood there waiting for him to attack.

"Not going to attack, big brother? I could wait for you to come with a plan to attack me or run away. It makes little difference in the end." said Dante.

Danny fired several ecto-blasts at her but she blocked with an ecto shield and the attacks rebounded off of it. Danny quickly grabbed Danielle and jumped out of the way. Future Danny charged at her but Dante simply slapped him out of the way with such force he was sent flying a few miles away. The two Valeries fired lasers but she sidestepped every attack casually.

Danny made the first move. He flew straight at Dante and gave a hard punch which Dante sidestepped and turned around to land a horizontal chop at Danny's back. He twisted his body to dodge and quickly evaded the attack. Future Danny appeared and kicked forward charging at Dante.

Dante's nails turned grew into sharp lances and she gave a quick slash which Future Danny dodged. Dante created six duplicates and they surrounded both Dannys. One disappeared and reappeared behind them and slashed at them. Dante and her duplicates teleported in and out slashing their lance like figures down on their foes.

Future Danny quickly spun in place and created a ghostly twister which stopped Dante and her duplicates from attacking. Dante, unfazed by their efforts, quickly fired ghost rays from her hands. The Dannys dodged and Future Danny quickly teleported behind Dante. She turned to see Future Danny launch a hard kick which Dante caught and pressed her palm against Future Danny's body knocking him down to the ground hard.

Danny quickly flew at her and tried to punch her but Dante reacted by high kicking Danny's punch. Dante than spun around and launch another kick which hit Danny's hard. Danny was sent flying back with a yelp of pain. Future Danny flew forward and tried to punch her but Dante caught his wrist and tossed him back.

"Perhaps attacking me head on is the wrong tactic." said Dante.

Vlad appeared and created three duplicates and they all fired ghost rays right at her. Dante's eyes narrowed and a green shield appeared around, taking the hit. Dante then clenched her fist and a green fire blazed in it. She threw a punch which released a stream of ghost fire that knocked Vlad back and burned all of his duplicates.

"I don't suppose it's not too late to join, is it?" asked Vlad.

Everyone glared at him.

"Just kidding." said Vlad.

Dante simply fired sharp energy disks at them.

"Don't let them touch you!" shouted Future Danny.

They all started to dodge but one missed Danny by an inch, tearing a piece of his shirt off. Vlad also dodged but a piece of his cloak was torn off but Future Danny managed to avoid them all. Future Danny then flew at Dante with a spinning kick but she blocked with an open palm and parried it.

Green fire blazed in Dante's hands as she pointed them at the Dannys and released a firestorm of ghostly fire balls. They all dodged and Danny looked to see Dante flying at him with a heel strike. He dodged just in time as Dante's attack shattered the earth below her. Danny the aimed a fist at her but Dante grabbed his arm and threw him in the air.

Danielle watched with the others as her brother and his future counterpart took on her dark future.

"This is crazy! Why are we standing here and not helping?" asked Danielle,

"You're still haven't recovered all of your strength from being turned back to your normal self." said Maddie.

"I know but they are taking on my jerky older self. I should be the one taking her out." said Danielle,

"You're still not powerful enough to fight ghosts as powerful as her." said Jazz.

"There's got to be something we can do." said Danielle,

"Actually I have just the thing." said Jack, pulling out a small device. "This device is the Fenton Energy Enhancer. It can increase the power of anything and I modified it to increase the powers of your and Danny's."

"Great! I'll take it!" said Danielle.

Danielle took the small device and it attached itself to her arm and small wires with needles on the end attached themselves to her skin. She flinched a bit from the slight pinch of the needles and the device started to glow. She felt her power starting to increase and quickly changed into her ghost form. Her body started to glow green from the power increase.

She smirked and flew straight towards the battle.

Dante smirked as Future Danny, Danny, and Vlad tried to fight but it was all too easy. She had actually trained to hone her powers over the years and with the Crown of Fire and Ring of Rage she was unstoppable. Suddenly something flew at her with blinding speed and sent a kick into her stomach that forced her to skid back. She held one hand over her stomach and glared at whoever dared to hit her.

She was surprised when it Dani Phantom not too far away in a fighting stance.

"Danielle!" said the Dannys and Vlad,

"Might I ask what you're doing?" asked Dante, glaring at her past self.

"You want to ask questions or do you want to get your butt kicked?" asked Dani.

Dante fired a ghost ray at but she quickly dodged. Dani fired back but Dante created an ecto-shield, blocking the attack. She then fired ghost lightning at Dani. She dodged and the others joined the fight.

Future Danny and Danny tried to attack but Dante created duplicates that all released a Ghostly Wail.

They were hit and sent flying back by the shockwaves. Vlad tried to grab the Crown of Fire but Dante grabbed his arm and threw him over her shoulder.

"This place is getting a little too stuffy. I believe a change of setting is in order." said Dante.

She held up the hand that held the Ring of Rage and released a green light that blinded everyone. When the light finally began to dim Dani opened her eyes and gasped at her new surroundings. They were on a large green floating platform in the Ghost Zone. She looked to see Dante standing with an evil grin.

"This place is perfect for your graves." said Dante,

"We'll see about that!" shouted Danny.

Dani, the two Dannys, and Vlad flew at Dante who stood waiting for them casually with her hands at her side. Dani launched a punch but Dante dodged and knocked Dani back. Future Danny and Danny quickly kicked Dante back. She stood up and raised her hands.

Two large ecto-balls appeared in her hands and they kept on growing. She fired them at both of the Dannys and they did not have time to dodge. They pressed their palms against the energy balls as they were pushed back by the force of the attack. Dante laughed as the ball pushed them back even farther.

However Danny and Future Danny used all of their strength and finally pushed the energy balls back towards Dante. She simply smacked them away as they neared her. Dante held up her hand that had the Ring of Rage and it along with the Crown of Fire glowed bright green before releasing a giant energy wave at everyone. Everyone was hit but Dani ducked under it in time.

The others spun back and hit the ground.

"This was too easy." said Dante.

Dani charged and tried to hit her but her hand went right through her. She gasped as her came out and noticed it had no effect at all. Dante smacked Dani across the room until she slid to the edge.

"Since you're the one who started this you'll be the first to suffer before I secure my future." said Dante.

She raised her hand Dani glowed bright green before being lifted up into the air. Dante spun her hand around causing Dani to fly all over the place. She then sent Dani crashing into the ground. Dani quickly pressed a few buttons on the power enhancer Jack gave her.

Dante grabbed Dani's shirt and pulled her up.

"This is the end." said Dante,

"No, it's not!" shouted Dani.

She released a Ghostly Wail that's power was amplified ten times by the Fenton Energy Enhancer which sent Dante flying back hard. The enhanced Ghostly Wail sent her flying back and Dani quickly grabbed the Crown of Fire. Without it the Ring of Rage was useless. Dante growled and tried to attack but Dani countered with a hard strike.

The platform in the Ghost Zone vanished they found themselves back at the battle field they were at before.

"They're back!" shouted everyone.

Dante got up and growled softly. She was extremely weak from her fight with them. She could feel the sweat coming down. Dani collapsed and took the Fenton Energy Enhancer off.

She was exhausted from the fight. She looked around and noticed the Fright Knight and Dan Phantom were down and being held by a special net designed to drain ghost's power and Pariah Dark was useless. This could not be the end. She looked down the Fenton Ecto Injecto and chuckled bitterly.

"You fools have ruined everything! My future and my plans! Now that you have ruined I shall not stop until this world is completely destroyed!" said Dante,

"And how do you plan to do that, Dante?" asked Future Danny.

Dante smirked and held up the Ecto Injecto.

"This has more than just Dan's DNA on it. It also increases a ghost's power greatly." said Dante.

She took it and stabbed it right into her chest. She growled softly as it entered and she felt she was loosing control of herself. She then felt she was becoming stronger and more powerful. She then noticed her body was glowing green and smiled evilly.

The heroes gasped as Dante was engulfed in a wave of darkness that grew bigger. Her red eyes were darker now and her hands were now sharp claws. She breathed fire which surrounded the heroes. They then noticed the fire was closing in on them and jumped out of the way.

"We need to stop her now!" shouted Future Danny,

"You got it!" said Danny.

Danny fired an icy ray but Dante blocked it easily with her hand. He ran at her and tried to attack but Dante grabbed Danny and tossed him over her shoulder. Future Danny fired ghost lightning which Dante dodged easily. She punched the ground which created a small earthquake which everyone dodged.

Future Danny and Danny duplicated and then released eight Ghostly Wails combined into one. The powerful attack hit Dante head on and sent her flying back. She hit the ground hard and groaned. Her flaming was almost put out.

Future Danny pulled out a thermos and sucked her in along with Dan Phantom and Pariah Dark. They all screamed as they were sucked into the thermos. He looked down at the thermos in shock.

"I can't believe it. It's over. We've won." said Future Danny,

"You didn't think we were going to win?" asked Danny.

"Not really. We haven't had a victory in a long time." said Future Danny.

They heard cheers and Future Danny turned to see Future Sam run up and kiss him. Sam and Danny blushed at that.

"So what do we do with this?" asked Danny, pointing at the thermos.

"I'll take that." said a voice.

They turned to see Clockwork appeared out of a portal. He smiled at them and Danny gave him the thermos.

"Congratulations to you all. You have saved the world and the timeline from a great threat. Danny I believe your sister has passed her trial and now shall continue to do great things just like her family." said Clockwork.

Danny smiled and turned to his younger sister who was smiling back.

"These ghosts are too dangerous to be released. So now I shall send them to the realm of eternal nothingness. I hope this will contain them for good." said Clockwork.

The thermos was sent into a portal and vanished.

"Now I believe your future counterparts should be sent back to their own time. Or should I say forward into their own time?" asked Clockwork,

"Good idea. There's a good chance my little sister is waiting for me there." said Future Danny.

They all waved goodbye as their future counterparts walked through the time portal and vanished.

Danny walked through a house that he had never seen before. He turned when he felt someone behind him and looked to see Sam looking more beautiful than ever. He kissed her cheek and she blushed.

"I have a surprise for you." whispered Sam.

Two kids jumped out from behind her and wrapped around Danny's legs. One was boy and the other was girl.

"Hi, Daddy!" shouted the kids.

Danny was so happy that he felt nothing could go wrong.

Danny awoke in his room and looked around. Was that a dream or a vision from the future? He smiled and walked out of his room and noticed Danielle was still asleep. He quietly walked into and ran his hand through her hair.

In the void of the realm of eternal nothingness a thermos floated. Suddenly three faces appeared on it showing great evil inside of