I have never done a fanfiction on this site, so I decided to give it a try.

Summery: After Meredith finds out some disturbing news. She seeks comfort from her friends. This takes place a month after Season 3 ended. But Izzie and George didn't sleep together and George isn't married.

Disclaimer: I don't own Grey's Anatomy.


The hospital seemed dead. It wasn't a good sign. The OR board was empty and only one surgery was being held. A dead OR board. Not good.

"It's a quiet board," The Chief said with a worried tone.

"It's going to be fine, Richard." Burke sighed.

"Quiet Board," Mark said as he walked up.

The Chief let out a groan.

"Quiet Board means trouble. Quiet Board is not good. Remember the last quiet board. I ended up with a bomb in my OR." The Chief reminded the two gentlemen following him.

"A bomb?" Mark asked.

"It was really in my OR," Burke said.

The chief glared at him.


"God, he walks around like nothing happened," Christina said in disgust as she watched Burke walk by. "A month ago, he cancelled a wedding. A wedding that he wanted. I wanted a quiet wedding. I did want a wedding, you know. Just a month ago. What did I do?"

"Christina, you have to stop beating yourself up about it. It was a month ago and Burke is an ass," Meredith said. They were sitting together with Izzie on a stretcher in the hall across from the nurses' station.

"I was ready. I was ready to go down there. What bride doesn't get nervous?" Christina said not paying any attention to Meredith.

"Christina!" Meredith said. "Stop it… It wasn't your fault. Okay?"

"Let's just change the subject," Izzie said. "We get interns soon. There, lets talk about that. Okay?"

"I can't wait to torture them," Christina said sitting up a little more.

"Hey," Alex walks up and takes bite of his apple. "What are we talking about?"

"Torturing interns," Meredith smirked.

"I can't wait," Alex said.

"Me neither," Christina said.

"When do we get them?" Izzie asked.

"A few weeks," Christina answered.


Meredith and Alex walked up the stairs to the porch.

"So where has McDreamy been?" Alex asked. "Did I just call him McDreamy?"

"Yeah you did," Meredith laughed. "I don't know. I haven't seen him much lately. Actually, I think, I'm going to go see him."

"Okay, I'll see you later," Alex said as him opened the door.

"Okay, bye," Meredith said as she headed back to the car.

"Thanks for the ride," he yelled to her. She nodded and waved as she backed out of the driveway.


His car was in the driveway. She looked around the property. The lake seemed so still even though there was a storm close by. She watched a little wave formed with the wind. She sighed and smiled. She loved the lake. She walked towards the door of the trailer and fished through her purse to find the key he had given her. He always told her not to bother to knock. She finally found it. She stuck it in the lock and opened it in one swift motion. She stepped in and her jaw dropped at the sight she saw. There was her half sister, Lexi Grey, and her boyfriend, Derek Shepherd, together… in bed.

"Meredith," Derek's eyes grew worried, sad, shameful, apologetic, and as if he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar all at once. He quickly got off of Lexi, who pulled the sheet up to her chin. Derek took a blanket and wrapped it around him.

"I hope she was worth it," She said as she ran out of the trailer, crying.

"Meredith," He followed her. "Please, Meredith listen."

"No, leave me alone, Derek." She sobbed.

"I love you," He yelled.


"That's your half sister?" He said slightly taken back.

"Go to hell, Derek," She yelled and got into her car.


The hospital was yet to become active, and Christina still had to stay on-call. She had lost hope for any type of surgery since there were no patients… even in the pit. Most of the post ops were fine or under the car of someone else.

"Monitor my patient in 2930. I'm going on a break," She said lazily and walked off before the nurse answered.

Just as she sunk into the low, uncomfortable bottom bunk of the on-call room, her pager starts vibrating and beeping. She sighs and gets up. Why were they paging her? There was nothing to do. She picked it up and opened the door.

"WHAT?" She yelled to the nurses standing at the nurses' station.

"We've got two incoming by helicopter and six incoming by ambulance."

"What are they?"

"A shooting, it led to a car accident."

"Damn it. Page Dr. Shepherd, Burke… Just page all the doctors."

"Yes Doctor."

"How far out are they?"

"The copters will be here in five minutes. The others will be shortly after." She said picking up the phones.

"Everyone who is not paging, get to the pit. Bad ones send to trauma others… just find a room. Get an intern and start. I'm heading up to the roof." She yelled then mumbled. "The quiet board can kiss my ass."