by Pip

Summary: They belong together - It's as simple as that. DV

A/N: Damn me! I only intended this to be the first little chapter, but then that led to an idea for another chapter, and than that chapter created another idea for the next chapter, and now I find myself with another series on my hands! Except this time it's actually more 'story' than 'vignette', seeing as all the chapters are related to one another. It's DV of course, and there's JD of course, and as always, and underlying theme of the team being there, if not made obvious. So all around goodiness that you love from all the other serieses! YAYSA!

And, as usual, all spoiler warnings will be stated before each chapter. Enjoy!



Jack didn't even look up at the sound of his front door opening. There was only one person it could be - only one person who the formalities of knocking had been lost on years ago. The sound of a bag being dropped in the hall was heard, then the familiar steps of standard-issue military boots on tiled floor.

The General turned towards the entryway, an expected flippant remark on his lips. He silenced his greeting as Daniel smiled and put a finger to his lips - a move that always had Jack keeping his mouth shut, much to the surprise of anyone who knew the outspoken man. Jack nodded in understanding as his younger friend pointed to the cell phone placed against his ear.

Daniel rolled his eyes as he walked into the kitchen, handing off a slim package to Jack before moving to the refrigerator. "I'll make sure to keep an eye out for any tigers looming to attack."

Jack raised an eyebrow at the statement, then smiled with pride as the first thing Daniel pulled from the fridge was a beer. It had taken a lot of rigorous training and coercing, but the archaeologist had finally come around to seeing the beauty in Jack's ways.

"Oh, it escaped from the zoo." Daniel said with amusement as he pulled up. He looked at Jack mischievously, twisting the top off his bottle with an expert's ease. He took a sip, then shook his head. "Did I say that? Now you're putting words in my mouth."

Jack bit back a laugh at the naughty smirk that played across Daniel's face. He could only imagine the possible things the person on the other end of the phone had said. Daniel took another sip from his bottle, then indicated to the package with it. He mouthed the words 'open it' to Jack.

The older man nodded. He put down his beer and laid the spoon down against the edge of the skillet, letting the vegetables simmer. Reaching for the light package, Jack carefully tore at the brown paper concealing what was inside. He knew from experience that gifts from Daniel were usually rare in value and high in age, meaning they were meant to be handled with care.

"Oh really?" Daniel asked into the phone as he watched Jack. He smiled warmly as his friend's face broke out into a happy grin at the sight of what he'd received. Daniel knew the moment he'd seen the old manuscript of hand-drawn ancient star maps that there was only one person who could appreciate it as much as he did, if not more.

Jack examined a few pages, then stepped up to Daniel.

"You're the best." He whispered loudly into Daniel's ear; bringing a hand to squeeze at the back of his friend's neck. Daniel grinned at him. Jack could hear the murmur of a female voice on the phone, and he watched as Daniel rolled his eyes. The heat he felt from the cell confirmed that Daniel had been on it a long time.

"Of course it's Jack!" Daniel sighed. "Where the hell did you think I was?" Jack stepped back a bit. "Oh yes, Vala - I stopped off in Washington to visit my other girlfriend."

The General turned back to the dinner he was making, a smirk coming to his lips. He caught out of the corner of his eyes Daniel shake his head some more.

"What does she look like?" He laughed, and eyed Jack up and down. "Oh, about six-one, silver hair..." Jack sent Daniel a warning glare, and Daniel just shrugged. His blue eyes closed quickly as his face scrunched up in a disgusted face.

"Ewww, that's just icky!" Daniel groaned. Jack silently inquired with his eyes, and the archaeologist just as quietly told him he really didn't want to know. The younger man placed the bottle to his lips again and drained it dry.

"You're driving me to drink!" Daniel laughed as he moved across the room to the trashcan. He dropped his bottle into the box next to it, getting a satisfying crash as the glass collided with the numerous other bottles in there. Turning back, he found Jack preparing their plates.

"Okay, dinner's ready."

Jack could hear the reluctance in Daniel's voice, and turned to watch his friend. A small smile came to his face as Daniel stuck his hand deep in the pocket of his jeans and looked down at the floor.

"I know..." Daniel sighed. "Hopefully we'll be up there by tomorrow evening...It is too long." He paused, and Jack figured Vala was talking - most likely listing all the things she planned for her and Daniel to do when they got to the cabin, knowing her. "Those all sound perfect."

Jack shook his head - he knew the pair far too well. There was another long pause, which meant Vala was trying to stall the inevitable goodbye. Daniel smiled as she rambled on at a breakneck pace.

"I miss you, baby." He finally said, and Jack could tell by the amusement that sparkled in those blue eyes that Daniel had cut her off with those four tender words. Though he would never admit it, just hearing Daniel use such an endearment had Jack's heart close to melting. It was such a joy to see his best friend so madly, and definitely happily, in love. And such a heartbreak to know that their jobs meant they couldn't always be together, though it was rare when they weren't.

"I love you." Daniel smiled and slowly snapped his phone closed. He looked up at Jack, and shrugged apologetically.

Jack just shook his head, letting his best friend know it was perfectly alright. He carried their plates over to him, and handed one to Daniel. "I think you need another beer."

Daniel nodded, thanking Jack with his bright blue eyes. Without question, he turned to head out the door that led to the back porch.

And in the silence of the kitchen, Jack made a quiet promise to get Daniel to the cabin before sunset the next evening.