Note: The beginning of this is Tai writing in a Diary.

Epilogue: Bonus Track: "Figure It Out"

"We could spend some time together...

What he has I'll never know...

your boyfriend gives you no respect...

and i could see us getting it

So Figure It Out and lets go!"

After that night, Matt was fired from his record label. Some fans protested, but it got nowhere... in the short run at least. The fans that weren't upset with his lifestyle supported him, and so Matt, knowing he still had fans, joined another, more accepting record label. Matt asked Mr. Sakano to come with him to his new label, because he was a great manager. His band was accepting. One member is a little grossed out but said he had been in the band for years and couldn't imagine anything else.

It's been a year since then. When Matt went to the new label, he had songs written about our relationship from beginning to end. And yes, that included the song he sang to me on stage. When he was thinking of names he thought of calling the album "Songs About Tai" But I said that may be a little much for the straight fans, and suggest with something random, and so he came up with, "It Won't Be Soon Before Long."

TK Healed completely and was as good as new very soon after. TK and Izzy are still together and very much in love. It's kind of funny in a way, me and TK switched places. Now i live with Matt and he lives with Izzy.

About half a year ago, Matt went in the studio to record this album, and when he told me the inspiration, I about died. Of course I already knew "Can't Stop" because he sang it to me already, as well as "Back at your door". "Can't Stop" was the first single, and everyone went nuts over it. The CD sold a million copies in the first week!

So now I am here writing in this journal, getting ready to go see the premier of his first concert of the tour. I have front row seats of course, and I can't wait to see this show!

X x x x x x x x x x x x

Tai picked up Izzy and TK, who were on a date and sitting right next to him. Tai sat there and it just seemed surreal. Here he was in the front of a sold out arena with thousands of screaming fans, all waiting to see his boyfriend sing songs that were written about him. Finally after an opening act called Bad Luck was over, It was time for The Teenage Wolves.

Matt came on stage with a big smile on his face. There were so many people there cheering at him, but all Matt saw was Tai. Matt began to sing "Won't Go Home Without You" and the crowed went nuts. But Matt was singing while looking in Tai's eyes.

A while into the concert, Matt looked out at the crowed, and said "Who want's to hear a new song?" Tai blinked. He didn't know about this.

"This is a song I wrote, before me and my boyfriend found out we liked eachother. I thought it was just for me at the time, but i decided I liked it. Its called 'Figure It Out'. Here It Is!"

I'm happy when your with me

Right choice, its gotta be.

I'm happy when you smile

wish you could stay a while.

But the guy your with

His love is just a myth.

I wish that you understood

I love you, and id treat you good...

We could spend some time together!!

What He has I'll never know!!

Your boyfriend gives you no respect!!

And I could see us getting it!!

So Figure It Out and lets go!

Tai was laughing so hard. He knew he was talking about Seth. It was kind of Ironic. The reason they broke up was him being suspicious of Matt. Turned out, he had a right to be! At the end of the show, Tai got on stage and kissed him. Everyone cheered. Tai and Matt finally had a happy ending.

The End

I hope everyone liked this!! I already have an idea for my next Taito! But you've got a few months wait for that one... my priority now is to finish... TAMERS CHRISTMAS:) Will be getting help to write it from my best friend :) not write, but help with Ideas. It's gonna be interesting! Thanks for reading!!!!

The band this album was from, Maroon 5, their first album was called "Songs About Jane" and all the songs he wrote about her. This is a reference to that.

This is my fav song on the album... and the real band's current single :)

The real story is, This song was a bonus track for pre-ordering on iTunes. The other not is, i re-wrote the first 8 lines, because I wanted it to be about passion, not lust.