Summary: Jack loves mornings like this.

Timeframe: AU (Maddie Universe)

Characters/Pairing: Established Sam/Jack, Maddie

Genre: Fluff

Rating: G

Sappy Mornings

She pounces at him, all blue eyes and blonde curls. Maddie has his mischievous smile, and as he catches her, pulling her against his chest, she giggles like a maniac; Sam's childish laugh when she can't stop herself.

He chuckles, wraps his arms tightly around her and rocks the squealing, squirming two-year-old from side to side. "What's up, Mads?"

"Me an' Mommy make you breakfast!" she announces, planting a sloppy kiss against his stubbly chin.

"Sweet." Jack rolls out of bed with his daughter under his arm, grinning at her continuous laughter as he carries her out to the kitchen.

Sam's there, pouring a cup of coffee, and there's a wonderful smelling serving dish piled high with pancakes on the counter.

He puts Maddie down so he can hug and kiss his wife, and just stands there, holding her for a while and humming softly as they sway together to a silent tune.

Sam laughs and plants another kiss on his lips. "Since when are you a morning person, Jack?"

Shrugging, he offers a grin that he knows is incredibly sappy but doesn't care. "Since I realized how much I love waking up to my two favorite girls in the entire multi-verse."

She laughs again, music to his ears, and flicks a finger at the tip of his nose. "Multi-verse, huh?"

He leans back, hands still on her hips. "Heck yeah." Jack grins to himself as he reaches for the dish of pancakes with one hand, snagging Sam by the arm with the other. He drags her with him toward the kitchen table where their little one has already climbed into her booster seat. Yup. He can't imagine ever having a bad morning waking up with his family.