Hello, this is a little story I'm starting on the side while I work on Ramen Nights. I won't update frequently, at least not until I finish up the last chapter for RN. I hope you enjoy this. Its an au kakashixnaruto. . enjoy.

warning: boyxboy eventually. I do not own Naruto series/manga.

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, there lived a young princess, who was said to have been so pretty at birth, that her parents had her locked away in the tallest tower of her very own castle. She had bright golden skin, her long golden hair glistened even at midnight, she had the most captivating eyes, they were like two shining blue gems, in short she was a complete beauty.

Only two people, chosen by the queen herself, would be able to wait on her and see her face, and it wouldn't be until her 18th birthday that she would be allowed to interact with the rest of the kingdom, but only for one night and on that night she would have to find and fall in love with her future husband.

It had been 17 years since the day her parents decided to lock her up and away from prying eyes, and the people of the kingdom were beginning to get curious. Nobody had forgotten the king's promise, a ball with great food and music, but the most important detail was that the princess would be present to pick out her future husband. There were some that gossiped about the princess actually being a monster and the true reason behind her incarceration was to save face for King Jiraiya and his lovely wife, Queen Tsuande.

"Yo, are you all still talking about Naru-hime?" called Kakashi, one of the knights that served directly under the king.

"What else? The ball for her birthday is only 1 month away." Neji rearranged his sword as he took a seat at the lunch room table that was set aside exclusively for them 12.

"She's probably an ogre." Laughed Shikamaru. "Why else would they lock her up. Stunning beauty, yeah poppycock!" He continued to feast on the large chicken leg and ham that was on his plate.

"No, I think they never had a daughter. I mean, I heard that 17 years ago the king was really sick and without an heir. I think they made up the princess to avoid panic and now are going to adopt some random girl from the kingdom." Lee removed his dirty helmet and took a seat.

"What if its a guy?!" Kakashi wanted to fit in with their theories of conspiracy.

"That's dumb!" Shouted Kiba from the buffet line.

"Yeah Kakashi, that's stupid. Why would they hide a prince?! That's something to be proud of." Shino poked at his food with a fork and stared annoyed at Kakashi for even insinuating they actually had the prince locked up there.

Kakashi's smile of joining the crazies disappeared and it was back to his ever lasting uncaring stare.

"Don't speak like that to your superiors." Asuma sat next to Kakashi and picked the small tarts off his plate.

"Sorry, superior." apologized Shino and Kiba mockingly.

"There that's better." Asuma smiled at Kakashi. "Doesn't matter how idiotic that stupid, half baked conspiracy was you still have to respect this dummy."

"Yeah thanks Asuma, that is better." Kakashi stared at him out of the corner of his eye. "And give me back those pastries!" Kakashi grabbed at the plate which Asuma stealthily moved aside.

"Oh strawberry, my favorite!" Chouji reached over the the extended plate removed the 4 strawberry bite sized tarts and threw them into his open mouth.

"Chouji!" groaned Asuma and Kakashi together.

"Now now don't fight over those tarts of youth." Gai set a platter of them in the center that he'd stolen from the line. "Feast!" Just then a kitchen server was running towards their table ladle in hand.

"Give those back!" She was still running towards the table.

"I said feast. Maybe I should have said feast fast!" Everyone grabbed handfuls and stuffed them into their armor and mouths.

"Where are they?" The kitchen maid was fuming with her hands at her hips she looked around at all of them for answers.

"Where are what?" They all mumbled unintelligibly.

"The tarts! Where are the tarts!?" She shook the ladle in her hand as she spoke. Globs of gravy were sprinkling everywhere.

"Hey watch the ladle you're getting that stuff all over my armor." Sakura was disgusted she wrinkled her nose at the dirtied helmet and wiped at it with her napkin. She attempted to shine the gravy out, but instead it just greased up and dulled the metal.

"Ahh!" Agitated the ladle wielding woman smacked Gai on the head with said weapon.

"Hey that hurt!"

"I know." she turned and walked back into the kitchen.

Everyone exploded in laughter.

"Good one Sir Gai." Ino removed her share of the tarts from her medium helmet and placed them on her plate.

"Blossom, are you going to eat that?" Chouji reached over to her plate and removed a large piece of bread.

"Not anymore." Hinata answered. She was a rare beauty. Everyone called her Blossom now a days. She'd grown from a shy little girl and weak medical Knight into a stunning woman with an attitude to match.

"Okay, okay back to the princess. What do you all think she looks like?"

"I say she's a cow. I mean she sits in a room and eats anything she wants." Ino was jealous, but tried not to show it.

"No I think you're jealous you're a cow even though you don't eat everything you want and you don't just sit in a room all day." Lee made it sting. That would pay her back for making fun of his choice of underwear.

"Shut up Spandex!" Ino 2, Lee 1

"I think they're telling the truth. I mean what's hard to believe?" Sakura stopped trying to wipe of the grease from the dulled out metal and continued her meal.

"Well, it is very hard to believe the stupid reason they'd keep her locked up." Shino was messing with a beetle on the table and attempting to communicate with it. Did I mention he was failing miserably?

"I don't care what she looks like." Everyone turned to Neji. "What? As long as she marries me its fine." Everyone stared at him with gleaming eyes. "What? Oh don't tell me you all didn't know I'm marrying her."

Together the knights reached for a roll and attacked the lone, over confident Neji.

"Ow, what you haven't figured it out?"

"What? Why you? Why not me?!" Shouted Lee.

"Well, cause you wear a green spandex suit under that armor for one." Lee slid back down into his seat.

"Why not me?" Kiba was slightly offended to be left out of the running.

"You smell like your horse, Akamaru, all the time." Kiba sniffed at himself, he smelled the horse. He shut up.

"Look before you all need a reason let me sort it out for you. She won't marry a peasant, so that takes out about two thirds of the kingdom. She won't be allowed to mingle with the regular knights, they're a bunch of dirty, drunks, --" He stopped once the room went silent and the Knights of the not so round tables surrounding him each grabbed for a buttery dinner roll. "Who lay their life down selflessly for the king!" He stopped until the attention was off of him once more.

"Okay she'll pick one of us because her father already likes us and we don't have many dangerous one man missions. We just protect the king and protect the inside of the castle in times of peace."

"Yeah all that is true. She probably will pick one of us. I think she may pick me though." Shino looked confidently around the table as if eyeing his competition.

"No, she won't. You're delusional Shino. Not for thinking she'll marry you but because you talk to bugs."

"So you see" He continued in a low voice. "Lee, Kiba, and Shino are out. She won't pick Ino, Sakura, nor HInata because they're women. Shikamaru is gay."

"Hey! I'm not." The half awake man looked up at the voice who called him gay.

"Well, you might as well be because I'm better looking. Asuma, Gai, and Kakashi are too old for her. I'm 19 so we're very close in age and we'll have more to talk about at the ball. In conclusion do you all see why I'm the obvious choice?" Neji stared at them one by one with a smug look on his face.

"What about me?" Chouji pointed at himself.

"You'll eat her." Ino answered from the side of the table as she stood up to drop off her dishes.

Everyone was silent, nobody called Chouji fat, at least not anymore. It was a different story completely, but in one of the kingdoms they had been to the women preferred him over even Neji and Kakashi. They never found out what happened, but that night the last time they saw him he was being led into a room by over 20 very beautiful women. Being fat worked out for him and was the downfall of the other 8.

"Maybe she'll like it." Chouji winked at Ino.

"Ewww. You're all gross. Well, we're out of here." Hinata stood up to leave with Ino and Sakura trailing close behind.

"I don't care what she looks like either. All I know is that she'll pick me!" Kakashi said confidently.

"No, she'll pick me!" Asuma pointed at himself. Suddenly the round table exploded in "me me me she'll pick me" until Kakashi silenced them all.

"Okay gentlemen since we're all so confident, how about we make this a little interesting?" He rubbed his thumb against his pointer and middle finger insinuating a bet.