HI!!!! How are you guys out there? You're beautiful!!!

My first fanfic. Humor, humor, and more humor. This was recomended by my friends and family. This is chapter 1, and I shall post the other chapter's later! You are not obliged to review if you think this story is bad. Its basically the shamans on the chat line with their own username's, love life (Bailong and Jun) and are all wondering one thing: Where is Yoh? Of course there is more to this story than just: "Oh, Yoh, where are you?" There is also a funny romance between Bailong and Jun, my friend's died laughing when they read it.

I hope that you readers will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed it. Writing it was a pleasure. Peace out.

Sorrel Piedra

Chat-ter 1

(Shorty-pants had logged on)

Shorty-pants: Hello?

(Iwuzmurdered and I-flirt-with-a-corpse are chatting)

Iwuzmurdered: I love you.

I-flirt-with-a-corpse: No, I love you.

Iwuzmurdered: Whatever you say, honey cakes

I-flirt-with-a-corpse: After you, sugar flake

Short-pants: H-Hello?

Iwuzmurdered: Let's go down to the movie, Junny-kins. I'll scare everybody with my terrifyingly good looks and the cinema will be all for us…

I-flirt-with-a-corpse: Oh, you're bad, snookie-bear…

Shorty-pants: HELLO???!!!

Iwuzmurdered: Did you hear something, honey apron?

I-flirt-with-a-corpse: That was the sound of my heartbeat. It starts pounding so hard when I look into your dead, lifeless eyes…

Iwuzmurdered; But you can't see them, baby cakes. You're writing to me from somewhere else. But no matter how far you are, you're gorgeous puke-green hair will stay in my mind…


Iwuzmurdered: Huh?

Shorty-pants: Finally! Oh, um, have you guys seen Yoh anywhere?

I-flirt-with-a-corpse: No, Manta, I haven't. Long time no see, huh?

Shorty-pants: Oh, well, yeah! How are you guys?

Iwuzmurdered: Can't complain.

I-flirt-with-a-corpse: Can't complain with you in my life, my purple-skinned zombie…

Iwuzmurdered: You make my heart expand, that is you would if it wasn't ripped out when you're family murdered me.

I-flirt-with-a-corpse: You muscular hunk, you…

Shorty-pants: (sweat dropped)

(Crybaby Tam has logged on)

Crybaby Tam: Oooh, um, h-hello?

Shorty-pants: Tamao! Finally!

Crybaby Tam: Waah! Who's there?

Shorty-pants: Me, Manta: Come on, Tam. So, have you seen Yoh?

Crybaby Tam: Yoh? I—um—(blushes) haven't, Manta. I think I last saw him with Anna.

Vicious Blonde: Nope, not with me, either.

(Vicious Blonde had logged on before I could say so)

Crybaby Tam and Shorty-pants: Yah!! How can you log on without anyone knowing?

Vicious Blonde: I have my secrets.

Shorty-pants: (whispers) that's news.

Vicious Blonde: What was that, Shorty?

Shorty-pants: Oh, nothing. Heh, heh, heh. (Sweat-drops)

(Shorty-pants has logged off to hide)