Chapter 20: Rose's Grim tales conclusions

Heaven, the reward for those of the faithful and good. Hell to those who followed the path evil. And too many, a utopia of supreme greatness. With its clean, shining fields and high standards, and lack of evil it would seem to any mortal living there that it was truly an eternal paradise. Of course no normal resident of Heaven would ever guess that there would be normal things such as schools or a military of any kind. At the holy kingdom's large, light infused gates a sudden flash of light was brought forth from someone only with the powers of light could do. The pillar of light slowly faded and Havon stood and looked up and the gate to her home land, how she had missed it! The Nergal parasite lay contained in the orb spell, unable to act or move. As Havon slowly made her way past the opening gates she couldn't help but smile. The mission had been easy, almost TOO easy. The vain fool and proved even easier to trick then she would have thought.

But Havon could pat her self on the back latter; right now she had to report to her superior and mother and tell her of her success. Maybe then she could finally join the council. But first a trip back to her room at the academy. In another flash of light Havon teleported herself back to her old familiar room that had been home for most of her life. When she returned Havon looked around at the room before her.

It was a bare, plain room with nothing more in it then a simple bed and wooden oak dresser. There were no widows around and the room was lit by lamps filled with Angelic Fire yet oddly enough there was no lack of light as almost all corners of the room were lit up nicely. On the dresser, which held only daily armor which all military angels were required to wear, sat a somewhat plain and very used standard cutlass. The once great glow that radiated off the blade was now so dull it was no more then a night light. Havon blinked back a few tears, after to day she would no longer be a low ranking solider but a member of one of Heavens great army sectors, to be on the same team as her mother it was more of an honor then she thought she deserved. A low knock came from her wooden door and Havon looked up with a startled look on her face.

"May I come in?" A female voice asked on the other side.

Mandy, Rose, Her and Grim Jr were now sitting around in the center of the Underworld library, having discussed all that had happened to Rose within the past half an hour. Both parents had been fairly surprised by the revelation of Rose's other side who they had dubbed "Rose 2" for the reason that they weren't very creative when it came to names. The conversation had been a fairly ugly one, Rose 2 had given both her parents quite an ear full and it had taken a good few minutes for everyone calm down. They had no need to worry about anyone coming in unexpectedly as the library it self was almost a maze of sorts with in tower like bookcases.

"So what do you two plan to do about the loss of our Nergal half?" Rose 2 screamed loudly causing Rose to tremble from the ever growing headache she had gained from the conversation. Didn't that whiny brat EVER shut up? Her let out a deep sigh. "Look Rose, honey. We're not sure what to do given how... odd things have turned out..." She finished as she searched for the right word. "But we'll just have to make do for now."

"What I would like to know is why a certain SOMEONE didn't bother to step in when she saw that her own granddaughter was in danger and her own son and daughter-in-law had to come back early from a well deserved vacation because the someone who's name I will not mention was too lazy to get off her butt and do something for someone other then herself for once!" With that the son of death slammed his body fist on the table causing a small tremor.

Both Rose and Her looked at Grim Jr with perplexed looks. Who knew he had it in him? Mandy however simple gave her son the all too familiar death glare at which the skeleton quickly backed down in fear.

"Sorry mom..."

Mandy let down her death glare. If her son still thought he could stand up to her he was sadly mistaken. "Well what ever you two plan on doing leave me out of it!" Mandy said sharply. "I'm not about to waste time with some sad sack of my so-called granddaughter, when her butt has been whooped into gear then come see me..." With that evil reincarnated stormed out of the tome storage room in an angry huff. Leaving mother, farther, and daughter with an annoying, mental counterpart stuck in Rose's head.

"Well that went just great." Her said dryly. "Your mother never was the helping others type was she?"

Jr shook his head no. The day Mandy turned out to help someone else other then herself was the day Heaven would allow his wife and daughter in. In other words it was preposterous and wasn't going to happen any time soon. Both parents then looked over at their daughter.

"Rose it is clear that we have been expecting too much of you." Her said.

"So your mother was thinking of getting you back to the basic of the basics." Grim Jr said putting a hand over on his wife as he talked. "Stuff like really teaching you how to use some of the simpler spells and using them on unmoving targets, also teaching you a little hand to hand if we can find the time."

With that Rose let out a sigh, "Hey don't even think for a moment that I like sharing my body with a little baby like you!" Rose 2 thought bitterly. Oh will you shut up! Rose screamed mentally back at her. Both parents gave their daughter a caring glance. Knowing there was nothing left they could do the three decided to return to their second home of Vickson, Ohio. Not yet aware of how dangerous the situation truly was.

"You may... mother..." Havon said in a hallow voice still lost from her memories of her years of training at the school that had been her home. Slowly the wood door opened inward and in stepped a women who looked quite similar in physical appearance. She had glowing blood red crimson hair which flowed down towards her shoulder blades. On her right shoulder lay the same cross that her daughter and all angels infused to them at their creation or birth, but hers was the same blood red as her hair. Her body was well built, not heavy with fat or muscle but at the same time neither a lightweight either. Clarz's armor covered almost all of her body save for the neck and head.

"Nervous are you daughter?" Clarz asked with a comforting smile. "I take it your mission was a success then?"

Although Havon did not look her mother in the eye she nodded yes.

"But let me guess, it was almost TOO easy for your tastes? Correct?" Clarz asked as if she had read her daughters mind. Havon gave a slow nod.

"You will miss this place, will you not? The place that has been your home since the day you were born. To leave it and never see it again would not be easy for anyone dear daughter." Clarz said. "But you must not let the pain of past memories stop you from your duty." she said in a more stern tone. "Instead you must look forward to the future for your hope and power. Now come and bring your blade with you Havon, your ceremony shall start soon and we would wish not to keep my fellow council members waiting, now would we?"

With that both mother and daughter set off for their meeting. With each step Havon took towards the room the more her heart began to pump more blood to the rest of her body. In her armor her body was starting to sweat and stick from the fear, thankfully she would not have to remove it during her inauguration to her mother's team. Her blade lay in its enchanted scabbard, attached to her right hip bone. The orb lay still in her hand, the Nergal parasite seemed to grow more and more restless with each passing moment. Before she knew it Havon was standing before her soon to be fellow council members. She already knew the aged Sir Lottery, an angel who knew quite a good bit about the minds of demons and the inner working of mortals. He also had a look in his eyes that said as if he knew something you didn't. To his left as always was Sir Craion, a little rash from time to time but a good soul none the less. The last person she recognized was her mother who next to Sir Lottery was the only one smiling at her, mentally wishing her luck. The other many some council members looked as if they would crack if they would smile like a stone statue. Only difference was that statues, stone or not didn't have light based powers.

"My fellow councilmen, I will not deny that I feared for my daughters' safety when she was assigned this mission." Clarz scanned over each members face before continuing. "But none the less she has come back unharmed and her journey has proved fruit full, I am proud to call her my daughter." At this Havon gave a small blush of embarrassment. A small murmur of agreement rang throughout the large white room. "And now I ask that my daughter become one of us, if anyone as a reason for why she should not join speak now." At this moment Havon held her breath. The moment of truth was upon her. Would she be accepted or rejected, to gain a new rank in life or stay the same for the rest of her existence?

"If I may interrupt." Sir Lottery asked.

"As if anyone would stop you if you did." Sir Craion muttered in distaste under his breath too low for anyone to hear.

"I have no doubt in my mind that your daughter will make a fine member to our council and not to sound disrespectful but I would wish to hurry along her inauguration, I have slightly... more important things to talk about then what a forgive me, mere child will do in our group."

Clarz shot Lottery a death glare who in return ignored it. What could be more important then her daughter's inauguration?

"Very well then..." Clarz said in a less then energetic and flat tone. She then turned her head to her daughter and asked in a stern voice, "Havon, do you swear on your existence and angel hood to uphold our beliefs and cause? Do you swear to smite evil wherever it may lie. And above all do you swear that no soul is beyond redemption?"

Havon nodded her whole body shaking as she answered, "Yes, yes I do."

"Very well then. It is with great pride that I grate thee the class of Planetar. Havon's eyes widened. The Planetar were mighty generals of Heaven's armies that also help powerful mortals on missions of good, particularly those that involve battles with fiends, devils, or corrupt mortals. To be offered that title at her level was an indescribable honor. Havon stood speechless, unsure of what to say.

"Havon, there is a seat for you. You are no longer required to stand." Clarz said bringing her daughter back to reality. Havon quickly did so blushing a little as she moved in between two male angels she did not know.

"Now if I may bring up a slightly more interesting topic." Lottery said in a dryly. "We have long since known that the son of death as well as his wife and daughter have been living on earth for the past 15 years." Clarz couldn't help but roll her eyes. Well of course they knew that! Every member from every council knew that.

"However I have reason to believe that they may in fact be using the town of Vickson, Ohio as a recruitment ground to raise an army to build up their forces and attack us." No sooner did Lottery finish talking then the table of council members burst into a gospel of whispers. There was no way the Underworld would stage an attack on them, what reason would they have for it?

"What information do you have for such an accusation?" Craion shouted as he smashed both his fists on the table, causing it to quiver a little from the hit.

Lottery tilted his head to Craion and said, "They already have taken one resident, a boy by the name of Dan Goldberg. It is my fear that those three will soon have the whole town under their control..." The aged angel paused for a moment to let the information sink in. "I have already gotten permission from His greatness God to strike our foes, taken we give them a week to prepare themselves as so our battle is on the up and up. We have only one week to prepare ourselves for battle, I ask that you only leave gaining the numbers to me as well as membership any of whom I may come across in cause one of us is to die before the seven days are up."

"If God has left this duty to only us then there is no way we can do it, we have neither the numbers nor members to pull something off this large." Craion pointed out. His side of the table as well as Clarz whispered to each other in agreement.

"Ah, but our job is to sniff out evil before it is allowed to bud is it not?" Lottery countered back, causing the right side of the table to burst into its own mutterings of agreement.

"The fact is Craion the choice is not up to you, let's be fair and settle this with a vote shall we? All in favor of going to battle with the Underworld?" At this all of his side of the table raised their hands causing Craion to growl like a rabid dog. "And all opposed?" At this everyone but Havon raised their hand, she simple sat were she was undecided and unsure of who to choose.

"Well, well. It seems we are at an impasse here ladies and gentlemen. It seems we both have the same number of votes on each side and now the tiebreaker lies with our newest member Havon" Lottery said in a fake surprised tone. He then turned his head and looked right at the girl and asked, "So which one will it be? Stay here and gain better control of your new power or jump right into battle to prove your self worthy of your mothers praise and rank?"

For the longest time Havon said nothing. After what seemed like forever to the 16 year old she had made her decision. "I say... we fight!" Havon said with a bit of rising confidence. Lottery smiled, "We there you have it folks! In one week on April 22 2007, we will fight and defeat the uprising evil before it spreads!"

"Meeting adjourned." With that the council members slowly rose from their seats and left the meeting room one by one, save for Lottery. After the last member had left the room and he knew he was alone Lottery began to chuckle to himself.

"I still can't believe those bird brains have yet to figure out my name." With that the old man slowly started to warp and morph. In a matter of seconds he was no longer anything humanoid but instead the powerful demon Violator. His new body was about three or two time the size of his other body. "Eat your heart out Mammon!" The moment he did so the large metal door crashed down with a thundering thud. Craion stood in the door way with the point of his blade pointing at Violator and let out a snarl of anger. Sir Craion then glared at Violator and yelled out; "What have you done with Sir Lottery demon! Speak now and I MAY spare you your life!"

Violator rolled his blood red eyes back, "You moron, there never WAS a lord Lottery. Take my name and take off the V and I and A and O, replace them with a Y and an extra T and you have my name. I've been "Sir Lottery" since day one!" Violator replied crisply.

Oddly enough Craion smiled as if he had always known that. "Thought as much, I was the only one who ever had the backbone to stand up to you and there was something I never did trust about you! So what is your plan then, to take over Hell and Heaven as well as the Earth?"

At this Violator started to giggle. The giggle fit soon quickly turned into a full cause of laughter. It took a moment for the demon to get his breath his breath back. " I...look like too you boy"? Violator asked as he wiped a tear from his eye. "Tento Raijin? Well I'm not! I for one lucked out when Al and I landed in this universe by that pin head Mammon. Not only is this Earth NOT destined for Armageddon but Malebolgia is a pasty compared to the one from MY universe! I am simply doing this out of boredom, that and I DO want my old masters position at some point. But it's mostly just I and some alleys I've picked up experimenting a little."

Craion readied his broadsword for a killing stroke. "Very well then SIR Violator." Craion spat sacristy. "Then on the oath that I swore when I become an angel mark my words; YOU SHALL PARISH!" With that his wings sprang out of his armor, there light glowing like a lamplight. Craion's feet slowly began to hover off the ground until he was completely air born.

Violator simply yawned with a bored look on his face. Clearly he was not impressed.

Craion said nothing but his face tightened becoming harder by the second. He then shot at Violator like a bullet, a holy light infused bullet that is. He then raised his sword up high above his body, ready to strike the demon down where he sat. What happened after this did not matter to him, only that he took this threat down was the only thing going though his mind. His sword was now with in striking distance. He swung the large sharpened piece of holy metal down with all his might and an insane smile on his face.

There was a moment of silence which was quickly broken by the ringing of metal on metal.

Violator sighed and shook his head in disappointment, "You do know that you didn't have to do that, and that I was more the capable of killing this little fly right?"

What had just happened did not quite register on Craion's brain. It took him a moment to figure out what had happened.

"I know that, I just thought you could use the back up is all." A large dark skinned and orange haired man with pure black armor that covered almost all of his body held back Craion's sword back with a pure black blade of his own which had a slightly curvy arrow end on it. His armor also had some kind of gold ruin for show on it as well. Craion tried to move his foe back but the mystery man didn't even budge an inch. Craion then tried to put all of his energy in moving him but only to get the same result. The man then gave a malign smirk which sent shivers down Craion's spine.

"Just who do you think you are trying to move boy?" The man spoke with an evil and heavy voice, the very sound seemed to crush Craion's willpower. "I am the King of Evil, holder of the Triforce of power as well as the powers of the goddess Din! One of the creators of the realm of Hyrule! And you think you can move me?" At this the King of Evil gave a snort of annoyance. "You are a fool if you think that." he growled. He then took one hand off his hilt and it started to glow a purple aura. After a moment of charging he launched his punch at Craion's abdomen.

"Warlock punch!" The darkness infused fist connected, melting past the normal protected armor like a candy bar. Craion felt the burning pain as the malign blow slowly sunk into his rib cage, crushing most if not all if them in one blow. Craion let out a splurge of blood which landed on the stone floor and quickly soaked into the ground leaving a trace of darkened ground in its place. He let out a moan of pain from the aftermath.

"Don't just stand there Ganondork, kill the little bugger." Violator said growing annoyed tone. Ganon's left eye twitched. He summoned two black and purple colored orbs of energy. He brought both hands out with his palms open and let out a battle cry. A small wave of the same colored energy erupted from Ganon's hands and the ray quickly consumed Craion body in a matter of seconds. When the darkness faded there was nothing left of his existence. Nothing was left, not even a blacken outline of ash from his body or spare atom of his very being was left.

With the deed now done Ganon turned his head and snarled. "If I have told you once I have told you a thousands times, MY NAME IS GANON OR GANONDORF, NOT GANONDORK!"

"Yea, yea, yea. Complain to someone who cares." Violator muttered under his breath not really giving a crap about the name deal.

Ganon then took a moment to get his anger under control. When he did he asked; "So what are our plans now, when you freed me you promised that I would be able to return to my home land with enough power in a time with out the Triforce of Wisdom or Courage wielders to stop my plans of conquest by anyone else. "

"And I will, make no mistake. But right now you still owe me one from freeing you from the Sacred Realm. Besides, I have some big plans for both Mr. Goldberg and Miss. Havon."

"Actually that was something I wanted to talk to you about, Violator!" A new voice said. Both Ganon and Violator looked up and saw a man, covered in all darkness but one could still easily make out facial and cloth features on his body. A pure black cane with a silver handle rested in his right hand which was being used to support his body as he leaned on it, smiling all the while.

Violator let out a deep sigh, "It's about time you got here Dick." Ganon said nothing as he sheathed his sword back into its black scabbard. There was something about this man that told him not to cross him.

Dick's smile widened, "Forgive me Violator, I would have come sooner but I deiced to give Mr. big, bad King of Evil some time to cool off." Dick oddly enough said this in quite a polite tone despite the insult. Ganon again said nothing; he was not one to wear his heart on his sleeve. Dick then removed his body from his cane and slowly walked towards both men. When he was but inches away from the demons face he said, "I passed the message to Masahiro and I will lead him to Sadako and little Sakura when the fight starts, in exchange of the Black chapter like you promised you would get me when all is said and done."

"By the way if I might ask what are your plans for Miss Rose Mary during the upcoming battle?" Dick asked keeping the same creepy smile on his face as he spoke.

"Don't really care what happens to the girl." Dick's cane then shot out to Violator's neck and growled, "Wrong answer demon! The girl has no special destiny aside from her birth right or is at the least a natural when it comes to fighting but I KNOW what she will become and I will wish to fight her one day. My advice if you want to live make sure Rose makes in though you're little war live, have I made myself clear!"

"All right, all right I get it. Geez, I'll make sure the girl doesn't die. Don't know why you're so interested in her, it's not like she'll ever become an S class demon or anything."

With that Dick removed his cane from the insane demon's neck. He then said coldly, "That Black chapter had BETTER be worth it Violator otherwise I would not waste my time with something so beneath me." With that the dark lord faded back into the shadows of the room and disappeared.

Ganon said nothing. There was one only one person he wanted to fight. Nergal Jr, the strongest warrior in the Underworld and only holder of the soul devouring blade known as the soul edge not to be taken in by it's evil. A sword that ate souls, that could come in quite handy against a certain princess and green wearing elf hero.

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