I know, I know, TWO stories published in one day?! Are you crazy, Shining?! Well, yes, in a sense... but that's not the point. I felt it was only for that I gave the readers of "Danny's Cry" the whole story to why -le gasp- Danny died and why in his name Vlad Plasmius would kill him. That and I need to get some stuff off of my chest, so... we're all good. Please note: NOT A HAPPY STORY! Angst and tragedy do NOT go in tandem with flower petals and romance. Not a happy story. Now that you all know that, let's get this baby started...


SUMMARY: Danny has had it with Vlad's games and puzzles. He wants to finish off his hated archenemy for all time. How? By hurling one last insult, of course. The thing he said, though, makes Vlad Masters boil to the point that a bitter fight and possible death of the one he cares for is the only option... character death. Complete story of "Danny's Cry."

1. Really, Stop Bothering Me

"I am the Box Ghost!" he yelled.

Danny Phantom sighed, and smacked his head in tired anger. It was only nine o'clock that night and already, he was ready to just fly home and stuff himself under the bed sheets. It had been a long day at school and an even-longer day after school had been let out. Ghosts were threatening him from every direction and multiple angles at various times for the last five hours. How was a hybrid supposed to get his schoolwork done if all he was supposed to be doing was saving the city from the ghosts that constantly attacked?

"Beware! My cardboard square containers shall..."

He didn't even finish his sentence before Danny lazily opened up a Fenton Thermos and sucked up the ghost into the seeming soup container. "Shut up, please," he told him.

With this comment, he proceeded to fly home to the Fenton Works building on the east side of town and into his room, where he morphed back into his teenage alter-ego, Danny Fenton. Over the past couple of days, he had gotten no more than five hours of sleep for every twelve ghosts he had managed to suck back into the thermos and put them right back into the Ghost Zone. The boy flopped down on his bed and sighed wearily, almost instantaneously falling asleep.

The thermos shook. "Beware!" a muffled voice yelled.

"And quiet to you, too," he grumbled, winging his feet over the side and trekking downstairs to the lab. He punched in a code on the keypad, allowing the doors to the portal open. Danny unscrewed the cap and thrust the thermos forward, giving his cardboard enemy a scream, a slam of the door, and a walk back upstairs to the living room.

The phone rang. He glared at it and picked it up, mumbling a near-inaudible, "Hello?"

"Why, Daniel, if you sound this tired so early in the evening, you should be in bed," a male sinister voice laughed over the other end.

Danny clenched up as much as an exhausted half-ghost could. "I'm not in the mood, Vlad. What do you want?"

A snort was heard. "Only your company and to defeat you. I was wondering if I could have a moment with you in the office tomorrow. Not as half-ghosts, but as actual human beings."

"Over my dead body," he replied, trying to sound confident.

Another laugh. "That's the whole point of it, little badger."

Danny gripped the phone so tightly, his knuckles began to turn white. "Don't you ever call me that," he growled, his eyes flashing to an emerald green.

"Oh, fudge to that remark, Daniel, you know I will never cease in my little name game for you," Vlad chuckled mockingly, sensing the boy's anger over the phone. "As usual, you're letting your emotions get the best of you, and once again, I will give you the opportunity to join me."

"Really, stop bothering me!" Danny finally screamed into the phone and slammed down the receiver. He slumped down onto the floor and sat there, taking in deep breaths of air, trying to calm himself. Vlad Masters could really get on your nerves, but when it seemed like he knew every single aspect of your daily life, it was just too much to handle without screaming your lungs out at him over the phone.

He didn't move from that position for quite a long time.

He stared at the dead line in his home, his eyes now a shade of blood red. How dare he drop the call like that and scream at him in that manner! The boy needed to learn some respect for his elders, and he was going to teach it to him in any way he thought suitable for the teenage ghost child.

Vladimir Masters was not one for losing his temper, but this was a bit much for the forty year old billionaire mayor of Amity Park to go through. Danny was rare to yell at the older man, and tonight was definitely one of those nights he probably shouldn't have bothered him. No matter. Things always went his way, considering he was a halfa. Possession of the mind and body- that always solved his problems in life. But with young Daniel... no, he would have to do more than that. Something more... forceful, to say the least.

He set the phone down on the receiver and swirled around in his chair, glancing over at the Danny Phantom doll the market had finally began to put out a couple of weeks ago. Why they had decided to make a plushy of the foolish boy, he would never know, but at least it calmed his nerves. Staring into the green eyes, scheming where he would strike next in the boy's heart- it all seemed to come together at unknown times.

He smiled evilly, scratching his cat Maddie behind the ears. All would come in due time, even if he had to go back into the Zone and convince them to try and weaken him again.

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