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There's not a lot of Vlad in this chapter. More like Sam, Tucker, and Jazz. The Vlad-ness is in the sequels.

13. Epilogue: The Guardian's Song

The whole room was silent. Maddie's eyes were red as the casket was brought down the hall slowly, a song playing in the background slowly. It was quiet, seemingly respecting Danny's wishes. It was hard to say what was worse in the trio's eyes- the fact that Maddie and Jack were with each other, not knowing the truth that their friend was murdered by their old college pal… or Vlad looking as mournful as he could.

It sickened Sam to no end that Vlad had volunteered to supervise the entire event. She couldn't believe her best friend's killer was trying to show on the outside that he had some remorse. Ever since that day that they had taken away Danny's body, she had an eerie desire to go to the Mayor's office and beat him senselessly with the Fenton Anti-Creep Stick.

Tucker watched her face turn in Vlad's direction. He squeezed her arm slightly, forcing her to stare back at the front of the church. "Stay calm, Sam," he whispered, swallowing. "We know he did it. This isn't the right time, though."

"You showed them the feed, didn't you?!" she hissed.

He winced at the stinging tone her voice portrayed. "Obviously, I showed them the feed. But we can't tell them that Vlad actually killed him. I told them that theWisconsin Ghost killed him, but not Vlad Masters. I couldn't catch him in mid-morph. He's too smart for that, Sam. You should know that!"

"Guys," Jazz suddenly moaned. "He's staring at us!"

Tucker shut up, but Sam merely glared in the bachelor's direction pointedly. Vlad's eyes flashed red, but she didn't budge. Her eyes brimmed with angry tears as she turned back to the front of the room.

The priest began solemnly a long speech about how Danny's life had been taken from him in the worst way possible- murder. The room seemed to have a stunned aura about them as they listened to the man's speech about how his life was ahead of him… so full and ready for him to be taken with open arms.

Jazz merely stared at the ground in her seat, counting tiles and glancing up every now and then and checking out what Vlad was doing. The man was sitting in his seat with a forlorn look on his face, his lips curling slightly. She felt a wave of anger pass through her, but allowed it to pass. Shifting in her seat slightly, she moved closer to her parents and Tucker, nudging Sam to follow suit. The Goth glanced at her confusedly, but did it all the same.

Vlad's eyes twitched slightly.

The priest looked down at his Bible and mumbled some words to himself before looking up at the audience. "And now, we have some final words to give to Danny Fenton. First up is Tucker Foley."

Tucker bit his lip. Jazz nudged him. "Go," she whispered. "We're all behind you."

Nodding, he stood up and walked up to the podium, feeling sweat come down his neck. He stood behind it and stared at his paper. 'This is for Danny!' he thought.

He could've sworn he felt another presence in the room as he began to read aloud.

"We would hang around each other for days on end and play video games. He'd win sometimes, but I knew all the tricks on how to beat a certain boss or something. He just hacked away at the monsters. If you're wondering who I'm talking about, I mean my best friend, Danny Fenton. He's a guy who could really understand you if you got to know him. We had our squabbles, sure, but we'd make up after a while.

"Being in a family full of ghost hunters can be hard for a sixteen year old already at the bottom of the popularity pyramid. I should know. That's kind of how we became friends in first grade. He loved video games while the other guys liked football and crap like that. They seemed to kind of grow up. I guess we didn't. High school's hard, but when you're a ghost hunter like you parents, it's even harder.

"Yeah, Danny hunted ghosts. He hunted them a lot. It's how he made his mark in Amity Park. None of you saw him though- he couldn't stand that thought of someone seeing him fighting ghosts. It'd make him feel lower than he already did.

"I miss him a lot. I'm not going to be able to talk about guy things with him anymore- like girls or math homework. Or English for that matter."

There was a ripple effect of chuckles. Mr. Lancer smiled slightly.

"So, I wanna say this. I miss you, Danny. I always will, man. Have a great life in heaven.

"Tucker Foley… or TF. As in, 'Too Fine.'"

He made his way to his seat, the clapping intermixing with his feelings of sadness. His tears leaked down his face as he made his way back to Jazz and Sam. The priest looked around. "Next up is Jasmine Fenton."

Jazz stared down at her seat, getting up slowly. This wasn't going to be easy.

But when she felt a hand on her shoulder guiding her to the front, she smiled. He was there.

She took a deep breath and began to read:

"I had a brother. He had raven colored hair, sky blue eyes, and a sort of brooding tendency when his older sister was around. If you know these traits, you know that I'm talking about my younger brother, Danny Fenton. He was killed by a ghost- the one thing my parents swore they would hunt.

"But now I can't help but think about what they've done to help and hurt Danny's life. Like Tucker said, he hunted ghosts when he could- when no one could see him. It helped him keep the city safe, but it also led to his own demise. Danny was murdered brutally by the Wisconsin Ghost- a being that I have learned to hate with every fiber of my being.

"But that's not why I'm here.

"Danny was such a wonderful brother. He tried his hardest at everything he ever did, and yet it didn't seem like enough. He'd go all out in Math, but he couldn't get anything. English wasn't really his strong subject, but it helped him in the way of learning how to balance his life as a ghost hunter and as a student. Two jobs and one of them doesn't even pay money.

"He was psychologically a complex person. No one could ever really read on his face what he was thinking. Even if they tried, more than likely they were wrong. Danny could tell people what was wrong if they had only given him a chance. That's why he came to me when it was too personal to tell anyone else. He could trust me and his friends. It seemed like I was the only family member he could trust with his life.

"Maybe I didn't do a good job with that part."

Jazz wiped her eyes.

"I know he's here in spirit. I can feel him here. His song resonates in my mind…"


"I miss you, Danny.

"Good-bye, little brother. And thanks."

The clapping was louder this time around as Jazz walked back to her seat, looking slightly ill. After all, Vlad's eyes were red the whole time.

"Sam Manson."

The Goth merely stood up and walked over to the podium. She had a small slip of paper. Looking down at it, she read:

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
I know that you're Gothic,
But can you love me, too?"

She blinked tears from her eyes.

"Danny wrote this poem to me last year. Sure, we were a couple of outcasts, but we were outcasts together. We fit in together. People called us a couple, but it isn't really true. We weren't a couple.

"I wish we were now.

"I love Danny. I still love him, even as he lies in this casket next to me, victim of a murder no one was able to prevent. I miss him. I miss his laugh. I miss his scent of deodorant he put on every day. YES, I smelled that stuff. And I miss the fact that we'd go ghost-hunting together. I'd hold the Fenton Thermos, he'd fight it and then he'd suck it in." She chuckled. "Annoying ghost number one was definitely the Box Ghost."

That got some laughs.

She looked down at the wood surface of the podium.

"I miss Danny. I know I always will.

"And I love him."

The cemetery was now empty, the last of the dirt being filled into the hole. Sam's fingers twiddled with a dozen flowers. They weren't of any specific variety- simply a dozen memories of her and Danny. She stared at the marble-slab tombstone that Vlad had custom ordered, a horrible taste in her mouth:

Here lies Daniel James Fenton
April 17, 1991January 21, 2007
Gone but not forgotten
Loved and cherished as a teenager
"Quote the Raven, 'Nevermore'"

She laid the flowers on the top of the grave, her hand coming over her left arm. She missed him terribly.

Quietly, she stood there, pensively.

"Danny, I love you. So much."

Sam tilted a rose petal upward slightly as she leaned over the grave. She got up and turned away, the breeze blowing her hair.

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