Gears of war

Dom and Marcus thought they were imagining things... Had they gone this far just to be destroyed by some giant, blind shit head? Either way, they knew their fate, the world's fate, and the Locusts' fate was in their hands, and it was also slowly slipping away from them... They were in cover, trying to think up something to destroy the Beserker coming for them... No hammer of dawn, no chance... Marcus took a last look at what was to be his fate, only to see that the cars could be disconnected, but Marcus had to lure the Beserker to the car that he could cut off from the rest of the train...

"Dom, stay in cover! I'm gonna put that shit head deep in the dirt!" Marcus yelled.

"Marcus, are you out of you're fucking mind? He's gonna swat you like a fly," Dom replied in fear.

"I'm not out of my fucking mind... I'm using my fucking mind!" Marcus said, charging for his one chance.

"Marcus, no!" Dom yelled, but by then he was one car away from the Beserker, and in absolute rage.

Marcus revved up his chainsaw bayonet, and the Beserker heard him, and charged at the noise like there was no tomorrow, only to miss as Marcus jumped out of the way. Now it was in a uncontrollable rage, but Marcus was ready... He lured it onto the car, and went to the switch.

"Hey shit head!" Marcus called, the Beserker turning his way.

"Made ya look!" He said pressing the button... but something went wrong, and the button was jammed.

"SHIT!!" Marcus screamed, the Beserker coming straight for him.

Marcus needed a plan, and fast... Then he saw his final chance, because he knew the Beserker couldn't be tricked into going off the edge. Then a fuel tank caught his eye, and knew it may be his final chance. He revved up his chainsaw to get the Beserker to go by the fuel tank, and he was there. Marcus got behind cover, and took aim... But there was another problem! His gun was out off ammo. He tore out the empty clip, and started to jam a new one in, but it wouldn't fit in perfectly.

"Aw, come on!" He yelled in rage, unfortunately getting the Beserkers attention... He lost hope, and dropped to his knees, waiting for the creature to ram him.


The Beserker heard of this golden oppurtunity, and was ready to charge but right before he could, the tank blew up, setting the Beserker ablaze and killing him, falling right in front of Marcus. Marcus looked to his right to see Dom reloading his ammo, and relieved that the Beserker was dead.

"What are you waiting for? He's dead, and Jack's ripped the door... and you and me got a planet to save," Dom said, pulling Marcus up on his feet.

"I'll repay you, Dom... Somehow," Marcus said following Dom to the next car.