Robin quickly moved from rooftop to rooftop. "So, tell me again why I'm on patrol with you instead of Batman." Robin yelled ahead to the dark figure that was already moving onto the next rooftop.

Nightwing stopped on the rooftop he had just landed on, and gave Robin time to catch up. "I already told you. Batman wants you to get a feel for the kind of work I do in the haven. I also think that he feels you need to get away from Gotham once in awhile. So, you're here now, why don't you just shut up and deal with it?" Nightwing took off, leaving Robin standing there dumbfounded.

Robin soon took to the sky in pursuit of the man he considered a brother. "But, why, is it that he thinks I can't handle Gotham, anymore?

Nightwing sighed heavily. Dealing with Robin was fine, but dealing with Robin while he was in insecure Timmy mode was not. "Are you going to spend all night worrying like a 50 year old Italian woman, or are you going to start paying attention and keeping up with me?"

Robin was scowling under his mask. "Well, sorry, some of us actually worry about the night life coming to an end. As for the whole keeping up comment, I'm sorry I don't know Bludhaven as well as you do. Oh, great master, please forgive me." Robin mocked as he shot off a jump line.

Nightwing hung his head low. "It's going to be a long night." He spoke softly to himself.

The two of them reached their destination in relatively peaceful silence. As they dropped down off the roof and entered the side ally Robin started to become agitated again. "We're at an old warehouse. Care to tell me why we're at an old warehouse?"

Nightwing heaved a large breath into his lungs and released it slowly before speaking. "Shh, can't you just observe quietly."

Robin stood still barely making a noise after that. He knew when it was thoroughly annoy Nightwing time and when it was shut up and work time.

Suddenly two shadowed figures moved in front of the window they had been staring through. "Okay, we are going to go in when I say so. I'll handle the big one and you can take care of the small one. I've been watching them for awhile. Therefore, I'm pretty sure there are only two of them."

Robin interrupted Nightwing in the middle of his directions. "You're pretty sure? How about a little less uncertainty, ok, buddy?"

Before Robin could say anything further the back of Nightwing's gloved hand connected with the back of his head. "Look who's talking. Anyway, back to the plan. We are going to go in, disarm them, and bring them down. However, we need them conscious. I have questions I need answers to. So, no going all crazy and knocking them all out."

Robin scoffed at that little side note. "I think out of the two of us you're the one that we have to worry about using excessive force."

This time Nightwing's foot kicked out and knocked Robin on his back side. "Okay, get ready we're going in." Nightwing kicked in the window and leapt onto the big ogre like henchman. Robin swiftly flew through the window and attacked the smaller lackey. After they had disarmed and tied the two men up, Nightwing ordered Robin to leave and wait on the rooftop. Robin knew better than to fight with Nightwing in front of people he intended to interrogate, but Robin also definitely planned on discussing Nightwing's decision later.

Robin sat on the rooftop waiting for Nightwing's return. He began to reason with himself the motives for why Nightwing would want to interrogate someone alone. None of the explanations Robin gave himself comforted him in the least bit. After a good ten minuets Nightwing reappeared on the rooftop next to Robin. "What was that all about?" Robin stood firmly in front of Nightwing with no intention of moving until he got an answer.

Nightwing rubbed the back of his head with a gloved hand. "Oh, sorry about that I thought it would be rather distracting with both of us there. Now come on, I'll lead you to the actual fun part of tonight."

Robin could tell that Nightwing was hiding something. Training with the Bat made it easy to decipher when people were lying, even people that had once trained with him as well. "That's okay; I think I'll call it a night. I have school tomorrow, after all, finals and what not."

Robin turned to leave, but Nightwing took a hold of his arm so forcefully that it began to bruise. "Timmy, I really need your help on this one. Bruce won't even listen to me, you have to help me." Robin had never heard Dick or Nightwing plead with such desperation in his voice. The mere sound of it caused Robin's heart to sink.

Sighing only to himself Robin stared straight into the masked eyes of his self proclaimed older brother. "I'm only sticking around if you tell me what is going on. No more of this, I follow you around blindly, shit."

Nightwing released Robin's arm. "Okay, fine I'll tell you, but not here." The two of them flew off into the dark cold crisp night for a discussion that neither of them was sure they were ready for.

The two of them landed on a rooftop miles away from where the night had started. Robin walked to the center of the roof and sat down. "So, what's going on?"

Night slowly followed suit. "Well, to make a very long story short, one of my old friends got into some trouble not too long ago and I've been trying to track down her murderer. Bruce said I was too involved and blocked me from any of the Bat technologies and contacts."

Robin gawked at him blankly. "In other words Batman doesn't know I'm here, and you set this whole thing up."

Nightwing looked at the ground. "No, Batman doesn't know you're here. He thinks you're having a father son bonding night with your dad that you couldn't get out of."

Robin stood up almost ready to punch the man before him. "Where does my dad think I am?"

Nightwing stood, as well, but never removed his gaze from the ground. "He believes you are with one of your friends studying for your finals tomorrow."

Robin smiled slightly. "Well, I've got to hand it to you, NW. You sure as hell went through a great deal of effort to get me here. I'm just wondering if maybe Bruce was right about you being too involved. I mean lying to my dad is one thing, but deceiving Bruce is another thing entirely."

Nightwing moved closer to him. "Timmy, ever speculate why our friends sometimes say you're a little too Bat like? It's because not only do you act like him, but you follow him without any question."

Robin retorted. "I just think that the guy has been doing this for awhile and probably knows what he's talking about, that's all."

Nightwing's hand instantly went to Robin's head, which crushed his hair to his scalp and destroyed his perfect do. "Come on Timmy, live a little."

Robin groaned while he was fixing his hair. "Okay, fine, but I really do have finals tomorrow."

Nightwing shrugged. "So what, I'll have Babs give you all the answers tomorrow."

Robin stood there confused. "I thought you said Bruce blocked all of your Bat contacts."

Nightwing placed a hand on Robin's shoulder. "Yeah, but he can't keep me away from my girl, no matter what he does."

Robin removed Nightwing's gloved hand from his broad shoulder. "Okay, but when we get caught by Batman I knew nothing about this. I was told that Bruce wanted me to learn from you some more, and since I still can't get out of your death knots I believed you. That way when everything falls apart I can blame him."

"Oh, how exactly do you plan to blame him?" Nightwing crossed his arms over his chest.

Robin smiled evilly. "Easy, I simply state that if he didn't want me to get caught between you two like this then he should keep me in the loop more, and actually tell me what the hell is going on."

Nightwing rolled his eyes behind his mask. "You know he's just going to say well you're trained well enough to figure it out blah, blah, blah. Anyway, let's go." Nightwing shot off a jump line and Robin soon followed.

As he was once again hopping from rooftop to rooftop rapidly following Nightwing Robin couldn't help but concern himself with how much he really didn't know about the situation. If Bruce had told Nightwing to stay out of this one he had to have a good reason, right? Then again, this night out with Nightwing was showing Robin how manipulative Nightwing could really be. Could it be that Bruce really knew nothing about anything that was going on, and this night would lead somewhere else entirely? On the other hand, what if Bruce knew everything? That could potentially be a very bad situation in itself.

Robin was abruptly torn from his thoughts when he ran directly into Nightwing's back. "A little warning the next time you dead stop would be great." Robin took a few steps back to give Nightwing some personal space.

Nightwing put a hand up in the air to silence him. "Shh, we have company."

Before Robin could even blink a large dark figure was standing in front of them with arms folded and a very unhappy Bat glare in place. "Robin, get over here."

Like a defeated puppy dog Robin silently walked over and stood beside his mentor facing Nightwing. Batman's glare never change, nor did it ever waver from Nightwing's dark mask. "It's bad enough you didn't listen to me when I told you to let this go, but you also got Robin involved under false pretenses. You're lucky I intercepted the call his father made to that friend he was supposedly studying with. Poor judgment is one thing, but this is just reckless behavior. If you wish to get yourself killed, be my guest, but you will not put Robin or anyone else in danger." Batman turned to leave.

Nightwing was too angry to hold back his fury. "You never did trust in my abilities, did you?"

Before he rotated to face Nightwing Batman glared at Robin and spoke loud enough for Nightwing to hear him. "Robin, go to the batmobile, and wait for me there."

Nightwing folded his arms across his chest. "Robin, you're staying with me. I need you for this."

Robin gazed at both his mentors. He was caught between the two people that taught him everything, and he was certainly not appreciating this new predicament. "You two are acting like two parents going through a nasty divorce. So, I'm going back to my dads. I might actually get some studying in for those finals tomorrow. When you two figure things out give me a call, until then, have fun. Oh, and don't kill each other."

Batman placed a large hand on Robin's shoulder. "Robin, how exactly do you plan to get there?"

Robin simple smirked. "Tim Drake fully intends to use good old public transportation." Robin leapt from the rooftop and disappeared into the darkness surrounding them.

Nightwing's eyes immediately feel to the ground. "I guess we should discuss this, for Timmy's sake."

Batman's masked eyes never moved from Nightwing's face. "There's nothing to discuss. I am sorry about your friend. However, running around and putting yourself and others in danger will not bring her back. Go home, and get some rest." Batman promptly left the rooftop.

Nightwing was left alone with his gloomy thoughts. "I could have saved her. I should have saved her." Nightwing's words were lost on the cool night air as he sunk to his knees.

The End