Nightwing was still staring at the sky waiting for Batman's return. "Thanks for pulling me back, Timmy."

Robin gave him a large smile. "Well, I wasn't going to let Joker win."

Nightwing turned on his side to face him. "So, where does your dad think you are? I mean it had to be some lie if you're out here with that injury."

Robin shot up into a sitting position. "My dad thought I was just taking a walk or something. Let's just say I didn't expect to be gone this long. I'm dead, you know that, right?"

Nightwing stood up. "Chill, okay, we'll just call Bats and tell him we're headed to your dad's. I'll tell your dad we were hanging out and lost track of time or some other lame excuse. Your dad will give you a lecture about how he was worried sick and you should have at least called. The worst you'll get is grounded."

Robin rolled his eyes behind his mask. "Yeah right, with my dad it's never a simple lecture and a grounding."

Nightwing placed his hand on Robin's shoulder. "Well, it's either that or you could tell him sorry Robin was needed. I'm sure that conversation will go over really well."

Robin turned his head up to Nightwing. "Actually, I was considering telling him."

Nightwing stared at the young man before him like he was crazy. "No, Timmy, no good could possibly come from him knowing. No good has ever come from people knowing."

Robin stood as well. "That's not true; a ton of good could come from him knowing."

Nightwing folded his arms over his chest. "Yeah, like what?"

Robin walked over to the edge of the roof. "I wouldn't have to lie to him anymore. He wouldn't think I'm such a rebellious loser. He might actually think I'm worth something. He would be able to see that I am responsible, and I do listen to him. He would get to see me, the real me, not the teenage screw up he thinks I am."

Nightwing walked over to where Robin was standing. "Timmy, I know you hate being at odds with your dad, but I really don't think telling him will solve that. Think about it, every time you leave the house he'll worry about if he'll ever see you again. The moment you tell him he's going to realize you weren't shot by a mugger, and then you will feel inclined to tell him about The Joker. How do you think he'll react to that?"

Robin's eyes began to swell with tears. "How do you think he'll react if I just don't come home one night, and are you going to be the one tell him who I really am when that happens? I want him to know that I wasn't forced into this life by anyone. I want him to know that I chose this. I don't want him to feel like I'm out here every night because he was a bad parent, because you and I both know he'll blame himself."

Nightwing place an arm around Robin's shoulders. "Okay, Timmy, I get it, and I'll stick by you if you choose to tell him, but don't think this conversation will be easy for either side."

The two of them left the rooftop and decided to change into their street clothes a few blocks later. They both felt like taking the long way would give them time to explain things to the Bat and give them time to prepare.

When they arrived the sun was beginning to come up. "You know we could still use the excuse that you were over my house and fell asleep on the couch if you're not ready for this." Dick turned to the boy he considered a brother.

Tim gave him a small grin. "That's okay, I have to do this. Stay out here, I'll give you the signal if I need you, okay?"

Dick gave him a slight nod. "Good luck."

Tim took a deep breath and then unlocked the door. He wiped his feet on the mat before stepping in. Slowly Tim looked around and found his father at the kitchen table. His father looked like he was sleeping. Tim silently crept into the kitchen and pulled out the chair opposite to his father's. "Dad I'm home, and we need to talk."

Jack slowly opened his eyes. "Where the hell have you been? I've been worried sick about you. Do you have any idea what kind of thoughts were going through my mind?"

Tim reached out and grabbed his father's hand. "I know, I'm sorry, but we have to talk."

Jack slumped back into the chair. "You're initiating a talk? This must be serious."

Outside Dick was leaning against a large Oak tree staring through the kitchen window. "I can hear you, you know?"

Bruce walked up behind him. "That's good. I was beginning to think you were going deaf. So, he did decide to tell his father?"

Dick heaved a sigh. "Yeah, I'm proud of him though. That takes a lot of courage, especially with his dad."

Bruce gave him a rare half smile. "I'm proud of him too. I'm also proud of you."

Dick spun around to face him. "For what?"

"I told you to stop, but I didn't actually do anything, did I? Part of me almost wanted you to kill The Joker, but we both know that just isn't the way. You did well. You're a good man Dick." Bruce silently walked away leaving Dick there with his good thoughts.

The End