Tales of the Abyss

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Feeling the wetness on his chest area and the trembling of the figure in his arms,

Asch's eyes soften as he circles his arm around the weeping teen.

"Thank you…Asch."

To Be With You Once Again

By kiralacusforever

Asch stirs as he opens his eyes to see a hair of orange, and sighs within when he feels the weight press hard on him. He wishes that he is dreaming right now, but he is NOT! Lexuk IS sleeping on top of him, with his arms around the Fabre Master's waist, while nuzzling his face against Asch's chest like a child hugging his teddy bear.


After crying his heart out at Tartaroo Valley, Lexuk fainted straightaway. So it's up to Asch to CARRY the teen back to the manor. When they reached back at the manor, the group almost laughs out when they saw Asch piggyback Lexuk. Tear and Natalia took care of the injury on the right arm. And since Lexuk is still asleep, Asch had no choice but to, again, carry him to the room that once Guy and Pere stayed (Cuy is living in Grand Chokmah now, while Pere follows him).

He lays Lexuk down slowly on the bed, trying not to wake the slumbering teen up. After making sure that Lexuk is on the bed, Asch is about to let go of his hands when Lexuk grabs hold of them and pulls him down.

Now, it's awkward...

Asch is now on top of Lexuk while supporting on his elbows and knees, with Lexuk's arms around his waist. The Fabre Master blushes at the closeness between his face and the teen sleeping under him.

'I need to get off...' Asch thinks as he tries to take the arms off his waist, but ends up making the slumbering form tightens his hold. Now his chest is pressed against to the other's, making him blush harder. 'Arh! Darn it!!'

He tries to get out for the next few minutes, but all ends up in vain as the hold around his waist is a death grip now. Asch sighs as he carefully slides a hand around Lexuk's back and turns their position around, with Lexuk laying his head against his chest. The redhead settles his head on the pillow after he finds a comfortable position with an arm still around the figure on top of him.


Asch looks down at the teen and notices he is shivering. He reaches to his side to grab the blanket and pulls it over them, with his arms still holding tightly around the teen. Within seconds, he fells into slumber too.

Flashback End

Okay, right now, Asch wants to get up as soon as possible, in case anyone finds him and Lexuk in the current position. "Lexuk. Hey, Lexuk wake up." He whispers as he shakes the teen lightly.

Lexuk moans and tighten his hold more, worse, he wraps his legs around Asch's. Asch's face is as red as his hair now as he is figuring out different ways of getting out. At last, he can't stand it anymore…


"Wh..What?!" Lexuk's head jerks up looking around, until he notices the position he is in and the pair of emerald eyes glaring embarrassedly at him. "I…erm…I…"

"What's that shout?! Is Asch over here?!"

Oh shit…

The door slams open as Natalia and Tear steps in with a few maids and soldiers behind them. All of them gasp at the position Asch and Lexuk were in, the ladies are blushing as Natalia clears her throat. "Asch, Tear and I will be waiting at the drawing room. We would really like to hear what had happened." With that they left.

Lexuk looks at the door with a blush on his cheek, until he feels a threatening aura under him.

"Get off of me before I use a fonic arte on you."

Verse 8:

Being With You

Tear and Natalia are looking through some paperwork on the drawing room's table, as Asch comes walking in with a blush still on his cheek. The ladies giggles when they see Lexuk walking behind him with his bangs covering his redden face.

"What is it you want, Natalia?"

The princess stares at him, while holding out a set of the paperwork to him. "Have you forgotten what day today is?"

Asch takes the paperwork and combs through it. "Oh…it's the yearly carnival in Baticul right? What's wrong about it?"

"What's wrong about it?! Asch, as a royalty, it is your duty to go visit the carnival. Your presence is needed."

"But it's not the time for carnival, we need to find Ark and the God-Generals!"

"I know that you are worried about Luke, we are too. But right now, we have absolutely no idea where they are and what they are planning to do!" Natalia sighs as she moves towards Asch and places her hand on his. "You have been stressing yourself ever since the key was stolen…So…try to relax yourself, just for today…Alright?"

"Asch, Natalia is just worried about you." Tear smiles at him.

The redhead looks from Tear to Natalia and sighs. "Alright, alright…"

"What is this carnival about?" Lexuk tries to look at the paperwork that Asch is holding.

"Oh, the citizen of Kimlasca will gather in Batical to set up stores. It's like a festival, a lot of fun and interesting stuffs. Lexuk, do you want to go?"

Lexuk blushes a little before nodding his head slowly. Natalia and Tear giggles as the princess looks at Asch. "Well then, the people must be setting up their stores now. Asch, why don't you take Lexuk to tour around the city?"

The two of them blush as Asch stares at the princess. "Why must I be the one?! And the carnival starts at evening, isn't it?! Why must we go now anyway?!"

Natalia grabs hold of Asch's cloak and pulls the redhead to one corner of the room, out of the other two's hearing range. "Lexuk might still be blaming himself for what happened yesterday. He may look mature but he is still a child within, just take him out today and cheer him up! Alright?"

Asch takes a glance behind at Lexuk, who is currently asking Tear more about the carnival. He sighs and turns back to his childhood friend. "Alright."

Natalia smiles and walks back to the other two. "Alright, Lexuk, Asch will be your tour guide for the whole day. Tear and I will go and do our paperwork. Two of you have fun!" She grabs some of the papers while Tear handles the rest as the two ladies exit the room, leaving the two alone.

Lexuk, who is clenching his hands nervously behind him, looks down at the floor while waiting for Asch. The redhead chuckles a little at the replica's nervousness. "Come on, I'll show you around the city."

Lexuk nods as he follows the Fabre Master out of the manor.


"You really like to plan things out."

Natalia looks up from the paperwork at the melodist. "I just want the two of them to have some rest from Luke's matter. It's sad to see them with a depressed look on their face whole day."

"What about you?"


Tear smiles as she stands up from the chair and moves towards the study table where Natalia is. "Don't you wanna take a break at the carnival too for the day?"

"Oh…Is that an invitation?"

"If that is what you think, Your Highness. Will you come with me?"

Natalia blushes a little and chuckles. "Yes."


"Wow!" Lexuk looks around the city at the stores the people are setting up. There are stores of accessories, food, drinks, toys and lots of other things. There's even a circus troop performing in the middle square, which happens to be the Dark Dream, or Wings. Asch looks at Lexuk who is amazed by all the things, like any ordinary child will do. Until they stop at a certain stores selling sweets and candies. "What is this?"

Asch smiles at him as he takes out some gald and handles it to the owner. The owner takes it and gives Asch a stick with pink fluffy thing on it. The redhead turns to Lexuk and give it to him. "This is candy floss. Go ahead, taste it."

Lexuk looks from the candy floss to Asch and backs again. Asch sighs as he plucks a small portion of the floss and eats it. The replica gets the idea as he did the same and tastes the candy. His eyes widen as he continues to eat it, while they continue to tour the carnival.

"Hey! Asch! Lexuk!" The two look at Guy, who is helping the citizen to set up their stores. "Touring the carnival?"

"Yeah, what are you doing?"

"Oh, Anise and Florian is helping the people for the carnival, so I decided to join."

Lexuk stops his eating. "What about that obnoxious four-eyed freak?"

Asch and Guy snicker at the nick as Guy looks at him. "He has some work to do at Grand Chokmah, but he will be coming over at evening when the carnival starts. So, what are you guys planning to do now? Not much to tour since the carnival hasn't started yet?"

Asch looks at Lexuk. "You want to help them with the stores?"

Lexuk finishes his last portion of the floss. "Sure, since we are free now…" With that, they help Guy out.


Time files as the night arrives, Baticul is now pack with tourist and travellers as the carnival starts. Asch and the others have fun at the stores, playing games and showing Lexuk different kind of things. The group is walking out from another store when they notice two familiar figures.

"Ginji! Noelle!" The two Albiore pilots turn around to greet them. "You two have fun?"

"Yes! It's great!" Noelle blushes as she hugs a little plushie toy that Ginji won for her. Ginji looks at the group. "Hey guys, want to take a ride on our Albiore? We heard that there's gonna be a meteor rain tonight."

"Oh really, how nice." Natalia blushes a little as she looks over at Tear beside her.

Anise smirks. "Alright then! Asch and Lexuk will take the Albiore 4 with Ginji, while we will take Albiore 2 with Noelle! Let's go!!" Florian cheers along with her.


The two Albiores hovers on the sea water as the group watches the night sky, with the water surface glitters at the moonlight from the full moon. On the Albiore 4, which looks exactly the same as the previous Albiore 3, Asch stands on top of the deck while Lexuk is nowhere to be seen. Seeing this, Anise pouts on top of the Albiore 2.

"Man! Where is Lexuk anyway?!"

"Hey, Anise, are you planning something?" Guy sweatdrops as Anise starts to pound on him, causing him to flee and hide behind Jade.

"I'm just planning to get Asch and Lexuk closer!" Anise crosses her arms and sits down on the deck, with Florian beside her.

"What about Luke?" Natalia looks at the Fon Master as the whole group sighs at the mention. Tear comes up to the deck as she passes blankets to each of them, and settles down beside Natalia.

"Just like Jade say before, we can only watch them."


Asch covers his mouth as he sneezes, rubbing his arm to give it warmth.

"Here." The redhead turns around to see Lexuk with a blanket white blanket wraps around him, he has another in his hand.

Asch smiles at him and takes it. "Thanks." He wraps the blanket around him as the two stands side by side.

"I should be saying that." Asch looks at the replica, who has a blush on his cheek. "You spent the whole day with me…I'm…I'm actually feeling happy for the first time after I did not get to see Luke. Being with you just kinda…makes me feels better. Thank you, Asch." Asch blushes a little and looks down when Lexuk suddenly shouts. "WOW! Asch! Look!!"

He looks up to see the meteor storms fell through the night sky. Million of white lines slide down towards the sea. Asch looks over at Lexuk, whose eyes are filled with excitement. And he notices that Lexuk is holding tight onto his hand.


The teen looks at him in puzzled, Asch directs his gaze to their hands, causing the teen to blush hard. "I'm…! I'm sorry!" He is about to take his hand away when Asch grabs hold of it. "A…Asch?"

Asch smiles at him and looks back at the meteor storm. "Let it be."

Lexuk's eyes widen at the statement before smiling and looks back at the meteor storm. He then remembers that Luke once told him about falling stars, about making wishes. He takes a glance at the redhead beside him, before closing his eyes to make a wish.


After the meteor storm, the group move their separate ways. Asch and Lexuk head back to the manor, as Asch walks the teen to the room which they are in last night.

"I…um…" Lexuk looks down on the floor, before Asch comes forth and places a kiss on his cheek.

"Goodnight, sleep well." Asch smiles at him before turning the other way towards his own room. Lexuk stands at the doorsteps with a hand on the place where Asch kissed.

"You too…"

The End


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