Taking Over Me

by: LunarEclipse360

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('Taking Over Me' by Evanescence plays)

Three years ago he was my life...

Shows Gabriella and Troy on a merry-go-round in a park, talking

I told him how I felt...

Shows them at her locker

Gabriella: I love you

He looks taken aback

Troy: What?

Gabriella: Nevermind

She closes her locker and walks away

He told me he felt the same...

Shows her going to open her balcony door for him

Troy: I love you too

She smiles and the screen fades to black.

(The song stops)

Scene switches to show a car driving.

The car screeches and crashes and the scene fades

Police sirens are all that's heard

But that was three years ago

(The song picks up where it left off)

Shows her staring out of a car window

They said he was dead

Shows her on her balcony, staring into the distance

They told me they were sorry for my loss

Taylor: I'm so sorry Gabriella

Shows her as she tries not to cry

I didn't believe them

Shows her leaning against a wall

Switches to show her on his back before switching back to the present day and fades out

No matter how much they told me to get over him

Taylor: You'll find someone else

Gabriella: I don't want someone else

Taylor: You need to move on Gabriella

I couldn't

Shows her sitting at a table at lunch, not eating

I knew somewhere...

Shows her on a swing.

She turns her head and there he is standing a ways off.

...he was alive

The scene distorts then fades

I look in the mirror and see your face

If I look deep enough

Shows her in a car, looking into the front rearview mirror.

A blurred picture of part of his face shows up before the screen switches to a memory of him

So many things inside that are just like you

Are taking over

Shows her walking through the halls by herself, singing.

I believe in you

Shows him standing on against the railing of the rooftop garden as she climbs the staircase

I'll give up everything just to find you

Shows her breaking down

I have to be with you

Shows him holding out his hand.

She grabs it and laces her fingers with his.

To live

To breath

You're taking over me

Shows her running towards him.

She jumps up to him and he swings her around


Shows him and her on her balcony.

He turns around and joins her at the railing

Vanessa Hudgens

Shows her staring at someone


Zac Efron

Switches to show that he was the one she was staring at.

In An Original Story by LunarEclipse360

Shows them on the roof.

They both look at each other before taking each other's hand and running towards the stairs.

Switches to show her in a car with a camera phone in her hand.

She snaps a picture and the scene switches to him smiling as he drove the car.

I know you're still alive...

He turns back to the road

I'll find you...

Scene fades and switches to them together, running side by side at a beach

I promise

Taking Over Me

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