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Just a Play?


Kelsi had once again composed the entire school play. This time it was for the Autumn Musical, and Darbus had read the script and liked the good, yet unordinary and weird idea. Kelsi was happy that she decided to do the production. She had been a little unsure about it all, but maybe it would all turn out good?

She hoped so.

Darbus had been thrilled to know that both Sharpay and Gabriella could get a good part in this play. The two girls had soon become her favourite students, and it was hard for her to have to chose between them at every play they did. She had paired them all with different people, and she believed she must have tried every possible pairing now. She had done the Rypay, the Troypay, the Ryella and the Troyella, but every time one of the girls would always have to be a minor part.

So this idea had made her very happy. The only problem now was… for Kelsi to break the news to her two friends. She admitted it. She had written the script with the two girls in mind. She had thought for Sharpay to be Nadine, and for Gabriella to be Kim. It was simple, the two girls fitted the parts, even though she knew there were plenty of other girls in the school who would kill for a big part in the autumn production.

So, on the bright side, she'd always have some backups if Gabriella and Sharpay didn't want to do the play. But they had to. It was written for them. They couldn't pull out of the production. It would be wrong not to have the two school stars in it.

Kelsi looked up from the script when she heard the door to the café open. Sadly, it wasn't Sharpay and Gabriella. They were coming after their shopping spree, so they would most likely be late. Kelsi had already drunk three cups of cappuccino, and was ready to order her next one.

She had wanted Taylor to go with her today. To help her break the news. After all, Taylor was best friends with Gabriella, while Kelsi herself would like to be called Sharpay's best friend. They all had some sort of friendship between them after the Winter Musical in their junior year, but it wasn't a very close one. Sharpay and Gabriella did almost only one thing together. They went shopping, because frankly, neither Taylor nor Kelsi was very interested in that.

And then of course, Sharpay used Gabriella for her science projects, while Gabriella did the same with practically every essay she had due somewhere. The two girls did not only look different, but they were very different from each other. It was a wonder they even got along well enough to go shopping.

She had just gotten her fourth cappuccino, when the door went again. She looked up, and this time, luck was on her side. Sharpay and Gabriella had just entered, their hands full of shopping bags. Kelsi lifted her hand and waved their attention. They both saw her, and hurried towards her table, their bags almost hitting everyone on their way.

Sharpay threw her bags on one of the free chairs, and took the one next to it, leaving Gabriella with the one next to Kelsi, and she had to have her bags on the floor. It was just the way Sharpay's mind worked, she didn't even think about it.

"Phew, that was some hard shopping." Gabriella mused, "But Shar, seriously, that dress you tried on, really highlighted your boobs, you should totally buy it."

"You think so?" Sharpay questioned, while she looked down at her boobs, "Because that new diet I'm on, is not working."

"You're not losing weight?" Gabriella asked, her eyebrows ached together.

"Oh, I'm losing weight." Sharpay said, "On my boobs!"

"Oh, that's bad!" Gabriella giggled, her face amused. Sharpay was really funny at times, she was never bored when she was with her. And that whole boob-thingy, yeah well… Gabriella couldn't see any difference from what it used to be. She looked just the same.

Just then a waiter approached them, sending a flirting smile in Sharpay's direction, "What can I do for you, beautiful girls?"

"Oh…" Sharpay said, flirting back at him, "I'd like a… chocolate mocha… with extra whipped cream?"

"I thought you were on a diet?" Gabriella questioned, her eyes wide. She was jealous. Why did Sharpay get all the guys to flirt with her?

"It isn't working!" Sharpay shot back at her, but then she turned to the waiter, her smile back on her face, "Did you get that?"

"Sure," he smiled, scribbling down.

"And I'd like the same." Gabriella told him.

He shot them one more smile, and left the table, to get some more orders. Sharpay watched after him, letting out a sigh. He was kinda cute.

"Like?" Gabriella questioned, arching an eyebrow.

Kelsi let out a giggle, not understanding why that subject was so important to them. It was like boys, boys, boys. But she knew she wouldn't be able to discuss the play properly with them before they had their drinks, so she'd let them finish their gossip, and hope for the best later on.

"Yeah, he's okay, I guess…" Sharpay trailed off, placing her head in her palms on the table, "Not really my type, though."

"So, what is your type?" Gabriella asked, wondering why such a cute guy didn't reach Sharpay's standards. He was like… beyond cute.

"I don't really know." Sharpay replied, looking kinda down, "It's like… everywhere I look, there's a cute guy. The half of them even tries to flirt with me, but it's like… none of them does something for me. I want a boyfriend, I want someone to cuddle with and have fun with, but… None of them is right."

"I understand your problem." Gabriella said, "I haven't dated anyone since Troy and I broke up. And that was like, a year ago."

"A year and a half." Sharpay told her, nodding to let her know she knew where she was coming from.

"It's been that long?" Gabriella whined, and Sharpay and Kelsi just nodded, telling her that yes, it had been that long.

Just then the waiter came with their chocolate mochas, and tried to flirt a little more with Sharpay, she flirted back, and ended up giving him her phone number, to grab a latte sometime. Kelsi rolled her eyes, and Gabriella giggled along with Sharpay when he left.

"Anyway…" Sharpay said, turning to look at Kelsi, her cup half way to her mouth, "What was so important? Something about the Autumn Musical I hope!"

"Yeah…" Kelsi smiled, placing her cappuccino on the table again, while she fixed two copies of the script out of her bag, to give them soon. "Mrs. Darbus wanted me to talk to the two of you about it."

"Yeah, I bet." Gabriella said, "She probably doesn't want to have Sharpay throwing a chair into the air like last time."

"Hey!" Sharpay whined, "I was letting out my aggressions, okay? I needed it. You took my part."

"But you had the part along with Ryan or Troy in the two former plays!" Gabriella whined back, "It was only fair for me to get it for once! Anyway, whatever this play is, I'm auditioning for the leading lady."

"Yeah well, so am I." Sharpay mumbled, sipping her chocolate mocha.

"Great!" Kelsi smiled, "That will make Darbus really happy. She wants the leads to be played perfectly, and she believes you two are the best."

"Can we see the script?" Gabriella questioned.

"Just give it to me!" Sharpay demanded, holding out her hand for Kelsi to give her the script. It was easier to demand, because that way she knew Kelsi would just give it to her.

"Here you go." Kelsi said, handing them each a script, and watching as their eyes scanned the character list.

"Well, I guess I'm gonna audition as Nadine then." Sharpay said, "And it looks like Kim is her partner, well then, I think I'm gonna do a pairs audition, maybe I should ask Troy!"

"Well, then…" Gabriella said, "I'm just gonna do the same… with Ryan."

"Yeah," Sharpay said, as she opened the script, and started scanning through the first lines.

Kelsi could almost not hold in her laugh. It was so funny. If the two of them knew what they were saying, they'd laugh too. They thought Kim was a guy. But she wasn't. She was a girl. That was so funny. She wondered how long it would take them to realize that? It turned out, they didn't, because two seconds later, they closed their scripts, and turned to Kelsi with smiles on their faces.

"This seems good, Kelsi." Gabriella said, "Good job. Both Nadine and Kim have some solos. And the next biggest female part has an almost solo too, Sharpay, so you wont have to totally stop singing."

"No, you wont." Sharpay replied, finishing off her chocolate mocha. Then she stood up, and grabbed her bags, "Whatever, I'm outie."

"Uhm, girls?" Kelsi said, stopping Sharpay and her movement, "There's something I need to tell you."

"Make it quick then," Sharpay complained.

"You can both audition for the leads." Kelsi said.

"We knoooow, Kelsi," Sharpay said, rolling her eyes, "Everyone is aloud to audition."

"No, you can both audition for each one. And you can both get a lead." Kelsi explained.

"What do you mean, Kelsi?" Gabriella questioned, grabbing her script and opening it again to see what Kelsi was going on about.

"See…" Kelsi said, pointing at one of Kim's lines, "Kim's a girl… So, the leads are a… lesbian couple."

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