Only Time

This fic is dedicated to Star, Michael McManus, and Brian Downey. Who have
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read this and decided to make his own twisted version that i will not show

Disclaimer- I do not own the Lexx or the song only time by Enya.
This fic takes place in sort of an AU setting it is the same as the series
up until not long after they get the new Xev in season one. After that I've
given it my own spin.

Who can say
Where the road goes
Where the day flows
Only time

The crew of the Lexx had been searching for a new home for quite some time,
but had thus far come up empty. Spirits had begun to sink to an all time
low. Days started to run into each other as the rut of their life
continued. The endless void of space stretched further and further it had
been months since they had seen any sign of a planet.

Xev walked to the chryochamber of the Lexx as she had many times before. Kai
had been in been in stasis since the last time they found a planet and
she missed him. Xev ran a hand over the glass where his face was, and
sighed. She turned and began to walk out of the room to find something to
fill her time.

On the bridge of the ship Stanley paced as he searched the screen for any
signs of life.

"Give it up Tweedle we haven't spotted anything in almost three months."
790 said.

"Yea well, I can't give up hope. There has to be a planet out there
somewhere that we can land on, and maybe even find someone of the female

"Don't you ever think of anything but your libido?" Xev says walking in.

"That's really funny coming from you."

"Point taken. I'm guessing by your expression that there has been no new
sightings. If we don't some place to land soon the Lexx will run out of

"Tweedle could always go kill himself." 790 says hopefully.

"And what would that accomplish?" Asked Xev.

"My happiness, oh angel of perfection. I wrote another poem for you do you
want to hear it?"

"No." Stanley answered disgustedly.

"Who asked you, waste of space?"

Not wanting to listen to them argue any more Xev finally agreed to listen
to his newest poem.

"Oh my goddess, on your lips I would love to dine, if I only had a body I
would make you mine."

Stanley rolled his eyes and Xev just patted 790 on the head.

Suddenly Lexx's voice boomed out "I have found a planet, Stanley."

"Really? That's great! Does it have any life forms on it?" He asked

"Yes there seems to be a diverse population of organic beings." Lexx

"Can you hail them?"

"I am not sensing any advanced technology for me to do that Stanley."

"Primitives huh? Well anything to get off the ship for awhile." Stan said
going to his chair.

"You must really have cabin fever to voluntarily explore." Xev said in

"It's been months. Even I have my limits. Think we should wake Kai up?"

"Better safe then sorry I guess. You get the moth I'll go take care of

"Ok, Xev." Stan replied and walked off.

And who can say
If your love grows
As your heart chose
Only time

Xev hurried back to the chryochamber her heart filling with joy at the
thought of getting to be with Kai again. She pushed the controls and
waited as the pod opened.

"Hi." She said tentatively as he steps out.

"What is your purpose for awakening me?"

"It's been about three months, but we've finally found a new planet and
wanted you to come down with us to make sure it's safe. Stan is waiting for
us in the moth hanger."

Kai merely nodded and walked off, leaving Xev to hurry and catch up.

A few minutes later they landed on the new planet. It appeared to have 5
large contents and large bodies of water. The skies however were tinted in
deep lavender as well as the oceans. They got off the moth and looked around,
suddenly surrounded by an open field of flowers of all colors.

"It's beautiful here." Xev gasped in awe.

"Yea, but we haven't met the natives yet. They could be cannibals or
worse." Stan said looking around.

"Well unfortunately you wouldn't have to worry then." 790 said. " To be a
cannibals that would mean they would only eat others of the same species and
we aren't even sure what you are yet."

"Haha, very funny" he replied sarcastically.

"Well we won't know until we find out let's go." Xev said and started walking
to a settlement in the distance.

Farther back North the outline of massive mountains and a forest to the east.
Every once and awhile Xev glanced back at Kai.

"If only..." She thought but sighed at the futility of it all and decided to
focus at the mission at hand.

Who can say
Why your heart sighs
As your love flies
Only time

The motley crew finally made it to the village. It was small and monopolized
by small houses with farmland to one side. The people there went about their
business and didn't pay them any mind. Xev saw a woman standing in the
doorway of one of the houses watching them. She had long wavy blonde hair
and eyes that were a shade darker then the sky.

"Hello." The woman said as they approached her. "I take it your not from
around here? That's ok we get strange visitors here all the time. Hmm,
from the way you dress I'd say you were from Authrope." She said pointing
at Xev. "But you other two I can't place."

"We are not from your planet I am Xev of B3K and this is Stanley, the
captain of our ship, and Kai."

"Oh, I see. We definitely don't get many visitors from off planet. It
hasn't been unheard of though. Well never the less I am glad to meet you my
name is Ariel I am the local healer. Welcome to Seraph 7."

"Thank you." Xev said smiling at her.

Stan walked over to stand by Ariel and grinned, "So do you have a wide female

"Yes unfortunately we seem to have more females than males which can cause

"I think I love this planet."

Ariel only smiled at them, "Please come inside I have more then enough room
for you to stay with me. Do you know how long you will be on our planet?"

"Well we are sort of looking for a new home right now, and so far this
planet looks like a good candidate." They walked inside Ariel's house and
sat down in the front room. It's simplistic but cozy.

"We were wondering do your people have any technology?" Stan said looking

"We have some but have chosen to limit it. We are perfectly happy being
close to nature, and the travelers from other planets have only aided in
confirming our belief. None of them ever seem truly happy or at peace. I'm
sorry I'm sure you are famished after your long journey let me fix you
something to eat and make you a place to sleep it will be night here soon."
She said and walked into the other room.

"Wow, this place seems great." Stan said.

"Yea I like it too." Xev said dreamily.

"I don't trust her let's go back to the ship my Xevalicious." 790 said his
eyes narrowing.

"What about you Kai?" Xev said turning to him.

"I do not know. So far it seems an ideal place for you and Stan to make a
permanent home." He said carefully.

"For you as well, Kai." She said.

"My proto blood will be completely depleted soon so I would not count on

Xev frowned and Ariel came back into the room, carrying a tray of food.

"Make yourself at home, please." Ariel said sitting it down on the table in
front of them. Kai got up and went outside. Ariel made sure everyone
had plenty to eat and then followed him.

"What seems to be the trouble? I noticed you seemed down." Ariel said
walking up beside him.

"I am not down or troubled. I am dead."

"You can say that again." She said, noting the lack of expression in his
voice. "But hey just cause you're not the life of the party doesn't mean

"You do not understand. I am dead in the literal sense I was once an undead
assassin for the divine order."

"Ok I don't know who or what that is but I'll take your word for it." She
cocked her head at him and poked him a few times.

"What are you doing?"

She looked vaguely embarrassed, "Sorry I've never meet a dead person before.
So is it unpleasant being dead?"

"It is not anything. I am just dead."

"Well yeah, but what are you feeling about it?"

"The dead do not... feel."

"Why do I have a feeling you've used that line before, and why do I have a
feeling your not being completely truthful. Whether it be to me or yourself
I'm not sure yet." With that she went back inside leaving him alone with
his thoughts.

He wondered briefly what she could have meant and stared up at the vast
expansion of stars above him. He remembered that he once loved to gaze at
the stars. The sky here was brilliant. With night the sky had turned to a
deep violet and the stars were clear and bright. He closed his eyes and
felt a slight cool breeze across his face. His mind was clouded with
something with he can not name or express. It is the taste of something
that was so familiar yet so alien to him at the same time. He shook his
head to clear his thoughts and walks back in the house.

And who can say
Why your heart cries
When your love lies
Only time

Through Ariel's empathic gift she was able to pick up the feelings of her
new friends unintentionally. Loneliness echoes from all of them. Stan
seemed to use lack of sex as a front, but it was only to hide the loneliness
he feels. Xev's heart calls out the strongest her love for Kai is
unmistakable. As for Kai... she wasn't sure what to make of the dead
man in black only that she felt a pull to help him. She frowned and hoped
that maybe that she can help them all find what they seek. Tomorrow she
would put her plan into action and with that thought she fell asleep.

The next day Stan woke up and quickly got dressed and went out to see what
the others were up to. He entered the kitchen to find Ariel and a new woman
making breakfast.

"Good morning Stan. I'd like you to meet my friend Maurel." She said
gesturing at the women standing beside her. Maurel had long reddish brown
hair and dark green eyes, with the same petite build as Ariel.

"I am pleased to meet you." She said softly.

"Oh the pleasure is all mine believe me." He said, smiling. Yes, he was
really beginning to like this planet.

Xev awoke a few hours later and stretched out. She then slid out of bed
and began making her way to the kitchen.

"Good morning Xev, Stan went out earlier with my friend Maurel. I saved you
some breakfast. I think Kai might be in town as well."

"Thank you." She said eating the plate full of food Ariel set before

"If you would like to go sight seeing there is a really beautiful path you
can take and go the main business district if your not in any hurry."

"I think I'd like that." Xev said finishing up her meal.

"It's straight east from here."

"Won't you be coming?"

"Oh, I'm sorry I have some house calls to make." She said, giving Xev a
knowing smile.

"Ok I guess I'll see you later then."

"Bye Xev have fun."

"Thanks" she replied and waved to her.

Who can say
When the roads meet
That love might be
In your heart

Ariel was right when she said the scenery was beautiful. Xev walked along
the path and as far as she could see all there was, was a field of flowers.
That was edged by beautiful trees, which were covered in hundreds of dark
pink blossoms. Up ahead slightly off the path she see a small hill and
decided to walk up it to get a better view. When she reached the top she
could see Kai just sitting in the middle of the grass looking out across
the land.

His back was to her so he didn't automatically notice her presence. She
walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder smiling when she saw
he had a flower stuck in his hair.

"So Kai what have you been up to?"

"I have just been sitting here.. thinking. I recall I once liked flowers."

"Oh," She mumbled sitting down next to him, and not really sure what to say

"They really are quite beautiful." He said and handed her a flower that he'd
been holding.

"Yes, yes they are." She took the flower and looked up into his face, lightly
brushing a wayward strand of hair from his face.

Again a ghost plagued him as he looked at her. Something,
something.....indefinable. It reminded him of something in his past. It was
something pleasant then, he recalled, but he something he still couldn't name.
Xev leaned her back against his chest and looks across the field. He gently
put his arms around her, as it seemed appropriate. Xev lay there in his arms
for a while, then slowly began drifting to sleep.

The sun was low in the sky, near late afternoon, when he finally decided to
wake her. They made their way back together arriving at the same time as
Stan and a woman whom she guessed must be Maurel. They were laughing about
something as they walked hand in hand. Xev only caught the end of the
conversation as she and Kai joined them.

"Oh Stan, your such a manly man..Defeating all those bad men."

"Well what can I say?"

Xev cleared her throat.

"Oh hi Xev, this is Maurel." Stan said with a note
of almost giggly pride in his voice. The new woman smiled at her and then
turned to walk in the house with Stan.

They all had a lovely dinner together as Kai stood outside watching the
night come.

And who can say
When the day sleeps
If the night keeps
All your heart
Night keeps all your heart

After a few hours Ariel once again came out to join him.

"Did you have fun today?"

"The dead do not have... fun." He said, but this time there was something
almost lost in his voice.

"Oh, really now? Well I know the dead can think so tell me what are you
thinking about?"

"I don't know."

"Cryptic aren't you?"

"It is not intentional. I do not understand it myself I keep f... " He
stopped and scowled.

"Heh, almost said feeling didn't you." She said smiling at him.

"I was mistaken. That would be impossible."

"Why do you say that?"

"I am dead."

"So? You have a personality whether you think so or not and that indicates
you still have a soul even though your heart no longer beats. Emotions are
not something of the physical world they are spiritual. The only thing
keeping you from feeling is your self and some major brain washing from what
ever made you the way you are. I can help you with part of it if you want me
to but most of it is something you will have to work on your self."

"Do you truly believe this?" He asked turning to look at her.

"Yes I do. I am an empath and healer by nature if you wish me to help I
will. I regret that I can not give you your life back, but perhaps what I
can do will be enough."

"Then... I think I wish for you to try."

"Close your eyes." Ariel says and a brilliant violet light surrounds him as
she gently kisses him on the forehead.

Who can say
If your love grows
As your heart chose
Only time

Xev woke the next morning and went into the kitchen like the day before.

"Hi, Kai told me to tell you to meet him at the hill you were on yesterday.
I took the liberty to pack you, your lunch."

"Oh, thanks." She said, looking surprised. She took the basket and
made her way down the path that she had taken yesterday. She found the
hill and once again spotted Kai sitting on the top looking into the distance,
but this time.. there was something different. His posture for one, he
seemed more laid back and relaxed.

"Kai?" She called tentatively.

"Yes, Xev." He said and smiled at her. With that she almost fell over. He
actually smiled at her.

"I suppose your wondering what's going on." He says. He still had the
almost monotone edge to his voice but it there was some feeling creeping
in. She just nodded dumb-foundedly.

"Ariel has helped me... realize a few things. I think... I care for you...
a lot." He paused as he spoke as if he carefully considering each word.
"I am still dead so there is much.. I can't do for you and I understand if
what I offer isn't enough, but I had to try."

She stared at him for a few moments in shock but soon recovered. "I love you
Kai just knowing you care is more then enough." She said as he wrapped his
arms around her. "But what about your proto blood I though you we're almost

"I am, but Ariel thinks she may be able to make a synthetic version, no
promises though."

"I understand." She looked up at him and he leaned down and to gently kiss
her. It soon became deeper and more passionate, and when they finally broke
apart she was breathless.

"Do you think this can work between us?" She said as her eyes filled with
hope and concern.

"I do not know. Who can say... only time." With that he took her hand in
his as they walked along the beautiful path of the new planet that they would
soon consider home.

And who can say
Where the road goes
Where the day flows
Only time

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